focus on achieving your goals

I want to share with you how to focus on achieving your goals.

It is important to set goals, but if you never take action and actually achieve them, than what is the point?

In the words of Tony Robbins, “Action is the most important key to success”.

It is easy to set goals at the beginning of each year, and then ignore them.  The trick is to commit to a process, not a goal.

With any goal that you pursue, there is a process to get there.

Achieving goals requires hard work, commitment, and perseverance. How do you handle pressure and stress?

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Do you throw in the towel and give up, or do you keep going and commit to your goals?

A dabbler is somebody that starts something, but never finishes it. When they are under pressure, they jump ship, and repeat this cycle again and again.

As a result, they never achieve success.

The dabbler struggles with the ‘shiny object syndrome'. Rather than seeing things through to completion, they abandon their goals and commitments to chase after the next best thing.

Alternatively, the master is somebody that commits to everything.

They take smart, calculated risks in order to achieve their goals, and view challenges as opportunities for growth.

Your ability to handle pressure during times of adversity determines your success in life.

Failure is a great teacher; it is an experience, not a personality trait.

You have the power to choose how you react to failure. You don’t have to be defined by it.

Don’t blame others for your shortcomings, but rather, take ownership and realize that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

In the words of Henry Ford, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.

When you make progress towards your goals, it is important to celebrate your wins.

When we are immersed in “doing” versus “being”, an imbalance occurs, resulting in a lack personal joy and fulfillment.

Take time everyday to acknowledge the little actions that you are taking towards your goals. When you do so, you are strengthening those actions.

Taking the time to plan and strategize how you will achieve your goals is a powerful habit to adopt.

Challenges are a normal part of life. If you don’t condition your mind for mastery, you will be destroyed them.

Focus on achieving your goals and take massive action.

In the words of Robin Sharma, “Every moment of your life offers the chance to spot mediocrity or the opportunity to rise to mastery”.

Which path will you take?

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  • thank you Stefan, I really needed this.

    BTW 0 to 15$/day in my kindle biz in less than 1 month. thank you

  • Ani Jane

    Hi Stefan,
    Quick question: how do you keep yourself motivated and working towards your goals during emotionally stressful times in your life?

    My partner is very ill atm. One year ago we moved back to his home country to avail of their health care system. I don’t speak the language and need to learn it ASAP. I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted after spending the days in hospital waiting rooms, trying to have to look after him at home and, now, being the sole bread-winner that my motivation to study (and my ability to retain what I do learn) has shrunk to nearly zero.

    In any other situation, my goals would shift to looking after him and my own self care until we were out the far side of this crisis but I can’t do that here. I HAVE to learn this language. How do I focus (and retain what I learn) under this stress?