How to Change Your Mindset to Reach Your Goals


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How do you change your mindset? Regardless if you are an entrepreneur or someone who wants to climb the corporate ladder, it is important to have the right attitude if want to increase your chances of achieving your lofty goals. What most people don’t realize is that your actions are a reflection of your state of mind, or mindset.cWithout a doubt, negative attitudes and beliefs will hinder your ability to succeed. If you have a negative disposition, then it's time to change your mindset. Changing your mindset is easier said than done. Anything that involves deep level change is challenging and will require discipline and daily commitment.

I'm going to give you a number things below for improving your mindset, but keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. So try them out and scrap what doesn't work and keep the ones that do. Also, change is gradual, so give it time before you judge whether or not to keep it or scrap it.

Change your mindset by spending time around positive individuals

One of the best ways to develop a positive mindset is by carefully choosing who you spend your time with. Being in the company of positive and likeminded individuals is crucial. Spending time with positive people will boost your energy, esteem and happiness. Also, hanging around people who share the same dreams as you also goes a long way. It especially makes a huge difference when the going gets tough because positive people will help you see the good within the struggle.

You will learn from their experiences, failures and success too. When you see your friends succeed, you will feel motivated to do what you have to do to achieve your own personal goals as well.

Have a vision of who you want to be

Having a vision of the ideal you in your head, at all times, is an important part of changing your mindset. It would be a good idea to create a vision board, where you cut out pictures of you in the car, house, body, etc that you want to have.

Putting the vision board somewhere that ensures you'll see it constantly is HUGE. It will energize you and make you feel great. It will also create tension in your subconscious mind because you're not physically where you mentally see yourself yet. So your subconscious mind will go about to make your vision a reality.

Set goals

Goal setting is just as important as having a vision and dreams. If you want to change your mindset towards success, goals serve as your checklist. Unlike dreams, goals can be measured. A goal should be realistic and achievable within your allotted time span. You should set both long term and short term goals to keep yourself motivated.

Having a list of things to do on a daily or a weekly basis keeps you on your track inching closer to where you want to be.

Write your goals down daily

It is important to be reminded of your goals and dreams on a daily basis. How exactly do you do this? By writing your goals and dreams down on paper daily. This will helps rewire your brain and ensuring that you are focused in completing tasks that will achieve your desired outcomes.

Don't forget to cross your tasks off your list once you complete them, this will improve your mindset while giving you a sense of fulfillment and feeling that you're making progress.

Learn from successful people

The difference between you and successful people is that they’ve already done it. Fortunately, you can take advantage of this. You can learn a thing or two from their experience.

Successful people have been able to overcome the same hurdles that you will likely have to overcome in order to actualize your dreams. Connect with these people as they are invaluable tools that will help you accomplish your dreams.

Reading biographies of key personalities in your industry is a good start in changing your overall mindset.

Change your mindset using a morning routine

Starting the day off right can be a struggle for a lot of people. A significant portion of the North American population feel like they must have their morning coffee in order function normally. In morning, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to deliberately “wakeup” your body and give it a sense of purpose.

For instance, starting your day by fixing your bed has always been a practice in the military. This small mundane task has been known to shape people’s mentality, giving them a sense of pride in accomplishing a simple task to start their day.

Tony Robbins has his own morning routine to keep himself energized throughout his day. It involves meditation and breathing exercises to help give his brain a reason to wake up to.

You can learn more about creating morning routines in my course called Morning Ritual Mastery.

Avoid negative people

Criticism from individuals that matter to you can be a hard to deal with. It hurts your ego, and can seriously hamper your abilities to achieve your goals because you don't want to look stupid in front of them, so you may abandon your goals, or maybe not put as much work and intensity into achieve them. To be successful you need a super positive mindset, and having negative people around will crush that.

Avoid toxic people and you're live will improve.

Gradually develop your mental toughness

Imagine yourself in a highly problematic situation. Do you simply quit or do you put up a good fight? If you decided to quit in a tough situation, then it’s time to reevaluate your very own core beliefs.

Developing grit in your mindset is a great way to overcome challenges. Unfortunately, not everyone has this type of core belief. So how exactly do you build mental toughness?

Mental toughness is developed in the willingness to sacrifice to complete a particular task, no matter how small or big it is. Athletes who don’t skip training, or opt for shortcuts, develop this type of mental attitude.

You can mimic this by being committed and willing to take necessary sacrifices in meeting your goals. Does the work require you to stay an extra unpaid hour? Or is there a job no one is willing to take in your office?

Take time to reflect

Once you’ve done the work needed to meet your goals, it is just as important to reflect. It makes a huge difference to evaluate how you did after a long day. It allows you to objectively assess things that you could’ve done better and things that you’ve done correctly. By being introspective, it helps change your mindset for the better, especially if it is your priority to improve.


Anything that requires change may take some time to develop. It takes conscious effort in order to transform and have a positive mindset geared towards success. By slowly implementing these tips in your daily life, you will be taking the right steps towards developing a winning mental attitude.

Have you tried changing your mindset? Which of these tips helped you the most? I want to hear them so leave your comments below!

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How to Change Your Mindset to Reach Your Goals
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