How To Get Back Your Desire And Motivation


how to get back motivation

We've all been through pain, failure, rejection, humiliation, and come up short on our goals and dreams.  The difference between the person who is successful and the person who's not, is the person that is successful didn't allow those obstacles to get in their way.  They were able to overcome the inevitable life challenges that we all face and not be discouraged.  They were able to use their failures as learning opportunities and rejection as feedback.  They did not give up and maintained their vision for their goals and dreams.

In this video blog I answer a question I received from a follower of PLM.  The question is essentially, “What do you do when you lose your desire and motivation for your goals, and how do you get it back?  In this video, I go into details about the right mindset that you need for success and how you can re-gain that desire, passion, hunger, or motivation for your goals and dreams.

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The Mindset For Success

In order to be successful, you need more than a positive attitude.  You have to be emotionally fit and prepared for the obstacles you're going to face in the pursuit of your goals.  You need to be able to be unfazed by rejection, failure and disappointment.  Despite experiencing failure, rejection, disappointment, and frustration, you must be prepared to continue moving forward and maintain your optimism and faith that you can achieve your goal.  If you're emotionally unfit, you will get annihilated.  Life will “beat you down” and you will be discouraged to continue and eventually give up.

What's the mindset for success?  

Despite the challenging times, you must always maintain faith that you can achieve your goals.  Confidence is important, but also a blind optimism that you can still make it happen.  You must not give up and continuously focus on the PLEASURE that your goal will bring you.  There's a few core beliefs that have aided me in continuing my journey of success, despite facing adversity.  I mentioned a few of them in a video blog I put up last year called How To Overcome Adversity.  First, I believe that I can achieve anything that I'm committed to.  I also believe that nothing in life is permanent, and no matter what I'm going through in the moment, it will pass.  I believe that EVERYTHING in my life is a gift and a blessing, and that it is happening for an empowering reason.  Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves you.  There is always GOOD to be found in any situation, as long as you find it.  There is no failure or rejection, only feedback.  Life does not happen to me, it happens FOR me.  Nothing has any meaning except the meaning that I give it.  The past does not equal the future!

These aren't just inspirational quotes… these are my belief systems.  This is the MINDSET of someone that is successful.  If you look at anyone that is successful, they have a similar belief system.  They associate different meanings to their experiences.  They don't look at negative experiences as “failures”, but rather as important lessons and an opportunity to make progress.  Someone that gets rattled or experiences pain whenever they fail will most likely lose their desire and motivation and give up.  Eventually it gets tiresome to continuously experience failure, rejection and pain that you decide that it's more safe and comfortable to not even try.  The problem with that?  A miserable life that is unfulfilling.  You'll never reach your potential and will live with regret.

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The Cure For Your Inner Conflict

The first step to change is to begin to re-frame your beliefs.  If you don't change your beliefs and mindset, then you'll experience the same challenges the next time you experience failure.  You have to really believe that failure is your friend and that you can still achieve your goals, despite the challenges and tests that life will throw at you.  You have to keep your optimism and faith, no matter what.  Engrain these empowering beliefs into your subconscious so that they become apart of you.

Next, you need to eliminate the inner conflicts you have.  If you've lost your desire or motivation, it's simply because you've associated too much PAIN to the goal or desire.  You believe it'll be painful and that you may experience disappointment again.  You've lost that pleasure that you once had (desire and motivation are just feelings of pleasure for something) and need to rekindle it.  You need to start dreaming again and not let the past get in the way.  Just because you failed in the past, who cares?  That doesn't mean squat.  You need to put the fear aside and begin to ask yourself, “What do I REALLY WANT for my life?”  Be honest and don't let fear get in the way.  Start thinking about the PLEASURE you will get from achieving this goal or dream.  How will it make you feel?  How will it change your life?

Being motivated and having that hunger for something is EASY.  Desire is EASY.  All it takes is just thinking about what you want and how cool it will be to have it.  Obsess about it.  The only reason why it'd be difficult is because you have baggage from the past that is forcing you to suppress these desires and dreams, which is the killer towards your success.  Get rid of the baggage of the past and start dreaming again!  Create a vision board, write out your goals, think about them constantly and pursue them.  Your new mindset will get you there.

I hope this video blog has helped you.  I'd love to hear any comments or feedback you have.  Post them below!

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How To Get Back Your Desire And Motivation
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  • Prak

    Thanks Stefan! I really feel that the reason why people usually don’t push through failures also has something to do with how we’ve been conditioned by society. For example if we miss a shot in basketball, it often times doesn’t get rewarded despite how good of a shot it was or how close it was to going in. This reminds of an inspiring Michael Jordan quote: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

    • Good point Prak, I agree! We need to change our perspective about success and failure, despite what society tries to teach us!

      • Prak

        F%&* YEA!!

  • Jaivir Baweja

    Thanks for the empowering beliefs and keep up the good work. I have begun to replace my limiting beliefs with the ones mentioned in the article and they increase my energy, which leads to more success.

  • Kons Coach

    Amazing free tips to build success on failure or discouragement. My life has been very challenging for years. I had been abused, sick, mentally depressed, I have a baby who is physically disabled, … but I have built a nice and happy life for me and my family and feel stronger than before! So build your life with faith and happiness and success will follow

    • Kons Coach

      Sorry for my english if it is not very good, I am a french guy 😉

  • Carrie

    Great video! An additional idea that came to me while watching was that perfectionism can kill a lot of dreams. Sometimes people worry so much about doing things perfectly that they don’t start. So just knowing that it’s going to be your dream and it’s going to happen your way, is a good place to get to. We need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. And know that our dreams have a power of their own and that power can lead a step-by-step. And as we start our dreams people and resources and other stuff will start to come to us and come into play. Just take the first step 🙂