MOTIVATION: To Avoid Criticism, Say Nothing, Do Nothing & BE NOTHING


to avoid criticism say nothing do nothing be nothingIn this motivational video, I share a powerful quote that will help motivate you in your life.

It's from Aristotle, which says:

To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.

I believe that criticism is a GOOD THING.

So is failure, rejection and facing your fears.

Most people AVOID these experiences at all cost.

I, on the other hand, believe that you're growing.  It means that you're outside of your comfort zone and you're doing something RIGHT.

I once heard that the secret to success is to double your rate of failure – that the more you fail, the more successful you'll become.

What would happen in your life if you started running towards that which you feared most?

Hmm… think about that.

As the motivational quote by Aristotle says, in order to avoid criticism (rejection and failure can fit into this too), then SAY NOTHING and DO NOTHING.  As a result, you'll BE NOTHING.

It takes courage to speak your mind, to share a message you believe in with the world.

The more successful you become, the more criticism you'll experience.  So you might as well EMBRACE it and learn how to handle it now.

Watch the video below:

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MOTIVATION: To Avoid Criticism, Say Nothing, Do Nothing & BE NOTHING
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  • Torben Wrang Laursen

    Hi Stefan.
    Fist of all, I want to thank you for all the value you are giving me. I started following you on YouTube for about 2 months ago.
    You see, I have ADHD and I’m constantly fucking my life up. My wife is frustrated with me. I keep loosing my job.
    But now I’m going to change. I’ve decided to start my own business helping others in the same situation. I’ll start writing Kindle books like I’ve learned from you.
    I have set some goals about facing my fears. One of them is about starting a video blog. Now that I’m starting to change, my wife is totally freaking out. We had a big fight last night.
    I love my wife. I love my family. But it is hard for them, seeing me change.

    • Hi Torben, best of luck to you! Change can be challenging with those close to you, because they’re afraid that they might lose your love. I’d just make sure you reassure them that and that you’re making changes to be a better person for them. Help them understand that!

      • Torben Wrang Laursen

        That you for your kind words. And again, I think you rock!

  • Yo Stefan!

    Again, another consistently solid article and video.

    I also believe that criticism is good, because it helps us critique what works from people who are credible and their results are verified. A note on haters – these are the people who have nothing going on, so of course to collect these opinions is actually good because you’ve got the focus on you! Besides, you’re helping many more people than you have hating on you.

    Grant Cardone’s got a 4 step plan for succes – 1. Attention 2. Criticism 3. Haters 4. Success.

    “Stand for something or fall for anything” – Malcom X

  • Dylan Basile

    Great post Stefan. One of my major hurdles with following my dreams and aspirations has been potential criticism from others. Happy to say I’m getting over that more and more every day. Time to go ruffle some feathers!