How To Become An “Internet Authority”


how to become an internet authority

Want to become an “Internet Authority”?

Over the last few years, I've built up my name and brand to the point of having thousands of followers and subscribers.  I get bombarded by hundreds of messages and e-mails everyday, have thousands of customers that have purchased products from me, and everyday get requests for coaching.  It wasn't easy to build myself up to this point, but I will share with you what I've done to become an “authority” on the internet.

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4 Tips For Becoming An Internet Authority

First and foremost, you must have an online brand that you want to build in a specific niche.  In my case, I'm in the Kindle Publishing, Internet Marketing and Self-Development niches.  These are my areas of expertise and I've built a good reputation in this markets.

This principles can apply for ANY niche or market that you want to build yourself up in.  It could be weight loss, health, cross fit, horseback riding, dating advice, internet marketing…. you name it.

1. Publish Tons Of Free High Quality Content

The most important part of developing your online presence is to be publishing tons of free high quality content.  The more high quality content you publish on the internet, the more likely people are to find you.  The better the content is, the more likely people will receive benefit from it and then begin to associate that benefit back to you.  You begin to brand yourself as an “expert” or “authority” in your market, especially when your content is really good.

When you first begin publishing high quality content, most likely nobody will care or notice it.  The process at the beginning is very slow.  It takes awhile to build up an audience and fan base.  It took me about a full year of doing video blogs consistently before I started to get a consistent following of fans.  However, if you're consistent with it and your content is good, then eventually people will find you and begin to follow you.

Your content has to be SO GOOD that people will like it, share it, and subscribe to you for more.  If the content is mediocre, then what reason do people have to follow you?  It has to be better than everyone else.  Hold nothing back and offer as much value as you can to people.

Here's a few ways that you can publish high quality content on the internet:

These are all ways for people to find you and receive benefit from your content.

2. Be Open And Transparent

The more open and transparent you are, the more likely you are able to connect with your audience and build a relationship.

In my case, I openly share my life, my goals, and results every month with my monthly goal reports.  Through social media, you get to see where I'm traveling to, what I'm up to, and get a glimpse into my day-to-day life.  This allows my audience to get a sense of “knowing me” on a personal level.  It makes me more relatable.  I even openly share my challenges and struggles.

Another powerful way of being open and transparent has been doing videos.  I don't just do written content, but also put myself in front of a camera so that people can actually see and hear me.  This makes me more real to someone.  They get to experience and connect with my personality.  This is also another powerful way to build a relationship with my audience.

3. Launch A Product

When you create and launch your own product, you instantly become an authority in other peoples eyes.  For example, writing a book.

I remember the first time I wrote and published my first book, Life Mastery, I had hundreds of people share how impressed they were of it.  There's something about being a “published author” that changes peoples perception of you.

By writing and publishing my own book on Kindle and Amazon, I've received dozens of more requests from people for interviews and to meet up.  I've also had more people hire me for coaching and want to work with me.  This is all from the authority status that being an author creates.

I experienced a similar thing since launching Kindle Money Mastery and other products.  It's made me a “Guru” in the Kindle publishing world, as I'm a teacher showing people how to make money online.

4. Social Proof

The final tip for becoming an internet authority is to develop social proof.  You need to have REASONS for people to want to follow and listen to you.

In my case, having specific RESULTS in my life provides proof that I am someone worth listening to.  When I moved into a $1.7 million dollar penthouse, it provided proof that I'm successful and more people wanted to know what I was doing to achieve such a result.  The same thing when I bought my 2014 Corvette Stingray.  Traveling the world, living the “Internet Lifestyle” and showing people my life through my videos and social media has also been powerful.  When I leaned up and got to 6% body fat and competed in the WBFF, it gave me credibility that I knew what I was talking about with health and fitness.  People get to actually see me achieve these goals and results in my monthly goal reports.

Results and proof are extremely crucial in developing yourself as an internet authority.

If you want to teach weight loss advice, then you better be in amazing shape and have the type of body that other people want.

If you want to teach how to make money online, then you better be making money online and have the lifestyle others want.

The same is said in ANY niche or market.

You don't have to be a millionaire or be super ripped or perfect by any means… but you have to have SOME result in that area for people to want to listen to you.

Social proof can also be accomplished through testimonials.  Having testimonials from others is a powerful way to show people that you know what you're talking about.  In my case, my Kindle Money Mastery course has helped so many people make money online and I publicly share those testimonials with others.  This provides the certainty people need to want to sign up for a course, since they know it works for others.

These are the main strategies that have helped me build myself as an internet authority through Project Life Mastery.

If you want to build your own brand and reputation online, then follow these tips and you'll be there soon enough!

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How To Become An “Internet Authority”
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  • Timely post, I just launched GoingForWow.com – I’m building my list… Up to 550 people on the list thus far, shot out a quick plug for your Kindle program yesterday… Got 1 bite, but i’m sure i’ll have more luck as i build some more authority with my audience. Enjoy the rest of the vacation.

    • Whats working with your list building? If you don’t mind telling..

      • Stuart Trier

        Hi Jonelle, I am using Facebook ads to sign up people interested in my niche. Trying to add some value and share my experience. What are you working on?

        • That’s great thanks for the reply, I’m in the health and fitness niche. I’m working on my product right now for natural health and fitness book teaching about disease and natural healing. I’m looking for different ideas to build my list so I was definitely curious as to what methods you’re. You seem to be on a roll definitely keep it up!!

    • Awesome Stuart, keep up the progress!

  • Spencer Henderson Jr.

    Stefan, my girlfriend has repeatedly called me “The King of Useless Information” over the course of our four-year relationship because I have a habit of randomly spewing out trivia facts and other things that people usually don’t know about. I also have a very good memory and can tell people when certain buildings in my hometown were built, what another building was before it became what it is today, etc. What kind of niche do you think I can build from that?

    • Hey Spencer, you have to narrow yourself down to a specific niche that there is a MARKET or DEMAND for. Perhaps there’s potential for a Kindle book on interesting facts about X.

      • Spencer Henderson Jr.

        Thanks a lot! Did some research, and I have identified my niche! You are DEFINITELY a life saver!

  • The only way you can overcome mediocrity is when people consider you to be an authority in your chosen field. In the world of the WWW, authority is synonymous with quality and perfection. This is what we should try to accomplish if we want to be successful in our business.

  • bruce

    slow and steady wins the race young boy. I am proud of you , well earned followers. what’s a good place to exchange reviews?
    bruce lee, author of cure hip pain:

    The ultimate guide to
    hip pain relief and prevention with complete step by step all natural
    herbs, supplements, stretches and exercises for pain relief in 90 days

    • The Kindle Money Mastery Full Disclosure Facebook group is, over 400 members to get reviews from.

  • Solid advice Stefan, exactly what I needed to hear right now. Cheers

  • sim

    Hi Stefan,

    Thank you for all your amazing content that has helped me overcome many challenges in my life. I have your kindle money mastery program and it is EXCELLENT! I pursuing a goal on creating my own online successful business but find that I am struggling to juggle my 9-5 job with my passion to write quality content. Could you kindly do a blog post or video on how to create a successful online business whilst in a 9-5 day job? I want to create internet authority in my niche but feel like my day job and other commitments of getting out of debt overwhelm me.

    Sorry if you have already written a post like this, I couldn’t find it.

    Many Thanks,

  • Ivan Stoyanov

    We live in an age where someone has already made an YouTube video for whatever life question you might already have. Somewhere I heard that for every minute of content watched on YouTube, 100 minutes of of new content are being uploaded. Clearly the supply is way more than the demand. How do you add extra value where every topic you want to write or makes videos about is already covered thousands of times before? Every question seems to already have been answered on the net and the possibilities for you supplying viewers and readers with new information (not covered by others before) seems lower and lower? Is this extra value in the unique way you present the information? Is it in the better graphics of the web site or video resolution? The question may seem banal, but the first one that comes up when I start thinking about doing any kind of on-line business. And this question is one I can’t find a good answer to.