$1.7 Million Dollar Penthouse Tour Of Six Figure Blogger Stefan Pylarinos


$1.7 Million Dollar Penthouse Tour Of Six Figure Blogger Stefan Pylarinos

This video is a tour of where I live: a $1.7 million dollar penthouse on the 48th floor overlooking beautiful Vancouver.

I moved into this penthouse earlier in the year, as set by one of my 2014 goals that I publicly shared on my blog.  Since moving in, I've had many people ask me to give a tour and show more of where I live.

The penthouse is at the top of the Sheraton Wall Centre, which is a luxury hotel in Vancouver.  It is one of the tallest buildings in Vancouver and the best part about living here is the amazing view that it provides.

Without further adieu, here is my penthouse tour…

(Click here to watch on YouTube)

For a tour of my home office and how I've set it up for optimal productivity, click here.

$1.7 Million Dollar Penthouse Tour Of Six Figure Blogger Stefan Pylarinos
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  • Awesome Julien, be sure to share once you move in. Penthouse life rocks!

  • Thanks Mike, I appreciate it everyday 🙂

  • Yes you will, I believe in you!

  • Haha, I used to be nervous going near the window as well, as I’m not a fan of heights. But you eventually get comfortable with it.

  • Thanks John I appreciate it, glad that I am able to provide value!

  • Thanks Seth. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself to make it happen!

  • 1600 square feet. Vancouver is SO expensive is the challenge, especially anywhere downtown. You are basically paying for the view and location primarily. I could get a house out of the city, except I live alone and don’t know what I’d do with all the extra bedrooms.

  • Maybe I’ll do something again!

  • Thanks Sean! I had my friend Colter shoot and edit it.

  • Thanks Roger! Anything that inspires me I have on my computer or house 🙂

  • Thanks Warren! Hard work and years of persistence pays off. Never stop believing in yourself!

  • Thanks, I had my friend who owns a video production company here do it. To be honest, I forget what brand my mattress is, but I know I paid good money to have one of the best.

  • Sherese

    You got it going on….i really admire you not for the money but for your energy as person. nice pad

    • Thank you! Living in a beautiful apart and making money is only a reflection of the type of person you have to become and the contributions you have to make to others! I wouldn’t have money if I didn’t contribute and help a massive amount of people.

  • Scott Britner

    Thanks for the tour, Stefan!

    Inspirational – not because of the million dollar location… because of your Success and your Humbleness… I admire people like you.

    Keep up the Awesome work!! 🙂


  • Fatima Mokhliss

    wonderful,you deserve it Stefan,thanks for helping us to achieve our dreams too!