The Power Of Belief And Faith


I'm in Machu Picchu, Peru and it's one of the most breathtaking views that I've ever experienced in my life.  Being here has been a powerful experience for me, as it's really blown my reality of what human being are truly capable of.  The idea that I'm at a place that was built in the 1400's without any machinery or tools that we have today is astounding, especially since Machu Picchu is around 2000 meters above sea level.

I decided to shoot a video up at the top on the Power Of Belief.  Watch it below:

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Visiting Machu Picchu was a reminder to me of the power of belief and faith.  It made me think about and realize that without belief and faith, we wouldn't be able to experience most of what we do today.  We get to enjoy electricity today and drive automobiles and fly in airplanes, simply because OTHER PEOPLE had incredible visions and had 100% belief and faith behind those visions.  With that belief in their vision, they turned it into a reality.

Any goal or vision you want to manifest in your life requires 100% belief and absolute faith.  You have to BELIEVE it's going to happen, before making it happen.  Some people say, “When I see it, I will believe it”, and I can't tell you how much that is bullshit!  The truth and reality is, “When you BELIEVE IT, you will SEE IT.”  It all starts with your belief first.

Without belief in your goal or vision, you have no reason to take any action.  You will be immobilized – stagnant.  No long-term progress is possible without your belief.

How do you get that belief?

There are many ways.

For me, personally, I have so many references and experiences from the past, that they give me a lot of confidence and belief in myself that I can make anything happen.  I've built successful businesses, I've transformed my body and competed in fitness competitions, and I've faced a lot of fears and challenges in my life.  Because I've reached many other goals in the past, I BELIEVE and have FAITH that I can make my current goals a reality.  I've built up a proven track-record of success.

Another way is that I look for role models and people that have already achieved the goals that I want.  I read biographies and get around others that are successful.  What that does for me is it gives me the belief that it is POSSIBLE.  I think to myself, “If they can do it, I can too.”  A great example of this is Roger Banister, the first man who ran the 4 minute mile.  The moment he achieved that goal, dozens of other people achieved it because they now had that belief that it was possible. Today high school kids can run a 4 minute mile, despite the fact that it was once an “impossible” goal to be achieved in the past.

I also envision my goals daily.  I visualize and see myself having lived and achieved that goal, as if it's already happened.  I learned this from the book Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.  This is something that all great professional athletes and peak performers do.  They have already won the championship thousands of times in their head, which gives them the certainty and belief that they can make it happen.

And finally, I put myself in a STATE each and every morning to be unstoppable and believe that I can make anything happen.  This is something that is illustrated in my morning ritual video.  I make sure that I walk, move, breathe, and speak with absolute certainty and never doubt myself.  In this state, when obstacles show up, you break through them.  Nothing can stop you when you DECIDE to put yourself in the state necessary to achieve your goals – and this is also something that all great athletes and performers do before any big game or event.

Ultimately, you have to have FAITH – just trusting completely that things will work out the way you want.  And more often than not, it does.  With that faith, you will take that first step and keep taking action, despite the fact you may not be seeing results.  But because you believe so much, you're not discouraged and keep taking action.  With this mindset, you will turn your wildest dreams into a reality.

With that belief and faith, what is possible for you in your life?

The Power Of Belief And Faith
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  • Eric

    Hi Stefan, Just wanted to let you know I love your blog here and the
    inspiration. I ran across one of your videos last week, and it inspired
    me to get back into my Tony Robbins teachings, take some leaps of
    faith, and step it up a few notches. I also have launched a blog site
    and used the Thesis and godaddy links on your page to say thanks to you. Keep up the good work. Eric

    • Great Eric, can’t wait to see it and if you need any help don’t hesitate to let me know! Good luck with your blog and everything.

  • Rich Blogger

    This is very inspiring and… true. If you don’t believe in yourself and achieving your goals, better don’t start at all. Little faith and everything becomes possible. This is first step, next is hard consistent work.

  • Eimis

    Hi Stefan, great video and generally awesome website! You’re one of my best role models, I like your speech and your attitude a lot, seems you’re very passionate about your life. Thanks for doing such a great job by influencing a lot of people and motivating them (including me). Take Care!

    • Thanks for stopping by Eimis, glad you have been enjoying the blog. 🙂