Building New Habits


building new habits
Secrets To Building New Habits In Your Life

Want to build new habits that will change your life?

What you consistently do everyday is what you become.  Your habits will shape who you are and help you create the life that you want.

Many people struggle with building new habits, simply because they make things too difficult or big.  The challenge is, people don't realize that the HABIT of doing something is most important.  People get caught up in the time spent doing something, the amount of it, the duration, etc… instead of focusing on building the habit.

In this video blog, I explain more about how you can build new habits and overcome procrastination to do important things in your life.  If you can get yourself to do something consistently, then it becomes easy after that to add more time to doing it.

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3 Tips For Building New Habits

Building new habits is actually pretty easy, if you know the process of how we develop new habits.  Below, I'm going to share 3 proven tips for building new habits that will allow you to make things more automatic in your life.

1. Focus on the HABIT, not the duration, amount, time or anything else.

As mentioned in the video, people get caught up with the time spent or the amount when building new habits.

When building the new habit of working out at the gym, it's not important how LONG you're in the gym – what's important is that you develop the habit of GOING TO THE GYM.  That means, if you can just get yourself to go to the gym for 1 minute or to walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes, that's much simpler than having to go to the gym and do an intense workout for an hour.

Make things as EASY and SIMPLE as possible for you when building new habits.

If you want to build the habit of managing money, then instead of saying to yourself “I don't have money to manage – I'll manage it when I have more”, instead manage whatever amount of money you have now.  The HABIT is more important than the amount.  If you only have $5, learn how to manage that and allocate it effectively.  Then when you have a million dollars, you'll have the habit of managing money.

2. Reward yourself every single time.

What gets rewarded, gets repeated.  You need to associate PLEASURE to the act of doing the habit.  Everytime you do something positive, you need to reward yourself and give yourself pleasure.

Human behaviour is in many ways similar to animal behaviour.  In the book “Don't Shoot The Dog”, the author talks about how positive reinforcement is the best way to train an animal and a human being.

So give yourself a pat on the back more often.  Compliment yourself.  Praise yourself.  Reward yourself every single time and it will speed up the process of building new habits.

3. Commit to a 30 day challenge.

You need accountability to ensure that you stick with things.  Committing to a 30 day challenge is a fantastic way to get yourself to consistently stick with something for 30 days.  They say after 21 days, you'll have a new habit developed (some say longer), which is the theory behind this.

I've created many new amazing habits in my life by doing a 30 day challenge.  In fact, recently we did a 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge with the members of my Morning Ritual Mastery program and there's hundreds of posts on Twitter and Instagram of people going through the challenge of developing a morning ritual.  They're using hashtag #30DayMorningRitualChallenge – check out the posts on Twitter and on Instagram.

If you want to develop new habits in your life, one of the best times to do it is in the morning and part of your morning ritual.  In the morning, you have the most amount of willpower and are most likely to do it.

If you want to build new habits in your morning ritual, then check out my Morning Ritual Mastery program to create your own custom morning ritual that will change your life!

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Building New Habits
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