Your Experience Is Determined By Your Focus


control your focus

This is something that I've been thinking about lately that I wanted to share.

When you go out, say to a nightclub, a party, or whatever it may be — your entire experience of that event is 100% based upon what you focus on.

There are only SO MANY THINGS we can consciously focus on at once.

For example, right now you’re probably not focusing on your heart beat, or the many sounds in the room that you’re in, or perhaps your clothing brushing against your skin, etc… There are literally THOUSANDS of things you can focus on right now, besides reading this article on your computer (different objects in your environment, feelings, sounds, etc…).

In the same way, when you go out to a night club, there are THOUSANDS of things to focus on as well.

If you begin focusing on everyone sitting around, being bored, not having fun, the fact the club is empty, bad music, etc… then you’re going to leave that place and your experience of it was going to be BORING.

If you begin focusing on how much fun people are having, how great the music is, how there are so many cool things going on at once, how much fun you’re having, etc… then you’re going to leave that place and your experience was going to be AWESOME.

If you begin focusing on how loud the music is, how there's no one there that is your “type”, how you don't feel comfortable there, how the music sucks, how you’re not in a great mood or “state”, how you’re just standing around and other people are probably noticing, the rude comment that recently received from the “bitchy” person you tried talking to, etc… then the experience of that evening is going to be what?
You guessed it… HORRIBLE!

“Whatever you look for, you will find.”

There are literally so many things to focus on at any given moment.

The great news is, that you can CHOOSE to focus on whatever you want.

The ONLY REASON you will ever have a horrible or bad night anytime you go out, is based on the fact that you’re focused on the negative or things that made it horrible or bad.  You're actually DELETING all of the good, positive things going on in that environment that you could feel good about.

And the only reason you will ever have a fantastic night is based on the fact you’re focusing on what made it fantastic.  You're then DELETING all of the bad, negative things going on in the environment that you could feel shitty about too.

“What's wrong is always available.  And so is what's right.”

Right now, there are MILLIONS of horrible things going on in the world right now. There are people dying, stealing, lying, cheating, suffering… two-thirds of the planet has about $2 a day to live off of. 20% of those people have about $1 a day to live off of. There are millions of people dying from cancer and heart disease. Just look on the news, and I can guarantee you can find something negative to focus on in the world at this very moment.

But at the same time, there are MILLIONS of amazing things going on in the world right now as well. There are people being born everyday, people achieving, people making love, having fun, smiling, giving, laughing… we have so many incredible resources today in this world that gives us incredible privileges (such as the internet). There are people overcoming disease and challenges in life. There are many things growing and evolving.

perception is reality
You CHOOSE what to focus on. Your entire life experience is controlled by what you think, pay attention to, or focus on.

“Whatever you focus on you feel, whether it's real or not.”

When you go out, no matter how horrible the experience may have been, you should always leave the night, going home and feeling incredible about yourself and amazing about how great the night was. There is literally NO REASON NOT TO!

It all comes down to conditioning.  You need to train your “Focus Muscles” everyday to always look for the good and amplify it.  If you look hard enough, you can ALWAYS find something good in every situation.

Below are some Empowering Questions that I always ask myself to change my focus.

Empowering Questions

  • What's great about this?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • What is funny about this situation?
  • How can I use this?
  • How can I enjoy myself right now?
  • What do I love about this moment?
  • How can I feel even more amazing and confident right now?

If you ask your brain a question, it will come up with an answer.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

This concept will contribute to massive growth, happiness, and success in your life.  You will be a LEADER – someone that has mastery over his inner world, and isn't affected by external factors that are out of your control.

You can't control the outer world, but you can ALWAYS control your inner world. 🙂

Master your emotions, and you'll master your life.

Your Experience Is Determined By Your Focus
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  • Juny Arnoza

    True.. but sometimes, other people have way stronger drive than others. I.E me for one. 

  • Michael

    Very true Stefan, solid concept. I need to focus more on the positive.

  • Chary Fano Manango

    I really agree in this blog! We need to focus more on good things.

    • Yup, check out my Morning Ritual video blog to see the Empowering Questions I use to change my focus.