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In this video blog I reveal the EASIEST way to make passive income online, based on my experience of being involved with internet marketing for several years now.  Last year I put out a popular video blog on how to make passive income online and it's received an amazing response from people.  The how to make passive income video on YouTube has received thousands of views and people have bombarded me with questions in regards to that video.  If you watch it, you'll see that I reveal several methods that I make passive income from and that I recommend a few resources that I've personally used.  But, which is the best?  What's the easiest way to make money online?  Watch the video below to find out.

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My History With Internet Marketing

I've been an internet marketer for a few years now.  I dabbled with it here and there when I was marketing my first business, but didn't create my first online product until around 2009.  I was struggling at the time financially and I had attended a free seminar called The Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Harv Eker.  At the event, T. Harv Eker was talking all about passive income and how important it is.  He shares how you won't be financially free until your passive income exceeds your expenses.  The concept of making money while I was sleeping was mind-blowing to me, but I didn't know where to start.  Harv then began talking about how internet marketing is the best way to be making passive income in this day and age, simply because you're able to leverage yourself on the internet very easily.  Harv was preaching how there's hardly any start-up cost in starting an online business, the internet is growing so fast, and it's something that you'll miss out on if you don't jump on now.  As he was speaking, a lightbulb went off in my head and I decided I had to begin learning how I can make money online…

making money onlineI started my first internet business part-time while I was travelling Southeast Asia.  I started by creating a blog that had useful articles on how to treat different skin conditions through home remedies.  I learned as much as I could about the process:  keyword research, search engine optimization, writing content, creating back links, pay per click, social media, etc…  It took me awhile to learn everything.  It also took several months to get enough visitors to visit my blog, but once I did, I began creating an e-book that I ended up selling on Clickbank (a popular payment processor and affiliate network for information products).  It was a long process.  I also had to learn the skills of copywriting, creating a website, graphics design, etc… but it finally paid off as I began earning a measly passive income of around $30 in my first month.  Even though that wasn't a lot of money, it really changed my life.  It made me BELIEVE that this could actually work and I was amazed that someone had actually bought MY PRODUCT!  

Things really changed for me from there.  I quickly grew that online business to earning a couple thousand a month profit.  I then scaled it up by creating 6 other Clickbank products that were fairly similar, which helped me become financially free in less than a year.  I then branched into other methods of making money online, such as affiliate marketing.  I went through programs like Bring The Fresh and set up many blogs and websites that did reviews of other products and promoted them.  When people would buy the product through my blog, I'd get a commission from it, which was pretty cool.  I got involved with several other methods of making money online as I mention in this video blog, but it wasn't until last year that I discovered an easier way…

Making Passive Income With Kindle Is The Easiest Money I've Ever Made…

make passive income kindleI didn't know much about Kindle at the time, but I just knew it was an upward trend.  I kept hearing more and more about these Kindle e-readers and how sales for paperback books are going down.  I thought that Kindle could be another platform that I could sell my home remedy e-books on, so I decided to do an experiment.  Last year, I ended up putting all of my home remedy books up on Kindle to see if I could make an extra passive income on the side from them.  After all, I had already created them, so why not?

While I wasn't expecting much, I was quickly blown away to see that my books were generating over $300/month passive income within a short period of time, without doing ANYTHING.  People would simply search for books on different skin conditions on Amazon or Kindle, see mine, decide that it looks good, and then purchase it.  Amazon and Kindle did all of the selling for me.  Best of all, I didn't have to create a website, drive traffic, do search engine optimization, or any of the other stuff that I had to do with my other online businesses.  I just had to “set it and forget it”.

Not only that, but making money with Kindle was FAST.  With creating a blog and doing the whole Clickbank process, it'd take me several months before I'd be able to get ranked in the search engines for my keywords and start turning a profit.  Whereas with Kindle, I literally began making money the day after publishing.  It was TOO EASY.  I also didn't have to invest any money in expensive softwares or for back linking services or for Pay Per Click advertising.  I only had to invest time, energy and money in creating the e-book and e-cover, that was it.

I soon began wondering, “What would happen if I scale this up?”  Then I had the idea of turning some of my popular Project Life Mastery blog posts into short e-books, publishing them up on Kindle, and selling them for $2.99.  I ended up re-writing some of my blog posts, adding to them, getting e-covers made up inexpensively, and then publishing them within a week or two.  I ended up publishing around 20 short e-books under different pen names, getting some reviews for them, and then doing some promotional techniques that I had learned, and again, I was literally blown away with the results…

My income with Kindle was growing rapidly week after week, and within a few months I was generating around $4000/month in passive income.  It was incredible!  I was simply amazed just by how EASY and FAST the whole process was… especially compared to the other methods I was involved with in terms of making money online.  I quickly began putting more focus and attention into making money with Kindle and began scaling it up BIG TIME.  I found ways to identify the most profitable niches, outsource most of the process to inexpensive writers and e-cover designers, and how to rank my books in Amazon's search engine.  I also found methods for getting reviews for my books, which is an important part of the process.  I knew that if I tried to write the books myself it would take FOREVER to scale this up… which is why the outsourcing was an important element of it.

The remarkable thing is, I now have over 100 Kindle e-books published and they are ALL making me money.  Some may only generate me around $30-$50/month passive income, but I have many the are in $100+/mo range and even one that's generating me over $1000 a month!  I even published a book that I wrote and promoted to my blog titled Life Mastery – How To Unleash Your Hidden Potential And Achieve Everything You've Ever Wanted, and it generates me a rather large passive income each month also.

It Gets Better…

easiest way to make passive incomeI could go on and on about the benefits of making money with Kindle and how easy it is, but I also wanted to mention that my Kindle e-books have made me boatloads of money on the back-end.  You see, I use all of my Kindle e-books to promote my Project Life Mastery blog and newsletter.  It's helped me to build the following I have on my blog, as well as earn money through promoting affiliate products on my mailing list and within my e-books.  To top it off, Kindle is only getting bigger and bigger.  Digital e-books outsell physical paperback books by a large margin these days.  More and more people are consuming information in DIGITAL FORMATS (computers, iPhones, iPads, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc…).

I've also determined that making money with Kindle is PERFECT for beginners of internet marketing, simply because you don't need to learn all the technical-stuff that comes along with starting most online businesses.  You don't need to learn SEO, PPC, copywriting, web design, graphics, etc… you don't even need to write your own e-books or design your own graphics, as with the world of the internet, you can outsource this stuff very inexpensively to people overseas.  I realized just how EASY this method is when I started teaching it to my sister and my girlfriend, both who don't know squat about internet marketing and probably own the SLOWEST computers in the world…

The bottom line is… KINDLE is a goldmine.  

In my opinion, it's not too late to get involved.  I believe Kindle to be the newest, bigger thing with making money online and within a few years it will be very SATURATED and more DIFFICULT to make money with it, simply because more and more people are jumping into it everyday.  If you're reading this and this makes sense to you, I'd try to get started ASAP and start learning about this NOW…

I'm Willing To Help You!

I have people apply for my coaching everyday and the most requested area to be coached on has been with making passive income online.  This year I've already coached over a dozen people 1-on-1 with making passive income online and they are ALL making money from it.  I heard time and time again, “You need to create a product on this!” and I decided to listen.  Over the last few months, I've been secretly creating a product teaching people exactly how I make passive income with Kindle. While I don't want to reveal much about it right now, I will say that it is an extremely POWERFUL program that has already began changing lives.  I've invested thousands of dollars into creating it, as well as put in a lot of my time, and I truly believe it will be a masterpiece.  It will by far dwarf any other product out there with teaching how to make money with Kindle by a long shot.  I've even had many of my clients go through the program and test it out and everyone has been loving it.

Right now I'm just putting the finishing touches on things and will reveal more information about this in my next video blog.  Keep on the look out for the next video blog that I have up on here, as I'll be sharing a lot more about this process, including examples of e-books that I have published on Kindle and even how much I'm earning from it.  This isn't for everyone, only those that are looking to create more freedom and wealth in their lives.  I've been blessed to have discovered this Kindle money-making method and it's transformed my life in so many ways.  As you can tell, I'm very excited to share this with you – so stay tuned for the next video blog!

UPDATE:  The Kindle Money Mastery program is now available by clicking here!

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The Easiest Way To Make Passive Income Online
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  • David

    Hi Stefan, I came across a kindle training product a while back but can’t remember the name of it I am sure there are quite a few. Can you recommend any products like BTF for Kindle training? Thanks

    • Yes, the product that I’ll be releasing soon! It’s by far the best product out there, has worked for me, and also the people that I’ve been coaching. Details of it will be coming out soon… very soon!

      • Jordan

        Pumped for this product! This all makes perfect sense, and would be extremely easy to implement if I had a step by step guide to do it so I’m hoping that’s what your product will be!

      • Will it be on Click Bank so we can affiliate market it?

  • Chris

    Great blog post and video man. I loved your how to make passive income video blog and I’m glad that you are following it up with more details – been long waited!

  • Adelfan

    Can I sell kindle ebooks from any part of the world or just US and Canada?

    • Yes, you can sell from anywhere. I live in Canada and my Kindle books make me money from all the Kindle platforms: US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Canada, etc… I also have clients that live in Australia and the UK and they make money from Kindle also. You just want to make sure you’re doing your research on the US Kindle Store, as that is where 90% of your income will be coming from.

  • Awesome post Stephan. With your permission, I’d like to post a link to my blog (which you saw) about self-publishing on Amazon.



    • Hey Tim, I’d prefer not to be promoting any other blogs or products in this blog post, as I put this up to talk about what I’m doing with Kindle and the product that I’m going to be releasing. But yes it will be on Clickbank and an opportunity to promote it!

      • Understood, and it makes sense. This isn’t a blog about selling on Kindle. I’m still learning the ropes of internet marketing/SEO.

  • Marta

    Thanks man! I really got inspired and motivated to start writing my own mini books on wellness!People are always looking for general and specific wellbeing and beauty advice…The world is big haha! I think I can offer those…apart from English I would also would like to write in Spanish and other languages maybe as it would increase my audience I guess, is it possible on Kindle? thank you, looking forward to your new posts!

    • Hi Marta! You can do Spanish versions of books, yes, but I’d only attempt that once the English version of it is profitable and making you a large enough amount that it’d be worthwhile. I’ve never done books in another language, and the platforms outside of the US aren’t that big, but I’ve seen others do it.

      • Marta

        Thanks! In that case I will sick to English for now and see how it goes:) all the best!:)

  • Luiz Carvalho

    Amazing blog post and video Stefan! I’ve been watching your videos since you made your most “popular” video… You really have the power to inspire people and encourage them or “us” to go to the “next level”! This video really encourage me to start doing my stuff here in Brazil!
    All the best!

    • Thanks Luiz! I was in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year. Amazing country!

  • Mike

    Hi there! First off, more power to you website and I love your Youtube videos. I’ve published one ebook on Amazon that hasn’t done so well, but I get your point completely that having volume more than makes up for the one or two books that don’t sell and so I continue to write in the hopes the succeeding ones will do better. I am almost done with my second book.

    I was hoping you would be able to answer something for me.

    My books do well on a free reading website called Wattpad.com where my books have landed in #1 or #2 spots of their top ranking books, and I have built a small following of loyal readers, so I know the books I write have potential in the sense that there is demand for them.

    However, I have completely failed in the mission to monetize them. I have experimented with a number of things (and continue to do so), but have yet to find a really good way to sell fiction (short of the freak accidents that become runaway hits on Amazon).

    I am wondering if there is a distinct difference between fiction and non-fiction and if the reason your books are doing so well is because they are squarely in non-fiction (at least most of them appear to be)?

    • Hey Mike, have you gone through my K Money Mastery course yet? If not, I recommend you do, as that will guide you with my own personal method for success.

      With selling on Amazon, it’s all about finding a profitable market/niche that is in high demand, and then meeting that demand with a Kindle book. Optimizing your Kindle book for the right keywords is very important, so that you can leverage the Amazon search engine and get in front of people that are searching for your book. Being able to then rank your book in the Amazon search results for your keyword, as well as get reviews for it, etc… are all very important. Non-fiction are easier to produce than fiction. I also find non-fiction beneficial because you’re selling solutions and solving peoples problems, with fiction you are just entertaining or keeping people engaged.

  • Starts at 4:35. You’re welcome.

  • Octaviano

    I am so Highly interested Man. This is great stuff, I´ve been thinking a lot lately on how to earn more income. And I bumped into your videos. I´m gonna go for this, because I have a lot a subjects I could develop just by writing as you say, e-books!

  • Calorado Hudkins

    My name is Calorado Hudkins, I’m a firefighter out of Grande Prairie AB County No.1
    i Noticed your living in Vancouver, ill be visiting friends and family there in September, October ish time (small world).
    I currently live in Grande Prairie and stumbled upon your website via youtube.
    Searching for a better way of life for my family and friends.
    I’m loving what your doing, you are a very good motivator.
    Where you are in life ( having financial freedom and being able to help people) is where i want to be, i want to inspire others to be. i want to raise my daughter to have dreams, goals ,and a drive as we do.
    i want to mimic your success as a coach and jump in to help others achieve what you have.
    I appreciate what your doing here.
    If your ever interested in doing an actually recorded case study where you run someone through your course step by step in person or over video chat to show your future readers/clients that you can take anyone through to success in this id love to be a lab test.
    Id be happy to pay the full price of the course and work with you.
    I would write a full review to the best of my ability and become another one of your testimonial success stories but on actual video. For your blog, Youtube and such.
    Either way i want in on what your doing here.

    Thanks for your time Stefan

    Calorado Hudkins

  • Julian

    Thanks for all your posts. I have two questions for you. First, can you tell a bit about publishing audiobooks with kindle. Have you found that to be equally profitable? Does it make sense to turn all your books to audio books? Also, Amazon has changed their ranking system in Kindle and does not favor the short books anymore. What is the ideal book length now in your opinion?