WHY You Should Make A Million Dollars (Not Why You Think…)


WHY You Should Make A Million Dollars

Why is it important to set and achieve goals?  A lot of people don’t understand what the true purpose is of setting and achieving goals.

The purpose of goals is not what you get, it is who you become in the process.  It is important to understand that what you get can always be taken away from you – money, a house, your car – but nobody can take away who you become.

A lot of people end up feeling depressed once they achieve their goals, because they thought that all of their problems in life would magically disappear and that life would be amazing.  This is simply not true.

Material possessions will not make you happy, and ultimately, the more that you achieve, the faster that feeling of euphoria will go away.

You may be thinking to yourself, “What is the point of achieving my goals if its not going to make me happy?”

Jim Rohn once said, “Everyone should make it their goal to earn a million dollars in their lifetime.  Not for the money, that doesn’t matter, but for who you become in the process”.  When you become more, you will earn more in the process.

If I lost everything tomorrow, I know that I would be okay.  I would recreate what I had done, but do it much faster, because I wouldnt have lost who I became in the process.

Business is a spiritual game; you are required to grow and to give.  This is the essence of success.

When you give to others, you experience a feeling of pride, belief, confidence, happiness and fulfillment, and that is the true value of achieving your goals.

Be remembered for who you are and what you give, not by what you have.

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WHY You Should Make A Million Dollars (Not Why You Think…)
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  • Lori Togerson

    Hey Stefan, profound video. This solidifies my decision to move toward my goals fearlessly and boldly. I used to struggle with being okay in *becoming and earning more*. I’m just beginning your K Money Mastery Course and know this course will be the life-changer I need. Great video, as always. Thank you, Lori.

  • You’ve beautifully delivered the message Tony Robbins keeps telling us; to focus on growth and contribution in order to creaate lasting happiness. It needs constant reiterating and you’ve done an amazing job at that. Thank you, Stefan.

  • Awesome Chris! Unfortunately I get hundreds of emails every day and it’s impossible for me to respond to everyone.