Tony Robbins – Date With Destiny Review


anthony robbins date with destinyAfter attending Tony Robbin's signature event Unleash The Power Within 5 times within the last 5 years, I decided to finally step up and attend his most advanced program, Date With Destiny in Palm Springs of December 2012.

If you follow this blog at all or watch my videos, you most likely know that I'm a huge Tony Robbins fan and have been heavily influenced by his work.  It all started for me 9 years ago, when I was a shy, depressed young boy trying to find his way in this world and felt helpless to change my circumstances.  I didn't believe I could change or that a better life was available to me… until I discovered Tony Robbins and his powerful programs that began to influence my way of thinking.  Over the last 9 years, I've been through every Tony Robbins book, audio program and video that's ever been created and have taken dozens of friends to his Unleash The Power Within seminar on multiple occasions.  Every time I attended UPW, I gained tremendous value from it and my life always improved.  Date With Destiny was always on the horizon for me, but I never committed to it until I made it a goal last year as one of my 2012 New Year Resolutions.

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Last year when I attended UPW in New Jersey and San Jose, I wrote a 4-part series review of the event on this blog, along with lengthy videos and details about the experience.  I received A LOT of value by doing that, as it forced me to share the material with others and drove Tony Robbins teachings even deeper into my nervous system.  For this Date With Destiny review, I will be sharing details about the 6-day event and my experience of it, but unfortunately it won't be as detailed as the Unleash The Power Within Review, simply because I'm terrified by how long it would take me to complete a 6-series review of the event.  DWD was much longer, more intense, and jam-packed with even more content than UPW and it'd take forever for me to share everything that occurred during that event.  But, I will share the best of the best and details about how it improved my life.  You will be able to apply these strategies to your own life, but I will say there is NOTHING like attending the event live and in-person.  If you have the opportunity to attend this event, or any other Tony Robbins event, I'd say go for it!

Watch the video below to hear about my experience at DWD:

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Day 1 Of Date With Destiny Review

There were over 2,000 participants in attendance, from 67 countries around the world.  This was Tony Robbins 70th Date With Destiny event, and everyone in the room was more excited than ever.  Before attending the event, everyone had to fill out a detailed report and questionnaire that would elicit important information about how you operate, including your values and rules.  Going through the process helps you learn about yourself, but the information is more for Tony Robbins to study for each person in attendance so that he can add as much value as possible and sometimes work with individuals one-on-one.

stefan dwdA big component of Date With Destiny is that everyone is split up into teams.  There were I believe between 25 to 30 teams at the event, which means that you're not sitting with or on the same team as whomever you came to the event with.  Each team has a team name, cheer, and team leaders that help you make the event enjoyable and worthwhile.  You pick a buddy at the event which you work with closely throughout the 6-days and participate in the exercises with.  I found this extremely useful, as I attended the event by myself and quickly had some close friendships and a sense of camaraderie at the event.

Date With Destiny is a self-discovery experience.  It's an event where you explore the force that controls every thought, feeling, behaviour, and decision of your life.  This is known as your Blueprint, or model of the world, which is something that we will be exploring more in-depth later.  But, your Blueprint consists of your beliefs, values, and rules.  Most of us didn't consciously select our beliefs, values and rules, which causes us to not move towards or create the ultimate destiny we want for our lives.  By taking control of these areas of your life, you are able to be pulled towards the life that you want and your ultimate destiny can be fulfilled.

2 Master Skills In Life

Tony Robbins discusses how there are 2 master skills in life:

1) The Science of Achievement

This is something that most people are already good at, or at least those that were in attendance of the event.  Most of the planet has only $2/day to live off of, where most people in North America lives in abundance in comparison.  It isn't more achievement that is the answer for our lives, even though most of us feel we haven't achieved enough.

2) The Art of Fulfillment

What is missing in most of our lives is a sense of fulfillment.  With more fulfillment in our lives, we will also naturally achieve more and give more, but ultimately more fulfillment is required to live a rich and meaningful life.

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

Robbins talks about how there are only a couple of things that will make you fulfilled, which are:

1) Growing

If you want one word for happiness, it's progress.  When you are making progress towards something or growing, you feel most alive and happy.  You don't need to be where you want to be today, but as long as you're making progress towards it you will have a sense of happiness and excitement inside of you.

God knows you are not made to be comfortable, you are made to grow.

Most people get comfortable when things are “good”.  But, you do not want to be just “good”.  Good is the enemy of great.  Good is the slow death.  When someone says that they feel “good”, it usually means like hell.  But people use softeners or certain words to avoid feeling how they really feel – all to avoid the truth and to be comfortable.  These softeners limit us from feeling pain.  The moment you can be honest with yourself, you have an opportunity to grow.

At the event, we learned two new meanings for certain words: frustration and confusion.

Frustration means you are about to have a breakthrough.  Anytime you feel frustrated, you should quickly convert that into excitement.  Confusion means you're about to learn something, as your brain needs to come up with something new.  Anytime you experience confusion, you should quickly start to celebrate.

Most people perceive problems to be bad.  What if problems were always gifts?  It's up to us to find the gifts.  You see, anything that doesn't match your blueprint of how you think things should be is what you perceive as a problem.  But we are the ones that create the problems, as problems are all relative.  It's the story about the problem that is the problem.

Every problem you have is life happening for you, not to you.

Tony Robbins says that the #1 problem you have is that you think you're not supposed to have any problems.  People want to have no problems in life, but don't realize that if this was the case they wouldn't grow or become stronger.  They wouldn't be fulfilled, and life would be boring – they would be miserable.  The path of least resistance will never make you feel proud, but the path of resistance will always make you grow.

The secret to life is to constantly be stretching.  If you can't, then you must.

2) Giving

The other thing that will make us fulfilled is a sense of contributing and to be giving.  When we give, we immediately get outside of ourselves and feel happy.  The only reason that we grow is so that we have something to give.  If we didn't contribute in any way, we'd feel worthless.  Contribution is a law of the universe, as anything that doesn't contribute in some form gets eliminated by evolution.  If we all contributed more, we'd have a deeper sense of meaning in our lives and feel more fulfilled.

What controls the quality of your life?

The quality of our lives is nothing but the quality of our emotions.

Emotion is why someone will run into a building and give their life for a stranger – the emotion to serve, which comes from a meaning that by giving my own life, I am more significant.  The minute we experience meaning, it triggers emotion.  The twin forces of life are meaning and emotion.  Meaning is the force that shapes life, emotion is what colors it.

You cannot control the events of your life, only what things mean.

What controls your ultimate destiny?

Your destiny is who you are going to become and what you are going to give in this lifetime.  What controls your destiny is your decisions.  Decisions equal destiny, or direction of your life.  It's our decisions, not our conditions that control our destiny.  It's what you decide to do with the conditions.

Every moment of your life, including this one right now, you are making 3 decisions:

1) What to focus on.

You are constantly focusing on something during every moment.  Whatever you focus on, you feel.  Focus equals reality to the individual, even if its not real in actuality.  And what you focus on is what you get in life.  We must learn how to control our focus throughout our lives, which will shape which direction we're going.

You can identify someone's destiny based on 3 questions:

Do you focus on what you can control, or can't control?

Do you focus on the past, present or the future?

Do you focus on what you have or what is missing in your life?

What you focus on will determine whether you are depressed or not.  Depression is NOT a disease, it's merely a pattern of focus.  By taking control of your focus, you are able to radically shift the quality of your life.

2) What does it mean?

The moment you focus on something, you give it a a meaning.  Is this good or bad?  Is this person teasing me or being disrespectful?  Is this a challenge or a gift?

Most achievers are always trying to control the events of their lives.  While you can't control all of the events, you can always control the meaning that you give events.

Meaning = Emotion = Life

Another word for meaning is your story.  We come up with stories, or disempowering meanings, that control our lives.  These stories is what prevents us from taking action or making progress in certain areas.  You must become a master of meaning and learn to find the good in every situation and come up with more empowering meanings for the events of your life.

3) What are you going to do?

The meaning you create will usually determine what you're going to do in the moment.  Your meaning creates a certain state, and your state controls your behaviour.

The 6 Human Needs

anthony robbins date with destiny

An important piece of Tony Robbins work at Date With Destiny is identifying what your top needs are from the 6 Human Needs.  We all have 6 needs, or 6 reasons of why we do anything.  The needs are:

1) Certainty
2) Variety
3) Significance
4) Connection/Love
5) Growth
6) Contribution

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had at Date With Destiny was changing the needs that I valued most.  Before Date With Destiny, my top two needs were 1) Significance and 2) Certainty.  80% of people in North America have these as their top two needs, whether they know it or not, and the consequences of it are horrific.  By having significance as my top need I would always compare myself to others and whenever I'd achieve something, it was never enough.  I always had to have more, which is an endless loop and you never really get to feel significant.  It kept me out of relationships, as I was always looking for something better and I never really got to enjoy my accomplishments.  By valuing certainty as #2, I would stay in my comfort zone and would have to feel certain before I would open up, love, grow, do something crazy, or really give to someone else.  When I felt uncertain or insignificant, very little love or contribution would flow out of me.  The breakthrough I made was changing the needs I valued to being 1) Love and 2) Contribution.  Now I feel and experience love no matter what, and am always contributing rather than having to feel significant or certain first.

People are in your life if their needs are constantly being met.  If their needs are met, they will never leave you.  

There were many other big pieces of day 1 of Date With Destiny, including a powerful exercise we did to change our story and to effectively blame the person in our life that has contributed the most to our story being the way it is.  I had many breakthroughs, but didn't realize the true breakthroughs were about to come in the next few days.

Day 2 Of Date With Destiny Review

On day 2 of Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins began talking about something called meta-program, along with the cycle of meaning and the spheres of influence.  I won't explain meta-programs, as that's a challenging topic to explain, but I will briefly touch on the cycle of meaning.

The Cycle Of Meaning

Everything that we do, consciously or unconsciously, we do in order to meet one or more of our six human needs.  Most people have a target they're after, like money or losing weight, the ultimate job, or a great relationship.  However, these targets are only vehicles that we use to meet our needs.  We can always create new targets and hit them constantly, but unless we have our needs met at a deep level and not a surface level, we will not really be happy.

We all develop certain behaviours or actions, whether they be good or bad, to meet our needs.  To change the behaviour, we need to break the old pattern because it's in your body and programmed to meet your needs, and create a new pattern.  But what's deeper than the behaviour is the emotions you experience, which is what triggers the behaviour or pattern.

The quality of life is determined by the quality of our emotions.

People that engage in destructive behaviours only do it when they are in a certain state: they feel bored, or stressed, or lonely, or anxious.  Whatever we feel in any given moment will dictate what we end up doing.  If you change your emotional state, the behaviour changes automatically, as well as what you experience.

The ultimate force behind patterns or behaviour and emotions is your Model of the World, also known as your Blueprint, which consists of your rules and beliefs of why things are the way they are and how things should be.  Change your beliefs, and you'll change everything.  One of the best ways to make a lasting change in your life is to make a shift in your Identity, which is the sum total of beliefs about who you are.  If you, for example, adopted the identity of a nutritionist or fitness model, it would automatically transform your behaviours around over-eating or exercise.

The Emotional Triad

In any moment in time, the meaning you give to a situation is shaped by your Emotional Triad.  The Emotional Triad that you currently embody creates the meaning, and the meaning fires off teh emotion.  Therefore, the power to change and expand the fuel of emotions available to you lies in the three patterns of the Triad.

tony robbins emotional triad

1) Physiology

How you engage your body: your posture, breathing, tone of voice, movement, etc…

2) Focus

What you focus on, you feel.  What is your current pattern of focus?  What are you giving attention to in the moment?

3) Language/Meaning

The words you use to describe your experience become your experience.  Your habitual language patterns create the meaning in any situation.

The quickest way out of pain and into pleasure is by changing the Triad you are experiencing in the moment.  Regardless of the situation, if you shift your Triad powerfully enough, you will transform.

Power Virtues and Incantations

Another big part of day 2 was creating your 4 primary Power Virtues and using the power of Incantations to really condition them into your nervous system.  The 4 Power Virtues that I selected for myself are, 1) I am confident, 2) I am determined, 3) I am loving, and 4) I am happy.  These are the emotional states that I need to most tap into in order to really live the life I want.

We then used Incantations to condition these new beliefs and virtues into our nervous system.  An incantation is a phrase or language pattern that is said out loud and with an actively engaged physiology.  Incantations involve all 3 areas of the Emotional Triad, including focus, language and physiology.

Speak that which you wish to become.

 Some sample incantations that we spoke at Date With Destiny are:

All I need is within me now.

I love my life and I am so blessed.

At last at last the past is past;
I've broken free and won.
And now it's time to love myself
And really have some fun.

God's wealth is circulating in my life.
His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance.
All my needs, desires, and goals are met instantaneously
by infinite intelligence and I give thanks
for all my good now and for all God's riches
for I am one with God and God is everything.

Oneness Blessing

oneness blessingOne of my favourite parts of Date With Destiny was experiencing a Oneness Blessing, which was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life.  It's difficult to explain, as it's something you need to experience, but Tony shared about how him and his wife experienced this blessing which transformed their lives – they felt causeless joy and they eventually went to India to the Oneness University to learn more about how to experience these types of blessings.

Everyone in the room got in a meditative state and cleared out our chakras, and then had these Oneness Blessers come by and touch us on our head, which gave me a profound experience.  It's difficult to explain my experience, but it was incredible, and something I plan on further exploring.  We did two types of Oneness Blessings at the event, the first one definitely had more of an impact on me.

Your Primary Question

Another one of the most powerful parts of day 2 was discovering what my past Primary Question was, and then replacing it with a new Primary Question.  Tony describes how we all have a primary question – a question we ask everyday of our lives that controls our focus and direction of our lives.

My past Primary Question was “How can I become better?”

My Primary Question had benefitted me for years, as I was always focused on becoming better everyday, but also limited me without me realizing it.  The limitation was that it would pre-suppose that I already wasn't good enough.  I changed my Primary Question to now be:

How can I become even better, while appreciating even more of who I am and the love that is inside of me right now?

I added the words “even better” and the second piece, which allows me now to appreciate who I currently am, where I'm at, and the love that is inside of me (which is what I'm really after in life).

Day 3 Of Date With Destiny Review

During day 3, we began to explore spirituality and the levels of consciousness.  Tony Robbins measures your level of consciousness by your level of caring.  The more that you care, the more conscious you are.  Consciousness change is a change in caring.  He models this work from Dr. Graves, author of Spiral Dynamics.

Levels of Consciousness

consciousnessThere are four levels of consciousness:

1) Egocentric

All babies are born egocentric, or selfish.  This is only being focused on yourself.

2) Ethnocentric

This is when you are no longer completely selfish and begin to care about your family, your friends, the people in your circle.  In short, you care about those who have the ability to give you pain or pleasure.

3) Worldcentric

This is where you care about everyone.  While it's easy to say you care about everyone, true caring is demonstrated by emotional connectivity: you feel pain when someone else feels pain, and you try to do something to try to help them get out of it.  They can't give you pain or pleasure, but you care because you feel a connection.  And your caring leads to action.  Likewise, you feel joy for those who feel joy, even though they have no ability to affect your life.

4) Spirit-centric

When you're spirit-centric, you care about everything: every animal, every creature, every facet of nature (rocks, trees, the sky, etc.), not just humans.  Few people on earth reach this level of consciousness, to the point where they couldn't imagine hurting an insect let alone another human being.

What creates your problems is operating at a low level of consciousness.  To get out of a problem, you need to get in a higher level of consciousness.

Values And Rules

Your values and rules control all of your decision making.  Everything is controlled by your beliefs and values.

A value is an emotional state that we believe is most important for us to experience or avoid.  There are two types of values: Towards Values and Away From Values.  Towards values are anything that we're trying to move towards, such as happiness, love, passion, success, security, gratitude, energy, peace, freedom, etc…  Away from values are anything we're trying to move away from, such as failure, loneliness, rejection, anger, depression, sadness, boredom, anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, etc…

To help discover your top values, you need to ask yourself:

1) Which value do you work hardest to experience?

2) Which value do you work hardest to avoid?

Most of us have our values in conflict.  We want success, but are trying to avoid failure or rejection.  That doesn't work, as in order to experience success, you're going to have to face failure and rejection.  Anytime your values are in conflict, then you will sabotage yourself or be immobilized to take action.

We all have a hierarchy of values that are most important to us that we work harder to try to experience.  The hierarchy will determine the direction or destiny we experience.  If you value security #1, you will make radically different decisions in life than someone who values adventure as #1.  At Date With Destiny, we do a lot of exercises and in-depth work to discover our current values and then figure out what our ultimate destiny will be and the values we will need, in the order we need them, to achieve that ultimate destiny.

Our Rules are the beliefs we have about what has to happen to experience our values, or emotional states.  For many, they have the belief that in order to feel happy they need to make a certain amount of money, or achieve a certain goal or objective.  For others, in order to be happy they just need to smile, or feel grateful.  You want your rules to be as easy as possible for you to experience your Towards Values, so you can feel them on a daily basis.  For our Away From Values, we have rules to feel depressed or anger.  For some, to feel depressed they believe they need to not have any control over their lives, have nothing go their way, not be where they want to be, etc… whereas for others, they hardly experience depression because their rule is that to feel depression you have to lie to yourself and not appreciate anything in your life.  You want to change your rules around your Away From Values so that it becomes very difficult for you to experience the negative emotions, so you'll feel them a lot less.

During day 3, we also did a Goal Setting Workshop to discover what our ultimate destiny is and who we want to become.  We set specific goals, many of which I have listed in my 2013 New Year Resolutions.

Day 4 Of Date With Destiny Review

love relationshipsDay 4 of Date With Destiny was all about relationships!  It's one of the most powerful day, as Tony Robbins performs many interventions and turns many relationships and marriages around.  Tony is constantly doing interventions and working with the audience on the other days, but during day 4 it was really the most fascinating.

What is the purpose of relationships?  To magnify human emotion.

There is nothing on this planet that will make you grow more spiritually than a relationship, as a relationship brings up our deepest fears of not being enough and not being loved.  In order to have a fulfilling relationship, you must get rid of the belief that your partner determines how you feel – only we determine how we feel.

Masculine And Feminine Polarity

Sexual attraction, spiritual ecstasy, and intimate connection thrives in a relationship when there is a distinct polarity between the energies of the individuals involved.  In other words, the more opposed the sexual energies between two people are (male vs. female energy), the stronger the attraction will be in the relationship.  Sexual polarity is the term used for the physical chemistry, the magnetic pull, and the overwhelming physical response we feel when we meet someone with the energy opposite to our own.  If two people have a similar polarity, then the attraction between them will be diminished.

Tony Robbins describes the different qualities and traits of masculine and feminine.  Masculine is all about direction, purpose, wanting to experience freedom, is stimulated by challenge, etc… whereas feminine is all about being free, open, flowing, wanting to experience love, wants to be understood, wants to be owned, stimulated by praise, etc…

There are different types of masculine and feminine energy, what Tony Robbins calls Dark Masculine and Light Masculine, along with Dark Feminine and Light Feminine.  I don't have enough time to go into details of this, but David Deida in the book The Way of the Superior Man talks about a lot of these principles which is a book worth reading if you're a man!

The 5 Relationship Stressors

There are 5 pitfalls in a relationship, called the 5 Relationship Stressors, listed below:

1) Loss of Attraction

2) Irritation, Frustration, Emotional Stacking and Stonewalling

3) Loss of Physical Passion

4) Loss of Commitment

5) Story of Incompatibility

I've attached a video below of Tony Robbins and Sage discussing the 5 Relationship Stressors, if you want to learn more about it:

(Click here to watch the video on YouTube)

I found the 4 R's to be useful, which stand for: Resistance, Resentment, Rejection and Repression.  Ultimately, you can avoid them by communicating in your relationship how you feel so that you don't build up any resistance and resentment, which leads to the last two which are deadly.

Lack Of Intimacy

There are certain things that Tony Robbins pointed out that made a lot of sense to me and light bulbs went off.  He says there's three things that shut down lack of intimacy in men and for women.

For women, what shuts down intimacy is:

1) Feeling unseen.
Solution: Give her attention, all the time!

2) Feeling unsafe/can't trust.
Solution: Give her reassurance, all the time!

3) Feeling that she is not understood.
Solution: Give her real presence, all the time!

For men, what shuts down intimacy is:

1) Being criticized.
Solution: Admire and appreciate.

2) Feeling closed.
Solution: Be open and playful.

3) Feeling controlled.
Solution: Give freedom and love.

The Three Dimensions of a Relationship

There are three dimensions of a relationship, similar to the three levels of love that Tony Robbins describes that I mentioned in the Unleash The Power Within review.

1 Dimensional: It's all about yourself.

Your focus is on what you are getting out of the relationship.  You try to control things in the relationship based on the outside world.  You are at an egocentric level.

2 Dimensional: It's all about equality.

Your focus is both on meeting your needs as well as your partners.  Your belief is that “I will take care of myself, you will take care of yourself, and we will try to take care of each other.  If I can't meet your needs, however, I'm out of the relationship.” You are playing at an ethnocentric level.

3 Dimensional: Your needs are my needs.

In a stage three relationship, you take total responsibility for how the other person feels.  You will not stop or give up for any reason until you meet your partner's needs.  This is a three-dimensional relationship; you are at a world- or spirit-centric level.

Day 5 Of Date With Destiny Review

date with destiny anthony robbinsDay 5 is called “Transformation Day”, as it's the day where we create our new values and rules for our lives.

Most of this day was working with our buddy and spending countless hours discovering our new values and rules to the point where our brain turned to mush.  I'm not going to go into the details of the entire process, as there were countless examples and it's quite a complicating and gruelling process, but it involves analyzing every value in a specific order and a lot of deep thought to discover the new values you want and the rules for them.

My new towards values, which I mentioned in my video, are:

1) Health & Energy
2) Love
3) Happy & Grateful
4) Passion
5) Confidence & Presence
6) Physically Fit
7) Success & Achievement
8) Fun & Adventure
9) Learn & Grow
10) Being My Best
11) Investing
12) Contributing

The biggest breakthrough was getting rid of significance from my #1 value and putting love, happy, grateful, passion, etc… above being physically fit and success.  This shift made me go from achieving to be happy, to now happily achieving.  That is a world of difference for me, and I feel it everyday.

Some of my new rules for these values are:

I experience health and energy anytime I a) do anything that increases my physical well-being; or b) take a deep breath; or c) consume fruits and vegetables; or d) drink water; or e) focus on positive thoughts or be in a positive state.

I experience love anytime I a) am loving; or b) am warm towards others; or c) focus on and remember the love that is always in my heart; or d) connect with God; or e) my state enhances the way others feel.

I experience happiness and gratitude anytime I a) remember and appreciate all of the good that already exists in my life; or b) feel thankful for God or anyone else; or c) wake up another day alive.

As you can see, I have a menu of options, I'm in control of all of them, and it's very easy for me to achieve the values that I want to feel each day.  This is setting myself up to win.

My new away from values are:

1) Consistent, Debilitating Depression
2) Consistent, Debilitating Laziness & Procrastination
3) Consistent, Debilitating Unworthiness
4) Consistent, Inappropriate Tired & Exhaustion
5) Consistent, Debilitating Doubt
6) Consistent, Inappropriate Overwhelm
7) Consistent, Inappropriate Frustration
8) Consistent, Inappropriate, Debilitating Anger & Annoyed
9) Consistent, Inappropriate Boredom
10) Consistent, Debilitating, Inappropriate Shyness
11) Consistent, Debilitating Illusion of Failure
12) Consistent, Inappropriate Illusion of Rejection

As you can see, I added consistent, inappropriate and debilitating before many of these values as it is sometimes useful to experience these emotions, but not consistently or in debilitating or inappropriate ways.

Some of my new rules for these values are:

I experience consistent, debilitating feelings of depression only if I were to consistently lie to myself and believe that I have no control over anything, instead of remembering how fortunate I really am and that I am in control of my life and how I feel.

I experience consistent, debilitating feelings of laziness and procrastination only if I were to consistently do absolutely nothing that move me towards my ultimate destiny for a period of time, instead of realizing that I can easily make progress by taking simple actions.

I experience consistent, debilitating feelings of unworthiness only if I were to consistently lie to myself about how I am not enough, instead of remembering the truth that I am someone of value and that everything in my life is outstanding.

As you can see from these new rules, it's very difficult for me now to experience depression, laziness, procrastination or unworthiness.  I've languaged them so that I'd have to lie to myself or have a false belief about these feelings, instead of remembering the truth.

Mission Statement

We also spent time on day 5 creating our mission statement, also known as the purpose of our life.  We had to make sure our mission statement had “be” and “do” statements, was stated in the positive, included ourselves and others, was brief, able to experience it daily, and use emotionally charged words that make us happy.

My mission statement is:

The purpose of my life is to be even more fully alive, grow and make a difference in the lives of others.

This is something that empowers me daily and something that I can look at on my wall and it gets me motivated to take action.  At the core, it lifts me up and feels congruent to how I want to be living my life.

Day 6 Of Date With Destiny Review

tony robbins quoteThe final day of Date With Destiny was called “Integration Day”, as it allowed us to fully integrate our values, rules, mission statement, power virtues, primary question, and everything that we learned as part of our life.  We ended up making a cool poster that I displayed in my video and now hang on my wall so that I can see everyday.

One of the ways that we integrated these changes is through teaming up in a group of 4 and having to use incantations and a lot of energy to really condition our brains to believe these new changes.  We used an incantation that we would say, “I, Stefan, see, hear, know, and feel that the purpose of my life is to XYZ.”  We would have to use intense levels of energy while doing it, and were only able to move onto the next section until everyone in our group was satisfied and agreed that the person speaking was congruent with the new belief or value.

Overall, Date With Destiny was by far one of the most incredible, life-changing experiences of my life.  There was so much material and powerful lessons to take away from the event, and I'm still digesting it over a month later!  I feel that most of the changes I made were permanent and are now apart of who I am.  Of course, it wasn't a magic pill and all of my problems aren't solved, but I made a lot of changes from the experience and am happier and more fulfilled because of it.  I continue to do my best to implement the strategies and lessons I learned from it and make sure I'm applying it as much as I can.  I'll never forget my experience during Date With Destiny with Tony Robbins, and look forward to attending some of his other higher level programs and even re-attending Date With Destiny at some point in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this Date With Destiny review.  I'd love to hear what you think, especially if you've attended Date With Destiny before, or been to Unleash The Power Within, or are thinking of attending it.  Just post your comments below and I'll be sure to answer.

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Tony Robbins – Date With Destiny Review
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    Just curious, how long did it take you write down this article and vlog all together? 🙂

    • A few hours! It took a long time just to review all of my materials and notes, but this blog post is over 6000 words. I got a lot of value for writing it though, it helps me reinforce what I’m learning and hopefully helps others too.

  • disqus_8rmcKTmfhH

    Wow, just a couple of hours and such an awesome material!! You gonna get really big Stefan as a blogger!! Keep the coolness going 🙂

  • Matthew Coast

    I’ve been thinking about going to Date With Destiny… I’m glad you’ve experienced great things with his program! Inspiring me to get my ticket. Thanks for the write-up.

  • Guest

    thanks stefan ,really appreciate the time writing the post for us.i am going to translate it in ARABIC and send it to my friends ,i am sure they will get benifits of it.this is my best blog ,i got so much of it.keep up the good work.

  • sandra

    thanks stefan,really appreciate the time writing this article ,i got a lot of good point of it,this blog is unique.keep up the good work.

  • Kamal Regmi

    u r a star..i jst lov tony

  • Vick

    omg, this was really great!! I felt they don’t provide enough info before you go to an event, but this was absolutely more then enough to decide! thanks

    • Great Vick, glad I could help provide the info for you to go! You’ll have a blast.

  • Unbelievable post, superbly written, clear and extremely informative. Big thank you it has helped given me food for thought and inspired me to utilize some of the tools you have described.

  • Stefan,

    I attended Date With Destiny back in December of 2010.
    It had been a goal of mine, ever since being directed to get to a DWD
    from a multi-millionaire mentor of mine.

    I just want to give you props…you did an EXCELLENT job of encapsulating the experience! Your write-up brought back some of the parts of DWD that I don’t regularly think about.

    I am here…more than 3 years after attending, and I can still tell you
    it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. During the
    Oneness Blessing I had an experience afterwards that I will remember the
    rest of my life. (too much to put into words here)

    In short, that 6 days with Tony completely transformed my life….in ways that
    have affected me & all of those around me financially, spiritually,
    emotionally, and in every other “ally” way you can think of.

    As a side note, I personally know some of the Tony Robbins’ trainers &
    crew…and thought I’d pass on that they recommend “re-attending” DWD
    about every 3-5 years or so.
    (Every year is probably a bit too much…but I’d do it if you’re in a position where money is no issue…like in Tony’s Platinum Partnership, etc.)

    I wish you all the best in your journey!

    (Stefan – reach out anytime as I’ve been a full time internet marketer for
    nearly 6 years now…I’m always down to help out others.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m thinking about re-attending as a leader, after attending DWD Leadership this year. There’s so much value there!

      • Beatrice Rhodes

        Great! read! I am attending- in London in April this year. How did you do the DWD leadership training? I would love to know.

    • Mira

      Hi Stefan- I’m about to sign up for the DWD seminar in FL 12/8-12/13. The only seats available are lounge. Have you experienced the lounge seating ever? Would you recommend it? I know you suggested UPW first before DWD but I am at a pivotal moment in my life in dire need for change and am 100% ready for it.

  • Ravi

    thanks stefan, really great and life changing info, Stefan I need to know your complete menu of towards and away values kindly help me.

  • CynthiaB.

    I just came back from UPW and it was SO OUTSTANDING! Your reviews are really helpful, so thank you my fellow fire-walker! My hubby and I are thinking of joining a date with destiny in 2015. Can’t wait for it :)))

  • Claudia

    Congratulations on your effort, it is a great read and i have been to DWD 4 times now, just like UPW we get so much out of it and I love going back now working with others who just breakthrough like you have and i did, it is amazing and such a joy to be present there. Your blog has inspired me to aim to get to florida this year! Thanks

  • Dipal

    How much is DWd??

  • Bert Herna

    Hey Stefan great vid and post. I went to UPW years ago. I’m thinking of doing DWD in 2015… could you share with me what the cost of this program is now?? Thanks

  • Quang

    Thank you so much, Stefan. Best review on the internet. Really gave a good break-down of event. I cannot wait until I attend a DWD

  • Xia

    Thanks Stefan for taking the time to really break it down for all of us, this is incredible, and I really appreciate you doing this! With Love, X

  • Linda Kaye Pinkchickpsychic

    Wow, I didn’t think it was possible for me to get more excited about attending DWD for the first time Dec. 9-15, 2014. It is less then 2 weeks away. In fact, your review filled my eyes with tears. I took UPW in NY last year, and I loved it. Very powerful.

    Thank you.

  • Roberto Goncalves

    Stefan. Good review. Thank you You mencioned that you changed your needs. Could you talk more about it. Regards. Robert

  • Mark Firth

    Thanks Stefan, this is a great article. You alluded to the idea that nothing beats going to the events live and to do it if you have the opportunity. I’m interested in learning why. In your opinion, what are the specific reasons that the events are better than ‘reading the book and doing the exercises?’

  • Kevin

    I am attending in December. This gives me a great idea of what to expect! Thank you for doing this! You rock!!

  • yanny

    Thank you Stefan for sharing this. I’ve been to UPW and going to DWD next week – very excited and reading this is super helpful. By writing and sharing this, you are fulfilling your mission of ‘making difference in the lives of others’! Thank you!

  • Cook

    Hi Stefan, what a powerfull blogpost! You are adding massive value to my day. I am wondering what your next steps have been to keep momentum after this event. Have you created daily rituals with your values and goals?

  • Charmaine Connolly

    Thankyou!!! This blog was on my magic moments of the week, feel truly blessed to have found your review and the time and care you have taken to share what you learnt from DWD…….now trying to manifest the $6,000 I need to attend ?

  • Vana Papagianni

    wow Stefan, what a brilliant review, I have taken loads of notes. This is hugely helpful. I run lots of personal development workshops & I will be using my new insights from the material your presented here. Love it! Lots of gratitude, you are a star!

  • Maynard Manzano

    Stefan. This review created for me an extraordinary frame of reference from Tony’s Date with Destiny program. Absolutely love you willingness to share a very personal journey. All the best to you!

  • Daniel

    Hi Stephan , thank you very much for your sharing. Somehow your sharing seem very authentic and I can connect to your very specific details shared as if I am the one attending the event and what I could discover for myself.
    I agree this will be one of the most anticipated event in my life . I am grateful for your contribution through your sharing here. Thanks !

  • Suman Yagnik

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Stefan for your post and for your generosity in offering the 10% discount on TR programs and products. Just signed up for DWD using your affiliate link and feeling immensely grateful for this unexpected gift.

    • Team Project Life Mastery

      Thank you for your feedback Suman. We appreciate you.

  • Bubba

    Awesome recap! I really want to go to UPW the next time they come to LA. Then like you make it to a DWD sometime after. Any chance to show a picture of your poster that would be cool to see.