My New Morning Ritual – How To Be Even More Productive, Happy And Healthy Everyday


my new morning ritual

How would you like to achieve even more everyday?

What if you could be even MORE productive, happy and energetic on a daily basis?

There is a way… and successful people have been utilizing it for centuries.

It's called developing a morning ritual.

Creating your own morning ritual is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your life.

Since my original morning ritual video blog (that has now reached over 500,000 people on YouTube), I've received thousands of comments from people that have been positively been impacted by creating their own morning ritual.

I've received comments and personal messages from people that have shared how their lives have improved.  They have more energy, they are happier, and they are achieving new levels of success that they could have only dreamed of.

Here's some of the comments from my original morning ritual YouTube video:


morning routine

morning routine

morning rituals

morning rituals

morning ritual

Since sharing my morning ritual has helped so many people, I decided that I'd create a new morning ritual video blog to reveal what I do today.

You are what you repeatedly do everyday.  (Tweet This!)

This is my NEW morning ritual… broken down step-by-step to exactly what I do today, to be even more productive, happy and healthy everyday.

My NEW Morning Ritual Revealed

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My 12-Step Morning Ritual Process

I've broken down my entire morning ritual process step-by-step below.  This is everything that I outline in the above video, so that you can follow it for yourself.  Of course, you're free to modify it, take what works for you and create something uniquely your own.

The purpose of incorporating a morning ritual into your life is to empower you to be at your best everyday.  By being at your best, every experience and result of your life changes.  You get MORE from your day and your entire life.

How you start the day is how you end the day.  (Tweet This!)

1. Smile

Smiling is the most important thing that you should do the moment you wake up each morning.

By smiling, you are starting your day off perfectly by reminding yourself that today is a gift.  It shows gratitude and appreciation for another day of your life.

Not only that, but smiling also changes your biochemistry – it begins to put you in a positive state.  You will immediately begin to feel good.

2. Priming/Meditation

The next part of my ritual is something I do called “Priming”, as well as meditation.

Priming is something that I learned from Tony Robbins at Unleash The Power Within, which is a 10-minute exercise that primes you for gratitude and strength. It's totally new and it's been something that I do every morning while sitting in my bed.  I also combine this with meditation, which helps me feel at peace and feel grounded.

Here's how it works:

1. Sit upright on your bed with your legs crossed (as if you're meditating).  Close your eyes.

2. Take 30 explosive breaths in and out through your nose, while raising your hands up and down.  Make sure to inhale and exhale through your stomach and do it rapidly.

3. Think of 3 things in your life that you are grateful for.  Make sure at least TWO of them are small things that you can be grateful for (such as a rain drop or a pen), while the other can be big.  By thinking of small things, you're forcing yourself to find gratitude in all of the small things in your life.

4. Do another 30 explosive breaths in and out through your nose.

5. Think of 3 things you want to create in your life.  It can be things you want to create for that day, that week, that month, year, or at any moment.  It can be anything you want.  Focus and visualize those 3 things.  See them as if they are real.

6. Do another 30 explosive breaths in and out through your nose.

7. Spend a few minutes just meditating.  Quiet your thoughts and silence your mind.  Feel totally at peace and at ease.

8. Finish by thanking the energy source that created you, while asking for any healing or power for that day.  Open your eyes.

This process has been powerful for me and really uplifts me for the day.

Breathing was an important step as part of my original morning ritual video blog, as oxygen is the most important thing that the body requires from a health perspective.  By doing this exercise, I am also consciously focusing on my breathing and taking in deep breaths.  This helps to cleanse and vitalize the cells of my body.

Of course, you can modify it as you wish.  If you prefer, you could just meditate for however long you like.  I've been finding more and more benefits to meditating each day and how it helps me feel more at peace and improves my state throughout the day.

3. Drink Water

After oxygen, the next most important thing that our bodies require is water.

70% of our bodies are made up of water.

When you wake up, you are massively dehydrated.  Your body is craving water.  That's why the next part of my morning ritual is to head to the kitchen and begin guzzling water.

I drink 9.5 alkaline water, which is filtered and comes from my water ionizer (I drink Kangen water from Enagic).  If you don't have a water ionizer (or can't afford one), then make sure you're at least drinking filtered water.  You can also alkalize the water by adding lemon to it (lemon is acidic, but metabolizes in the body as an alkaline form).  I also usually add a greens powder to my water as well, which further alkalizes it and gives my body essential nutrients.

I make sure to drink at least 1-2 glasses of water to ensure that I'm fully hydrated.

4. Juicing

During the next part of my morning ritual, I juice vegetables with my Omega J8004 juicer.

I've found juicing to be one of the most powerful things that I do everyday that gives me unstoppable levels of energy.

When juicing vegetables, you are removing the pulp and fibre from them.  This makes the absorption of the juice easy and immediate for your bloodstream.  The result is you get this incredible high and burst of energy, as well as it helps cleanse your body as well.  It's important to do this first thing in the morning, before you eat, as your body won't have to expend any energy digesting food.

Click here for a video blog I did on the life-changing benefits of juicing.

5. Move Your Body (Rebounding)

The next most important part of my morning routine is to get moving.  Movement is one of the easiest and fastest ways to change your state.

Emotion is created by motion.  (Tweet This!)

The way that you use your body biochemically changes how you feel.  By moving your body, you begin to take on more oxygen, which gives you more energy.  It also changes your emotions, as every emotion you experience is through a specific physiology.  You can easily enhance your state every morning by moving your body radically.

Moving your body can mean going for a walk, running, dancing, jumping up and down, or anything that gets your blood flow moving.

In my case, I love either going for a walk in the morning, or using my rebounder (a mini-trampoline).

There's many health benefits to rebounding.  The biggest benefit I get from it is that it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is the sewage system for the body.  By jumping up and down, it helps my body get rid of lymph and take in more oxygen, which gives me more energy.  The movement and act of jumping up and down also radically enhances my state, which is useful as part of my daily ritual.

6. Incantations/Affirmations

While I'm moving my body (walking or rebounding), I'll also focus on conditioning my mind through incantations or affirmations.

Incantations are positive statements said out loud with emotional intensity.  When you speak things out loud with emotion, you begin to condition your nervous system into believing what you're saying.  There's a lot of power in this in shaping your own beliefs and emotions.

Here is part of the process that I go through when doing my incantations/affirmations:

Mission Statement

I speak my mission statement out loud, by saying the phrase:

“I, Stefan Pylarinos, see, know, hear, and feel that the purpose of my life is to be even more fully alive, grow and make a difference in the lives of others!”

Values & Rules

Knowing your values and rules is something that I learned from Tony Robbins at his Date With Destiny event.  Every morning, I speak my values and rules that I want to condition and make part of my life.

For example, if health and energy is my #1 value, then I will say out loud:

“I, Stefan Pylarinos, see, know, hear, and feel that I am healthy and energetic!”

I will also read out loud my rules/beliefs about what it takes for me to be healthy and energetic:

“I am healthy and energetic anytime I consume healthy fruits and vegetables, or drink water, or do anything that enhances my physical well-being.”

Empowering Beliefs

I have a list of empowering beliefs that I like to choose from to read out loud.  They can be simple sentences, or even longer paragraphs.  The key is to consciously choose what you WANT to believe and begin to condition it daily by saying it out loud.

For example, some of the empowering beliefs I condition everyday are:

“I love my life!”

“What I do today, shapes my today and creates my tomorrow.”

“Nothing tastes as good as being healthy and fit feels!”

“I eat to fuel my body, not satisfy an appetite.”

“I am generous and loving everyday!”

Power Virtues

My power virtues is something I discovered at Tony Robbins Date With Destiny.  They are 4 virtues that I commit to living by everyday that allow me to live my life at the peak.  I also speak these out loud.

“I, Stefan Pylarinos, see, know, hear, and feel that I am confident!”

“I, Stefan Pylarinos, see, know, hear, and feel that I am determined!”

“I, Stefan Pylarinos, see, know, hear, and feel that I am loving!”

“I, Stefan Pylarinos, see, know, hear, and feel that I am happy!”

Ultimate Vision/Goals

I also read out my ultimate vision for my life, as well as the specific goals that I have set for the month or year.

Focusing on your goals everyday is an extremely important part of achieving them.  They allow you to constantly be reminded of them and focused on what you want in your life.

Whatever you focus on, you will move toward.  (Tweet This!)

By speaking your goals out loud with emotion, you are reminding yourself of them and conditioning yourself to BELIEVE you will achieve them.  The key is to speak of them with certainty and belief, as well as to phrase your goals as a powerful phrase.

For example, here are some of the goals I set for my goals and resolutions:

“I will easily be making $60,000/month consistently by December 31, 2014!”

“I will easily buy and be driving the 2014 Corvette Stingray by December 31, 2014!”

“I will easily be 160 lbs at 6% body fat by December 31, 2014!”

7. Empowering Questions

During the next part of my morning routine, I will direct my focus by asking myself empowering questions.

Whatever you focus on you feel.  By directing your focus, you will change your state.  The most powerful way of doing this is through questions.

Here are some of the questions that I ask myself every morning:

What am I happy about in my life right now?
What am I excited about in my life right now?
What am I proud of in my life?
What am I grateful for in my life?
What am I passionate about in my life right now?
What am I committed to in my life right now?
Who do I love?  Who loves me?
What am I going to give today?

I often come up with more questions throughout the day that I use as part of my daily ritual, which keep me in a peak state.

While answering these questions, I like to continue doing them while I'm moving, as well as speak them out loud.  This helps intensify the emotion from it.

Primary Question

I also ask myself this Primary Question every morning, which I also learned from Tony Robbins Date With Destiny, which is:

How can I become even better while appreciating even more of who I am and the love that is inside of me right now?

8. Read A Book

I also make sure that I am actively reading and learning every morning.  The habit of reading at least 10 pages of a book per day has been life changing for me.  By committing to reading at least 10 pages a day, it equates to about 300 pages per month, which is at least a book per month.

I've been consistently reading at least a book every month for years now, which has become hundreds of books that I've benefitted from.

I enjoy reading books that uplift me and improve my quality of life.  Here's a list of my complete book library.

9. Celebrate/Peak State

As the next part of my morning ritual, I spend a minute CELEBRATING my life and putting myself in a PEAK STATE.

I do this by putting on some music and either dancing or jumping up and down.  I celebrate as if I just won the lottery, or my favourite spots team just won a championship.  By doing this, it radically enhances my state and reminds me that I don't need a reason to celebrate.

You don't need a reason to celebrate.  Celebrate everyday of your life!  (Tweet This!)

The more that you reward something, the easier it becomes to do again and again.  I celebrate little things all throughout the day, but even focus on this more during my evening ritual.

10. Plan The Day

Now that I'm in a peak state, I begin to direct my energy towards what I want to get done that day.

The next part of my morning ritual is to sit down and plan the day, in detail.  I use something that I learned from Tony Robbins called RPM, which stands for:  Result, Purpose, Massive Action Plan.

This often consists of me taking out my journal and writing down what the Results I want to achieve for the day are.  I then write out the Purpose, or reasons WHY it is a must for me to achieve this Result.  Finally, I write out my Massive Action Plan, which is all the actions/steps I need to take that day to achieve that result.

Having a plan each day makes you PROACTIVE, instead of REACTIVE.  It gives you something to move towards and achieve for the day.  It's one of the most important time management lessons that I've learned that helps me get a lot done.

When you talk about something, it’s a dream. When you envision it, it’s exciting. When you plan it, it’s possible. But, when you schedule it, it’s real.  Tony Robbins 

11. Take Action On Highest Leverage Activity

Immediately after planning my day, I take action on the highest leverage activity that I have set for that day.

This means that I take a look at my Massive Action Plan and I identify what is the ONE THING that I could do today that would have the biggest impact.

This could be something in my business, or working out, or working on a big project.  The key is to do the most important thing as the FIRST thing that you do in the morning.

This is because right after your morning ritual you will be in a PEAK STATE and it's easy for you to use this energy to tackle whatever you've been procrastinating on.  When you get the biggest, most important things out of the way in the morning, it will make you feel like the day was already an accomplishment.

There's a concept called Speed of Implementation that is one of the most important things that allows me to get so much done.

12. Workout

After I've finished or made significant progress towards my highest leverage activity for the day, I then like to go to the gym and workout.  I make sure that I have my breakfast (a pre-workout meal) at least an hour before I go to the gym.

I've found working out or exercising EARLY to be extremely important, as the later you leave it during your day then there is less of a chance of you doing it.

It doesn't matter what type of workout or exercise that you do, as long as you are doing SOMETHING to exercise everyday.  There's so many benefits of exercise that I won't go into here, but this is the final piece of my morning ritual that helps me to feel unstoppable each day.  It's one of the most important things you can do to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

Create Your Morning Ritual

There you have it!

These are the 12-steps that I follow everyday as part of my morning ritual that allows me to be unstoppable everyday.

Of course, I'm always modifying my morning ritual, but this is what I do currently.

Now it's your turn.

It's your turn to CREATE YOUR OWN morning ritual and to COMMIT to it.

Your morning ritual doesn't have to be identical to mine.  This video blog is just to show you what I DO and what works for me.  If something here that I mentioned could benefit you, then great, use it!  Otherwise I encourage you to create your own.

So how would you like to start your day?

What would YOUR morning ritual look like every morning?

Whatever you come up with, make sure to write it out step-by-step and put it somewhere that you can view it everyday.

My suggestion is to start with something small; something that won't require too much of your time and that you'll procrastinate on.  Start with something that will be 15 minutes and then slowly build up to doing something that will be up to an hour.

My morning ritual takes me anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.  I like to switch up my ritual from time to time, to give myself some variety.  I also sometimes do a shorter ritual (15 minutes) and other days go 60 minutes and beyond.  I also have learned to do rituals throughout the day, as well as my evening ritual before I go to bed.

The 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge

Once you've created your morning ritual, the next step is to COMMIT to it.

I want to invite you to participate in something that will change your life.

I call it the “30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge”.

This means that whatever morning ritual that you've created, you will COMMIT to doing it for 30 days straight.

I promise you, that if you do this, at the end of the 30 days you will be a totally different person.  You will be more productive than ever, achieving more throughout the day and taking more massive action.  You will be healthier and more energetic than you ever thought possible.  Your relationships will improve.  Most importantly of all, you will be happier and more fulfilled.

By committing to this morning ritual, you are giving yourself a GIFT that you deserve everyday.

You DESERVE to be happier, healthier, and to achieve everything that you want.  

If you want to commit to the 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge, then there's a lot of power in DECLARING it publicly.

Do one of the following to let the world know that you are committing to the 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge:

  • Leave a comment below stating what your morning ritual is and that you are committing to it for 30 days!
  • Click here to Tweet that you are committing to the 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge.
  • Click here to post on Facebook that you are committing to the 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge.

Congratulations for your commitment!

I'm excited to hear about how your life is positively impacted by committing your own morning ritual into your life.

I hope that by me openly sharing my own morning ritual through this video blog has shown you what is possible and how something like this can change your life.

It is my goal to reach as many people as possible with this video blog.  If you know of someone that could benefit from it, please share it with them.  You could save a life!

Finally, leave any comments or questions below, I'll do my best to respond!


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My New Morning Ritual – How To Be Even More Productive, Happy And Healthy Everyday
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  • Chris

    Thanks Stefan. I’ve been focusing on my mornings lately and I have noticed big results. My main focus has been relaxing outside with my dog and reading some positive content to get my day started. Its amazing how much more efficient I am when I focus on my morning vs running around, rushing, forgetting something, speeding to work etc. Im looking forward to trying out your ritual.

    • Hey Chris, that’s a great way to get started for the day! Glad it’s working for you.

  • Sarah Rachel

    Thank you Stephen! 🙂 I’m grateful for you!

  • Cheers Stefan, very helpful mate. Been waiting patiently for this. I’m going to implement some of this into my own routine.

  • Methmal

    Hi Stefan first of all ,i want you to say you are a great motivational speaker.This video is inspired me lot.Now i’m ready to take the 30 day challenge of performing the morning ritual . Meantime i have watched your evening ritual video. So now i’m going to add both the morning and evening ritual for my life .

    And i have one question for you.Why you have a Lord Buddha’s image in your room, i mean what is the point of that?

    • Thanks Methmal and congrats on committing to the morning ritual challenge! As for Buddha, I am a fan of his teachings.

      • Methmal

        So Stefan first i would like you to thank you for replying me
        .And i’m a follower of a Buddha’s teaching.It’s nice to hear that you are also a fan of him.

  • Nice job Stefan, great build on your first morning ritual video. I have practiced a morning ritual for a long tome but your videos have helped me notch it up several levels.

    I also want to thank you for the excellent content in the KKM program, I have been a member for about (6) weeks and I’m working on my second book. My morning routine definitely supports my ability to execute all the things I need to do to run my business. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Zig! And congrats on having your first book out, keep up the good momentum and I’m happy to help in any way I can with inspiration!

  • Darrell

    Hi Stefan, this is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read. I’m a big fan of yours. Keep up with the awesome stuff. Juss wanted to ask you what time do you sleep and wake up. Also, considering that it’s a heavy morning ritual, how long does it take you to complete it? Take care and God bless!

    • Hey Darrell, thanks! I usually go to sleep around midnight, wake up around 7-8AM. I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes doing my morning ritual.

  • Awesome stuff, Stephan! What kind of camera and equipment do you use when recording?

  • BlombergVictor

    Awesome Stefan!

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    Hi Stefan, are you anouncing the contest winners any time soon?

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    Hi Stefan

    Top notch as usual, well done man. I am declaring publicly that I am starting my morning ritual tomorrow morning, Tuesday 26 August 2014.

    Thanks for the great info.

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    I’d really like you to put here once online all that content that is on your papers up in the closet!! 🙂

    • I’ll be doing some separate video blogs for that info to go into it more in detail.

  • Love the effort you’re putting into these videos Stefan. Really shows how passionate you are about this blog.

    Anyway, I thought I would give you some constructive feedback on this video because I think it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. There’s a lot of people giving you great feedback on this one but honestly, I believe your previous morning video was better.

    Here’s why I think so;

    > Your first video was “new-new”
    > It was shorter and condenser (this one boarders on information overload in my opinion)
    > This one contains a lot of unknown/new concepts which are difficult to comprehend when you’re unfamiliar (priming, incantations, celebrating, power virtues, …)

    Basically I think this video is too much at once and difficult to grasp from the first try.

    Anyway, I hope you can understand where I’m coming from here ,since I’m not trying to bring you down in any way. Appreciate your content, as always ♥ If you don’t like the comment you can just delete it – np

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    • Thanks for the feedback Simon! I have two morning rituals now to please both people 🙂

      • Different strokes for different folks. I watched the whole thing, and I’m so happy you made such an in depth video 🙂 <3

    • I agree about the effort going into the videos! You can tell when someone makes effort and believes in what they preach – it makes you feel in safe hands!

  • Krzysztof Byczkowski

    This will be my second attempt to make this kind of ritual reality. Last time I didn’t make it, maybe it was because of lack of discipline. I’ve been focused on wrong things for the very long time and it wasn’t worth it. Thanks to this post I’ve realized how important is to focus on the right things in our lives – especially health and personal goals.

    It would be great for me to be an early riser, make excercises and eat healthy breakfast every day. Somehow after reading above post I fell a little excited about the future results!

    I will spend my entire day to set my goals for the future and plan out the ritual. Waking up early, excercise, drinking water, meditation and healthy meal will be the main part of this thing.

    Thank you for the inspiration and the spark of hope for the better future!

  • Chris Silvestri

    Great and in depth post Stephan. I’m trying to develop my morning ritual, it’s is not as “extreme” (in a good way!) as yours, but it’s a start. I’m struggling on getting up at the same time each day, especially when I go to sleep late. Will have to force myself into building the habit!

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    Thank you very much for sharing this powerful content. I will try to do my best these rituals.

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    Awesome post man! Really appreciate all the value you give. 🙂 I’m committed to doing my morning ritual starting tomorrow for the next 30 days because it’s a habit that I MUST install into my life. 🙂 Thanks again man!

  • Luke Sievers

    Thank you Stefan! I’m grateful that you posted your new morning routine. I noticed you did not include your accountability buddy call? Are you no longer doing that and how important do you believe it is for someone new to a morning routine and who has a tendency to procrastinate to have an accountability buddy? I’m considering coaching but I think one coaching call every week or two weeks would not be enough, it would be too easy for me to not follow through between coaching calls – that is why I think a live accountability call every morning might be the thing I’m missing. Your thoughts? How long do you think it would take for someone that can initially dedicated 2-3 hours per day, along with the guidance of someone that has already done it, like yourself, to start making enough money to cover bills – lets say $5000 per month, off of internet marketing?

    • I have a weekly mastermind that I’m accountable to currently, so I’m not doing it daily at the moment. I use things like the 100 Day Challenge, or sometimes have a buddy accountability call at different times in my life if I need it. So yes, use it if you need it. To make money online, it totally depends on a) your strategy for making money, b) how you’re spending your time and your efficiency. I’ve seen people make $5000 per month within 5-6 months, while others have accomplished it in 12 months. Again, entirely depends on the individual.

  • Guy

    Hi Stefan,
    thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’ve implemented your morning routine in my life one month ago and since then my life has exploded for the better, especially in regards to my energy levels.
    Have been doing the new morning ritual every working day for a month now, including the workout (2 x gym, 1/2 swimming and 1/2 running for a total of 5 workouts per week). I used to be tired in the mornings being woken up by my 1.5 year old daughter during the night and was lethargic if I didn’t have an uniterrupted 7+ hours of sleep. Now I am fired up out of the get go even on 5-6 hours of interrupted sleep – i.e., today ran with a friend at 6:15am, did the morning ritual+incantations after driopping off my two older kids at school and did the most important thing for today in my business, all before 11:30am.
    I can also feel the conditioning of the incacntations working on me by the reactions of people I meet that react to my state – interactions are easier and more pleasant and with better outcomes.
    Thank you so much!

  • There are so many valuable points on this. I think as creatures of habit, we can create habits like these for the better, but it takes time to really install the habit. We can get demoralised if we dont see the fast rewards. Lots of this stuff wont have fast rewards – but its like a snowball.. keep at it, and the rewards grow!

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    Wow I found this video as I heard Tony Robbins speak about his ‘Primer’ ritual and I wanted to know more about it. This is like finding a 5 course meal instead of just the pre-dinner nibbles! Thanks for the rundown and for sharing how you break it up. I get put off rituals because of potential boredom and it’s good to know fluidity is ok!

  • Jason

    Thanks for sharing this Stefan 🙂 Today will be day one for me. I’ve created a shorter/personalized version of this for myself to start out with, and I’ll gradually build from there. My goal is to do it every morning through January 31st 2015. Thanks again bro.

  • Why not do your morning ritual while driving to work? Or why not with your wife or kids? How hard is it to just take a few minutes each day to focus on what you’re grateful for, what you want for your life, etc? Don’t make excuses, instead find a way to make it happen!

  • Stefan,

    Kudos on your success and nice work on all these videos. You have done some really good work here.

    I’ve personally experienced the power of routines and you are definitely an example for how to maximize it. I’m grateful for your example and the challenge.

    Rock on.

  • Marcello

    Really awesome!
    I commited already yesterday to the 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge!

    My new Morning Ritual at this moment:

    4:00 AM – good morning world – smile + drinking 500ml water
    -> Training: Qi GonG(=breath), Walk + Incantations, My Body is a Weapon(30 Days of Dicipline challenge), Shadow Tennis
    5:30 AM – body cleaning routine (every day shaving, cold shower!) + dressing AWESOME. + I celebrate 1 Minute, I tried it and it was fantastic. 😀
    6:00 AM – Breakfast + Planning the day and start my working day.

    I love this new KICKstarter Morning Ritual!

    Maybe I change some parts like the training time after time but I keep going and stand up at 4:00 am! The early brid catches the worM!

    Thanks for this great ideas Stefan!

    • Marcello

      I am honest… I don’t do this morning routine right now. I try to simplify my daily tasks and do less but this with more focus and concentration! 🙂

  • Arun

    Thank You Stefan..

  • pattybk

    Hey Stefan,
    I’m new to your blog and I’ve been wanting to add more structured ritual to my mornings. This is very inspiring. I like your focus on deliberately creating a peak state and building your day from there. xoxo.

  • pattybk

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    Awesome video. Thanks heaps for Sharing. Great to see and experience someone modeling Tony Robbins then taking it to the next level and making it your own. Have just put together my morning ritual and committed too the 30 day challenge. Thanks from New Zealand

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    Thanks for all the great info on the videos and blog. It would be great if you could do a post about setting your values and rules.


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    Hi Stefan, I’m just now diving into your blog. I love all your content! Thank you for being an inspiration.

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    Awesome content and you’re absolute willingness to put yourself out there for us all is truly exceptional. I see, know, hear and feel grateful for your message and your inspiration. Well done!

  • Bharath Ram Manoharan

    Here we are trying to do Incantations in a room sincerely trying to condition our minds. But for some people, it may seem a bit crazy. This has been a mental block for me forever to do incantations. Have you ever thought of this? Do you have any suggestions or comments?

    • Successful people are willing to do what the failures won’t!

  • Ainhoa J

    Hi Stefan!

    My name is Ainhoa, I’m 29.
    Your customer support team ask me to post my question on your blog.

    First of all THANK YOU! I find you by accident and your life is changing my life. I always find the answers inside of me. I ever believed in motivational speakers. But your words had arrive to my soul. I still can believe you have all that videos out there for FREE. All of them made with honesty, commitment, truth and love.

    When I move from Spain to America, I forgot about myself. I was to busy adapting. I couldn’t find the motivation to feel my power. Even if I knew I was strong and smart. Even if I was practicing meditation, going to yoga, exercising… I was missing something that I couldn’t find.

    My ego was always telling me: you hate routines… Well, time ago I started my morning routine following your videos and I promise myself to don’t give up.

    Man… my entire life is change. I’m excited for life! I’m excited to see my full potential! I wake up every morning excited to do MY amazing, powerful and encouraging exercises.

    I’m starving of knowledge! I always ready books, but now I’m eating them! I can’t believe how I was doing without routines…

    Anyways, I had a business question: I’m opening my business online. My product are handmade “mala beads”. It have nothing to do with kindle or choosing a product to make money. After everyone telling me how talented I’m creating them I finally believe I can do it. So I’m trying to find the appropriate training for me. I believe in you and I want to buy one of your courses. I’m not sure which one will be the right one for my kind of business. Please I would appreciate if you can advice me on that.

    Thank you so much again and excuse my grammar.

  • Erik Hill

    Yo Stefan! What do you get in addition to this post in your morning ritual course?

  • Sedelia

    Your the man, Stefan, and thank you so so much, this really helped me.

  • Jonathan Coleman

    Hi Stefan,

    I have asked your support team but they have asked me to post in public incase it helps someone else (a good idea really).

    On your snaps I see you use ginger. Is this used as part of a juice? If so is it ginger oil and where might one obtain it? (I’m in the UK)

    I want to add a drink to my morning routin le which consists of aloe vera, ginger, lemon and water to both hydrate and to help my IBS.

    Thank you for any response that you may give.

  • This is really incredible Stefan! Thank you so much for sharing this intimate part of your beautiful life with us!

  • Eduardo Love



    I thought my ritual was badass… but now I’m feeling pulled through again.