My Daily Ritual – How To Perform At Your Best, Be In A Peak State And Be Superhuman


Want to be on fire everyday to achieve your goals and be unstoppable?

I'm about to reveal to you my daily ritual that allows me to perform at my best, be in a peak state and be superhuman.

While I continue to do my morning ritual and evening ritual daily, I've also noticed that I've developed my own “Daily Success Ritual” that I use throughout the day to perform at the highest level possible.

The truth is this:  WE ARE OUR RITUALS.

What you do consistently everyday is what you become.

Becoming who you want to be is a PROCESS.  It only happens through constant, repetitive conditioning on a daily basis.

In this video blog, I reveal WHY you need to start doing a Daily Ritual everyday, as well as the exact things I do to help me be in a peak state and perform at my best.

Watch My Daily Ritual below:

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You Need To Perform At A Higher Level

superhumanWhat determines your performance?

What allows you to be motivated everyday, take consistent action and follow through on your goals?

There's only one answer:  STATE.

You see, our behaviour is determined by our emotional state, which is how we feel.

If you are in a positive, happy and motivated state… then you're going to take much different actions then when you're in a negative, depressed and lazy state.

Instead of FORCING yourself to do something, you should instead be thinking about how you can be in a great state so that you automatically take the actions necessary towards achieving your goals.

We all need to perform at a higher level to achieve our goals.  We need to be able to tap into our “superhuman potential” and really put ourselves in a peak state of confidence and determination in order to become successful at anything.

The only way to accomplish this is by using a Daily Ritual to continually condition yourself to perform at the highest level possible throughout the day.

I personally use my Daily Ritual before any important moments in my life when I need to be at my best.

I start off my day with my morning ritual to take care of ME first.  I want to ensure that I am feeling happy and motivated for the day.

Then throughout the day, before important projects or tasks, I do a quick Daily Ritual to get myself in an optimal state.

Here's the main moments that I do a Daily Ritual for:

  • Before any coaching call with a client, an interview, or a video blog.
  • Before any big task, item on my “to do list” or project that is important for me to get done.
  • Before any meeting or before I go out and socialize and have fun.

These are all important moments that I need to perform at a high level for.

lebron james success ritualJust like a professional athlete has a ritual that they do before every game, YOU need to have a ritual before any important moment of your life.

I never “hope” that I'm going to be in a great state… I DEMAND it of myself.  I put myself in a peak state first, which allows me to be as productive and efficient as possible.

In the same way, if you have a “job” that you hate or if there's anything you dislike doing… then you NEED to put yourself in a peak state first before performing there.  By doing so, you'll radically change your experience and you'll find it more enjoyable.

Whether you know it right now or not, you already have Daily Rituals that are limiting you in your life… you do them on autopilot every morning, before work each day, or after work.

For many, your morning ritual is to wake up, drink coffee, watch the news, and drive to work.  On the way to work, you're constantly focused on everything you need to do and are stressing out about how much you dislike your job.  After work, you come home and your ritual is to watch TV for hours on end and eat junk food.

These are all RITUALS.  And guess what?  Your rituals are affecting who you are and the results in your life right now.

So if you don't like your life or your results, then change your RITUALS that you do everyday.

How To Change Your State

According to Tony Robbins, there's 3 ways to change your state in any given moment.

They are…

  • Physiology / Body Language
  • Focus
  • Language Patterns

One of the easiest ways to change how you feel is by changing your physiology.

Emotion is created by motion.  The way we move affects how we feel more than anything.

If right now you started jumping up and down, went for a run, or made a radical gesture with your body – it would alter your state.

If at any point throughout the day you are feeling tired, stressed, frustrated, depressed, or lazy… then the first thing you need to change is your physiology.

When you're tired, stressed and lazy – how do you use your body?

My guess is that you're not moving very much, there's tension in your body, your breathing is shallow, and that you've likely planted yourself on the couch somewhere.

As a result of using your body that way, you will experience the emotions that come with it.

However, in order for you to feel energized, happy and motivated – how would you have to use your body?

You'd likely be standing up tall, breathing fully, smiling, and making rapid body movements.

Just by making these small shifts in how you use your body throughout the day, it will begin to put you in a better state.

Another effective way for changing your state is through your focus.

Whatever you focus on you feel.  

When stressed or feeling lazy, you're likely focusing on things that are making you feel that way.

You might be focused on “This isn't going to work” or “I can't do this” or “I don't have the time right now” or “I hate my job” or “Why do I have to do this?” or “I don't feel like it.”

As a result, you're going to be in a stressed and lazy state!

On the other hand, in order for you to feel happy and motivated, what would you focus on?

You might be focused on “I can do this!  This is going to work” or “I am so grateful for everything in my life right now” or “How can I be more productive today and enjoy the process?”

By focusing on the positive side of things, you're going to radically alter your state and FEEL BETTER.

Finally, your language patterns affect your state as well.

The words that you say affect your biochemistry.

If you say words like “I can't”, then by switching it to “I can” will produce an impact on how you feel about doing it.

Your state is something that has to constantly be managed throughout the day.  That's what the Daily Ritual helps to accomplish.

My Daily Ritual Revealed

The Daily Ritual that I do is meant to be short, but used sporadically throughout the day.  It's not meant to consume much time, but rather just give me that much needed boost to get myself to a level “10”.  Below are some of the activities and rituals that I use to be at a peak state.

1) Radical Movements In Body

This can be jumping up and down on my rebounder (mini trampoline), clinching my fist and yelling the word “YES!” or screaming out loud while beating my chest.

The purpose of doing things like this is to break my pattern and out of my head, being in the moment.  It literally WAKES ME UP and gets the blood flowing through my body.  It makes me feel alert, wake and energized immediately.

2) Empowering Questions

What determines our focus are the questions that we ask ourselves.

Before any coaching call with a client, interview or video blog, I always ask myself these questions:

  • What is my outcome by doing this?
  • Why is what I'm about to share important?
  • Why do I care about the people that I'm about to communicate with?
  • How can I perform at my best and add the most value right now?

These questions change my focus and allow me to be in the state required to reach my outcome.

Other questions I might ask are:

  • What am I happy about right now?
  • What am I grateful for right now?
  • How can I get this done and enjoy the process?
  • How can I have more energy right now?
  • How can I be at my best right now?
  • How can I get myself to a level “10” right now?
  • How can I enjoy this right now?

3) Incantations Or Affirmations

Speaking out loud who you want to be or stating your beliefs is another powerful way to get yourself in a peak state.

I often say phrases to myself like:

  • “All I need is within me now!”
  • “Every day in every way I am feeling better and better!”
  • “I love myself!”
  • “I am an amazing speaker and I add massive value to the world!”
  • “I am confident!”
  • “I am determined!”
  • “I am happy!”

I basically say out loud whatever it is that I need to BELIEVE in that moment.

A powerful incantation I use that I stole from Tony Robbins, is this one as well:

“I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in (insert outcome here), by giving me the (insert whatever emotions you require here – confidence, passion, energy, strength, joy, fun, playfulness, determination, love, etc) to (insert outcome again here).”

4) Meditation Or Prayer

Sometimes certain moments require total presence and faith to pull yourself through.

A quick 5-minute meditation or even a quick prayer such as “Use me God/Universe” can be all that you need to be in an optimal peak state.

These are the 4 strategies that I use throughout the day as part of my Daily Ritual to perform at the highest level.

All of them accomplish the 3 ways to change your state as mentioned above:  Physiology, Focus and Language.

On some days, I will do this Daily Ritual 5-10 times, depending on what I have planned for that day.  I constantly find myself pumping my own state and ensuring that I'm at a level “10” when it counts.

Now, you don't ALWAYS have to be in a peak state all day long, every day.  In fact, it's useful to have times when you just relax or are operating at a level 7-8.  The key is managing your state and getting to a level “10” when it's required.

By continually doing this everyday, you begin to CONDITION yourself.  This new “way of being” will start to become automatic for you and your default state.

I find myself NATURALLY doing these things.  This has happened through doing it so often, that it's become apart of me.

If you commit to doing the same everyday, then I promise you that it will radically change your experience of life.

You will be happier.  You will be more productive.  You will have more confidence.  People will respond to you differently, and you will respond to certain situations differently as well.  It's remarkable the power that this Daily Ritual can have in your life.

The key is to find what works for you and then commit to doing it daily!

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My Daily Ritual – How To Perform At Your Best, Be In A Peak State And Be Superhuman
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  • Markrdr

    Great video, Stefan! thanks. A morning ritual is really changing my life and this will be a added bonus! There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you and does, in a way relate to this blog. After you’ve planned your day or entire week, do you have a specific app on your iPhone like a planner/calendar/agenda etc that you use to punch in all your “to-do’s” or action plans and to remind you of your deadlines etc? I’ve tried a few but they’re all kinda crappy. thanks

    • Hey Mark, thanks! I don’t use any apps for planning currently, I prefer using my journal and writing it out physically. I tend to work better that way and receive more benefit rather than using technology for planning out my day. I do use Calendars on my Mac and iPhone/iPad though for appointments and scheduling blocks of time, as well as reminders.

      • Markrdr

        I see. i’m a lefty so i hate writing lol but I’ll give it a bash, thanks

  • Nada Ghonim

    Thanks Stefan, I’m working now to improve my ritual day to become in my peak state. It’s consist of three parts which are; Spiritually, Mentally, Physically.

  • Darrell

    Thanks Stefan for sharing this. It is a really helpful post. Just wanted to know what time do you sleep and wake up everyday? Do you take a nap in the afternoon? Also, are there days when you dont feel like being the super productive you and rather just feel like taking it easy? If yes, what do you do on such days? Thanks for being an inspiration.


    • Thanks Darrell. I go to bed around midnight and wake up at 8AM, sometimes earlier, depending on what I have planned that day. Don’t take naps currently. And yes, there’s days where I’m not as productive, lazy, and don’t feel like doing anything – in which case I either a) force and push myself beyond that, or b) just accept that today isn’t the best day and I just relax and take it easy. I’ve found that those days happen less and less often as time goes on and as you evolve and have a mission pulling you forward.

  • This sounds very familiar like something eben pagan the pua put out and I downloaded where he talks about this success ritual. And also his b buddy anthony robbins the motivation speaker talks about this stuff too. Is that where you got this from?

    • I learned the concept of State from Tony Robbins and have applied much of what I’ve learned from him (questions, incantations). I’ve also developed some of my own, as well as just finding what has worked best for me over the years to put myself in an awesome peak state.

  • Kayvee

    Hi Stefan

    I benefit greatly from your posts

    I have a question for you. You know that writing service that you initially recommend in your kindle mastery program

    Have you heard any new feedback about them from your students

    Are they good to use now?

    • Hey Kayvee, yes, they’ve been more reliable and consistent again (at least I haven’t heard any complaints lately).

      • Kayvee

        Thanks bro

        Love the new videos man….There is alot of conviction behind them

  • I should buy you a cape man! Great post

  • Takuya Naruse

    Stefan! Great reminder to stay at the best state possible I’m capable of being moment to moment to moment!
    I always appreciate your powerful enthusiasm!


    P.S What exactly do you expect your readers to change? I want to express my gratitude and return thanks to you by creating differences that you expect in my life

  • Gurpal Dhoot

    I came across this blog looking up “the 10 day positivity challenge”. Glad I did and love your passion and your love for life, you’re inspiring but definitely doing it right. Keep it up man

  • Christian

    Thank you for this amazing post, Stefan!

    BTW, have you thought of creating a forum? It could be pretty useful to us, your readers and subscribers.

  • Lars Horpestad

    Awesome stuff!

  • Chris

    Thanks Stefen I really needed this right now.

    For the past two days I’ve been studying Tony Robbins’ methods of State Story and Strategy and trying to understand it completely.

    I really needed a different perspective from someone else other than Tony since he explains it the same way over and over again.

    I now see that STATE is the thing that controls it all. Like you said, control your STATE, you can change everything from your story to your strategies.

    Thanks again and nice blog post. Keep them coming.

  • Rona

    great post AND video, thanks! “but” if possible i’ld remove the “and be superhuman” part of the title. p.s. at the youtube video the link is accidentally to the wrong blogpost.

  • Sergio

    Great post, really, but I’d like to ask a question regarding the benefits of journaling. What would be the best use of it: to keep track of our goals, to express gratitude, or whatever we feel useful or meaningful to write about?

  • vishnu

    hi Stefen,
    I been following the morning ritual for a month now and hope this daily ritual helps me to put my best performance everything I needed can you post something to improve on charisma, communication. it will be very helpful

  • I started to implement this ritual a week ago and it is amazing how it already changed my life. AMAZING!!!!

  • Bridgett Tulloh

    Thumbs up, as always. Had my first UPW experience this year. Phenomenal stuff.

  • Sedelia

    Stefan: you are the greatest and I needed to hear this. Bless you, my friend.

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  • Dorothy

    Hey, Stefan, Thank you so much! I was just thinking of how to mange my
    energy and emotion each day when I received your invitation to watch
    this video. It’s Awesome – Inspiring and insightful! You are one of my living models!