Build The Foundation And Take Action


build the foundation and take action

If you want to create anything in your life that has value and meaning, you have to make sure that you build the foundation and take action.

My greatest passion in life is personal growth and development. I understand the value of learning.

Learning is power. However, it can become a distraction if you don’t take massive action.

In the words of Tony Robbins, “The path to success is to take massive, determined actions”.  

One of the biggest obstacles that people face that prevents them from success is that they spend all their time learning and not doing.

According to Forbes Magazine, nearly 80% of small businesses don’t make it past the first three years. If you own an online business, that number rises to 95%.

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These numbers reflect the ‘get rich quick' mentality that so many people adopt.

They want to achieve optimal success, without taking the necessary steps in order to get there.

The path to a successful business requires that you build a strong foundation so that it can grow, scale up, and withhold the test of time.

Don't take short cuts.  It will only cost you down the road.

In order to attain mastery, you must learn to not only respect the foundation, but also learn to fall in love with the process.

With any goal that you pursue, there is a process in order to achieve it. Hal Elrod once said, “Be committed to the process, without being emotionally attached to the results”.

Your mindset is everything; it is the foundation for everything that happens in your life.

When something is a must, you will find a way, and if you cant find the way, you will make the way.

Ever since I chose to adopt this mindset, there has been a powerful shift, in terms of what I have been able to achieve, in all areas of my life.

You already know what to do in order to take action and achieve your goals.

Wake up every day, take massive action, and watch the results unfold in your life.

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Build The Foundation And Take Action
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