MY 30th BIRTHDAY: Help Me Make A Difference!


MY 30th BIRTHDAY: Help Me Make A Difference!

I've partnered with ChangeHeroes to create campaigns to build a school in Ethiopia and a house in Nicaragua, to help make a difference in areas of the world that are suffering from poverty.

For my 30th birthday, I'm asking anyone that wants to support or give a gift to me in any way to make a donation to one of the campaigns I have set up.

My goal is to bring awareness and get others involved in joining me to make a difference – the impact that we can make together can change people's lives forever. If you'd like to give (any amount helps), then here are the campaigns where you can learn more and donate:

Help me build a school in Ethiopia:

Help me build a house in Nicaragua:

Watch the video below:

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MY 30th BIRTHDAY: Help Me Make A Difference!
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