How To Get Motivated RIGHT NOW


Need motivation?

This video blog will reveal to you a simple exercise that will show you how to get motivated right now!

This is a follow-up to my popular video blog called My Motivation Secret, which provides a practical exercise that you can complete in just a few minutes to light a fire under your ass.

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Do This Exercise To Get Motivated Now

how to get motivatedAs I've mentioned in this video, as well as in My Motivation Secret video blog, the secret to motivation is finding your WHY.

Once you know what you want, you then need to know WHY you want it.  It's the REASONS behind your outcome or goal that will drive you to achieve it.

This simple exercise is designed for you to think of as many reasons WHY you want your goal as you can think of.  The more reasons, the better.

While doing this process, you'll discover a few really BIG REASONS that will be your “driving force” that you'll have more emotion associated to than the others.  By completing this exercise, you'll notice your motivation and desire to take action towards your goal will be extremely high.

After that, you just have to continually remind yourself of these reasons.

1.  What is your goal or outcome?

You have to know this first and foremost.  Get clear on what your goal or outcome is, specifically.  You can also use this exercise towards a habit or action that you want to take that you've been procrastinating on, such as going to the gym.  However, having a specific goal or outcome that is compelling is more effective.

2. WHY do you want this?  Make a list of at least 100 reasons WHY you want this goal.

Take out your pen and paper and start writing out your list.  Commit to making a list of at least 100 – yes, 100 reasons!

It may be challenging, but the point is to stretch yourself and force yourself to do it.  By forcing yourself to come up with these reasons, it will get your brain even more motivated towards achieving it.

Here's some simple questions you can use to help you come up with your reasons:

  • Why do I want this goal?
  • Why is this goal a MUST for me to achieve?
  • What are all the benefits of achieving this goal?
  • How will achieving this goal enhance every area of my life?
  • What are the consequences of NOT achieving this goal?

My List Of 100 Reasons WHY I Will Achieve My Goal

One of the goals that I set for myself this year is to compete in a fitness competition and be 5-6% body fat.

Below are the 100 reasons that I have for achieving this goal that get me motivated:

  • To feel more confident.
  • To be able to look in the mirror and feel proud and smile.
  • To have more energy, be more vibrant and alive.
  • To be able to inspire others.
  • To be able to show myself and others what is possible.
  • To be ripped and have a six pack.
  • Because I believe my body is my temple.
  • Because I believe if you can never fully love yourself, until you love your own body.
  • Because I want my body to reflect the soul that I know I am inside.
  • Because I believe we only get 1 shot in this life and I want to make it count and maximize the potential of my body!
  • To feel more attractive and sexy.
  • To look better in the clothes that I wear.
  • To have the athletic ability to perform at sports in a high level.
  • To be able to attract an amazing, high quality woman in my life.
  • To build my self-esteem and self-worth.
  • To be able to one day create a product on health/fitness.
  • To develop my discipline and habits.
  • To feel happier and more joyful.
  • To have more endurance and strength.
  • To be accountable to what I committed to on my blog.
  • To be a role model to others.
  • To live longer.
  • To never have to worry about disease or illness.
  • To be able to go to the beach, take off my shirt and look amazing.
  • To be able to get some great quality photos to be proud of.
  • So I can be lean and start putting on muscle more efficiently.
  • To grow and fulfill my potential as a human being.
  • Because I believe people people's body's are a reflection of their lifestyle.
  • To live life at a high standard.
  • To NEVER settle for less than I am capable of being.
  • By not taking achieving this goal, I am not becoming who I'm meant to be.
  • To be on purpose in my life.
  • By not achieving this goal, I will never attract the quality of woman or relationship that I want.
  • To be attractive to my partner.
  • To NEVER again go back to an unhealthy, unfit, fat body.
  • If I don't do this, I will potentially get sick and suffer from a disease.
  • To no longer feel embarrassed or unhappy about how I look.
  • If I don't do this, I will be a failure.
  • If I don't do this, I will let others down that are counting on me.
  • If I don't do this, it will LOWER my self-esteem and confidence.
  • Not taking care of my body is a slap in the face to my Creator.
  • To nourish, respect and take care of the Gift that my Creator has given me.
  • To be the best I can be.
  • To have better sex.
  • To be able to teach and give fitness advice to others.
  • Inspire others through my transformation.
  • By not doing this, I will lose credibility and respect amongst my blog followers.
  • To be in the top 1%.
  • To be able to walk by and get attention from others.
  • To be able to do a photo shoot.
  • To have the identity as a “fitness model”.
  • By not doing this, I will settle in other areas of my life as well.
  • My standards with my body will affect other standards in my life.
  • Deep down I will never be happy if I don't have the body I deserve.
  • To be fulfilled.
  • To love myself more – I believe exercise is self-love.
  • To always be young.
  • To be able to be around to play with my kids and grand kids one day.
  • So I can compete in the WBFF and feel proud.
  • So I can do Tough Mudder in the future.
  • To be able to compete in other fitness shows.
  • By not doing this, it will bring down the other areas of my life.
  • Others will judge me if I don't do this.
  • To NEVER go back to Binge Eating again.
  • To NEVER be fat or overweight again.
  • Because I believe nothing tastes as good as being healthy and fit feels!
  • To be able to give more to others.
  • To be able to naturally attract the type of woman that I want.
  • For others to be proud of me.
  • To feel more powerful and confident when I approach a woman.
  • Failure to take care of my body will lead to cancer or heart disease.
  • So I can live to be at least 100 years old.
  • To be able to see my abs clearly and have them razor-sharp.
  • By not achieving this goal, I will have wasted countless hours of my life in the gym.
  • By not achieving this goal, I will have wasted a lot of money on food and supplements.
  • By achieving this goal, I will make more money in my business.
  • Because it will be FUN!
  • Because I believe life is about BECOMING MORE.
  • By not doing what I committed to, others lose trust in me.
  • If I don't achieve this, how can I expect myself to achieve anything else I set my mind to?
  • Not achieving my goals leads to habits of failure.
  • Because I'm no longer willing to settle for a mediocre life.
  • Because I want the best out of what life has to offer.
  • By growing physically, I am growing mentally and spiritually also.
  • To build healthy habits for a lifetime.
  • To become more knowledgable about the human body.
  • To become better at sports and all physical activities.
  • To help me get rid of stress and use exercise as therapy.
  • To be able to have PROOF of my transformation and inspire others with it on my blog.
  • To have my before and after pictures to look back upon for the rest of my life.
  • To never have to live with the REGRET of what I could have been!
  • To not waste time and “someday” achieve this goal, but to achieve it NOW.
  • To be consistent with my identity as an achiever.
  • To have a balanced life.
  • Because I deserve it!
  • To provide my body with the right nutrition and fuel it needs to perform at its best.
  • To develop the habits of healthy eating for a lifetime.
  • To attract more amazing, high quality, likeminded people into my life.
  • The pain and disappointment of NOT achieving my goal will be too immense. 99
  • Because I am destined for greatness and anything less is not acceptable for me.

That's 100 reasons right there for me! 

Do you see why I'm so motivated right now?

By doing this simple exercise, I now have a list of 100 reasons WHY achieving my goals is a must.  This provides fuel for the fire and by constantly reminding myself of these reasons, I will be more motivated and take more massive action.

What if you did this for yourself, what would your motivation be like?

What if you came up with a list of 100 reasons for ALL of your goals?

Try it and then let me know your experience with it by commenting below.

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How To Get Motivated RIGHT NOW
4 (80%) 9 votes
  • WOW! 100!
    Love it! The WHY is not new – everyone tells you that you need to know why you want something, to be laser focused on that WHY. Often tthat means only a handful of reasons. Love the idea of a hundred because as you say it really stretches your mind and while that happens it expands your vision. On it!


    I found that the last 10-20 reasons were the strongest ones. Excellent exercise

  • Jake

    Hi Stefan

    I have been following your inspirational blog since the start of the year.
    I can only echo everyone else`s sentiment and thank you for all that you do here.
    I believe your greatest gift is being able to convey your message across that literally compels us into massive action.
    This 100 WHY Action is a prime example of your great desire to give back – superb exercise , very powerful .
    Many thanks for all you do here, you certainly are a force for good.
    My wife has handed be a parable which i found quite moving .. a bit long but worth the read – have a great day !

    Life is like a journey on a train…
    with its stations…
    with changes of routes…
    and with accidents !

    We board this train when we are born and our parents are the ones who get our ticket.

    We believe they will always travel on this train with us.

    However, at some station our parents will get off the train, leaving us alone on this journey.

    As time goes by, other passengers will board the train, many of whom will be significant – our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of our life.

    Many will get off during the journey and leave a permanent vacuum in our lives.

    Many will go so unnoticed that we won’t even know when they vacated their seats and got off the train !

    This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, good-byes, and farewells.

    A good journey is helping, loving, having a good relationship with all co passengers…
    and making sure that we give our best to make their journey comfortable.

    The mystery of this fabulous journey is ;
    We do not know at which station we ourselves are going to get off.

    So, we must live in the best way – adjust, forget, forgive, and offer the best of what we have.

    It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to leave our seat… we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.

    Thank you for being one of the passengers on my train !

    Have a very pleasant journey of life………!

  • Kisha Dingle

    I got 99 problems but a MUST ain’t one! Great video, Stefan. I dropped and did my 100 right away! Thanks for keeping the fire lit and for sharing your list. To Massive Action!

  • Darrell

    Hey Stefan… thanks a lot for sharing this… it is a really practical idea… thank you. I have tried this and it really gave me a kick to get into action. And I honestly feel that amongst all the life coaches that I have followed in the past, including the big names like Robin Sharma and others, I have found your blogs and advice to be the most practical and relevant of them all 🙂

    As always, I have a question for you… I keep telling myself that from this very moment I will change the way I live and will start doing my morning and evening routines, etc. However, I fail the very second day (if not on the first day itself) and I am left feeling de-motivated. And then I start again telling myself that today is the day I will change and again I face failure on some count and then again I end up feeling that I cannot get things done. How do I overcome this? How do I start this self-transformation and stick with it? Is it that I am being too hard on myself as I feel that I should be perfect from day 1? Please do advice as I have been on this treadmill of starting and stopping on my self transformation journey every second day on account of not meeting up to my expectations. I’m sure your reply will help a lot of us. Take care.

    • Thanks for the kind words Darrell! You are not alone in this challenge. Nobody is 100% perfect and consistent, so you need to give that idea up and just focus on doing the best you can each day. Focus on PROGRESS, not perfection. If you commit to doing a morning ritual everyday, but this week you only do it 4 out of 7 days, then that is progress that needs to be celebrated and rewarded. The week after that, aim for doing 5 days and slowly focus on becoming better over time. Ultimately, having more LEVERAGE on yourself and accountability will help you make it more of a consistent habit.

  • Darrell

    Hey Stefan, one final question on the motivation front… i’ve read that if one wants to inculcate a habit eg. the habit of running daily for instance, one should start thinking and behaving as if he/she is already a runner. Or if one wants to achieve success in a particular business, he/she should start emulating the habits of someone who has already succeeded in that business. Do you think that adopting that kind of a mindset helps in motivating one to achieve one’s goal?

    • Hey Darrell, absolutely. It doesn’t just help on the motivation front, but it helps you achieve the goal and become what it is that you want. I’ve always been focusing on adopting the beliefs, attitudes, habits and mindset of success people and I “faked it until I made it”.

  • Wayne Summers

    Hi Stefan.

    Your video tonight has prompted me to sign up and compete in a 12km run on September 21st, I have previously completed this and used it as a way to raise money for a kids cancer charity. I was not going to sign up this year as I am in not in great shape but you your video tonight has given me the motivation to sign up. I am in the process of writing out my 15 week goals for this event.

    I like the way you make your goals public so I am going to make a statement to you that I will complete this even in a better time than the past two years. (1hr36 and 1hr 38 ) and that I will push as hard as I can to raise more than $595 which is what I raised last year,

    I believe that as people see the weight fall off me and they see how hard I am working towards achieving this, that people will want to get behind what I am doing.

    I will keep you posted with my progress and thanks again for being such a motivation to not just myself but to all your followers.


    • That’s awesome Wayne, way to take action with this! Good luck and definitely don’t hesitate to post publicly for accountability.

      • Wayne Summers

        I know you are a very busy person but can I update you with my progress a couple of times during the journey. As weird as this seem I find it easier to be accountable with things to people I dont know.

        At the end of this I just want respect from people for what I have done and not be in the position where people will look for any reason to believe I cant do this. As soon as this happens it throws me off the track and ultimately I start to believe that I cant achieve things.

  • Markrdr

    awesome video blog Stefan, you have no idea what your inspiration, motivation techniques and all have helped me, i have conquered my two greatest fears in life and finally achieved the goals that i was too afraid to achieve just in 7 months since discovering you. One was cosmeitc dentistry, i’ve feared dentists all my life but finally overcame it and went, the other was going for a job interview, both goals ACCOMPLISHED! you are truly helping people,you helped me, thank you so much man

    • Hey Mark, that’s awesome, I’m happy to hear that! I love hearing how people are accomplishing goals!

      • Markrdr

        It’s an awesome on top of the world feeling to achieve a goal you’ve been wanting to achieve for so long and you finally crack it! What really made the difference is what you taught about having a STRONG ENOUGH REASON WHY you want to achieve this goal and my WHY/REASON became so strong, I became so desperate that it actually knocked the fear giants right out of the way. thanks

  • Hi Stefan,

    I just join your toolkit and first I was very similar to what I heard and had in my mind since became an adult. I called it “If you stop – your dead”. You calling slightly different, but the meaning is the same. I really enjoy one of the your first video on You-tube.

    Thanks for posting,

  • Berry Schwartz

    Stefan just bought your kindle mastery program but can’t find your email anywhere and want to ask you something.

  • Dane Earl

    Just came up with a 100. Your awesome thank you for the push I’ll keep coming back for more.

  • Terri

    Saw this one today, and it truly inspired me and I am proud to say that immediately after watching this i did 115 reasons why. THANK YOU! I know now i will succeed.

  • Wendy M

    Excellent! I paused and wrote out my 100. Got stumped at 60. But pressed on and somehow came up with 40 more. Helpful video. Thank you.

  • Aimz Khalid

    Wow! I did it.. I just wrote down 100 reasons to lose my weight in the next 6 months. FOREVER <3 feel powerful 😛 Thanks Stefan AGAIN!

  • TC

    100 REASONS! I did it! (101 reasons to be exact) I didn’t actually believe I’d get it done. And guess what Stefan… Meeting you even made the cut :). Thanks so much for the valuable lesson!