Are You A Dabbler?



We're living in a world of dabblers.

People that want instant gratification, without putting in the work.

People that are thinking short-term, but not long-term.

People that think they know it all, but yet don't take any action or achieve any results.

People that give up at the first obstacle or challenge that shows up, instead of pushing past the plateaus.

People that stay at the surface, but never go deep.

People that love the newness and excitement of starting something new, but quickly jump ship the moment that fades.

People that get distracted by the shiny object, but never fully commit and go all in.

People that are looking for the newest advanced tactic or technique, instead of realizing that the fundamentals are everything.

People that never look to invest in themselves and grow, but rather waste their money/time on things that don't bring any lasting value to their life.

There is a night and day difference with respect to the mentality of the Dabbler and the Master.

After working with thousands of people, I've seen the ones that go on and achieve massive success, versus those that struggle and never achieve anything in their lives.

The Dabbler doesn't get very far in life.

I know this, because for many years of my life, I too was a Dabbler.

It wasn't until I decided to commit 1000%, go all in, and adopt the Mastery Mentality that I was able to change my life.

I gave up short-term thinking and instead focused on the long-term.

I gave up the need for instant gratification and worked my ass off, delaying the real rewards for months/years into the future.

I gave up the “I know that” mentality, humbled myself and instead, realized that Repetition is the Mother of Mastery.

I started re-reading books, going through courses/training programs multiple times, and attending the same seminar again and again until I had MASTERED it.

I gave up the distractions and shiny objects, and instead, committed myself and went all in.

I started going DEEP in all areas of my life, not just hanging out at the surface.

When I hit a plateau or a challenge came up, instead of giving up or being discouraged, I sought help and found someone that could guide me to breakthrough to the next level.

I started investing in myself – my time and my money, by learning from others in order to accelerate my growth and results.

I gave up just looking for “free stuff”, realizing that when I pay for something, I pay more attention to it, and benefit from it/value it much more.

I stopped looking for the newest advanced tactics/technique, and instead, focused on mastering the fundamentals.

I stopped trying to do things on my own, banging my head against the wall trying to re-invent the wheel, and instead, I stood on the shoulders of giants and those much more successful than myself.

I was humble and if a person was more successful than me, I put aside my ego and LISTENED to what they told me to do, and then I did it.

The concept of Mastery has changed my life so much, that I built my business and brand around it: Project Life Mastery

The products, courses and trainings that I create are all MASTERY based programs… if you're a Dabbler, you won't benefit from them, or anything else that I offer (or likely anyone else for that matter).

I love working with people that “get” the Mastery Mentality. These are my favourite clients and the ones that also go on to achieve massive success.

Dabblers, on the other hand, are the ones that I get frustrated by. I see the unlimited potential inside of them – they are capable of so much success and greatness, yet they choose to allow the Dabbler within them to hold them back.

I get frustrated because I work hard to help them and sincerely care, but know that I can't unless they make a shift in their mindset.

Being a Dabbler or being a Master is a CHOICE.

You can choose to COMMIT TO MASTERY right now.

The question is, will you?

Do you aspire to wake up every day and create the life that you want? CLICK HERE to purchase my Morning Ritual Mastery course.

Are You A Dabbler?
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  • Tirrell

    James You killed this post. Great job! I have ADD and it very easy for me to jump from project to project, and missing out on opportunity along the way. This hit home for me. Thanks.