Want To Learn How To Sell Amazon Physical Products?


stefan pylarinos speaking

Over the next few weeks, I'll be releasing some free training on how to sell Amazon physical products and how to build a successful online business through Amazon.

I've been receiving a lot of requests about this since I released the video explaining Exactly How I'm Making $2,500 Per Month Selling On Amazon FBA.

I've now launched two Amazon products in 2015 and have also worked with dozens of other beginning online entrepreneurs to help them launch and sell their own Amazon products over the last two years.  I've also been working with my girlfriend, who has two products selling extremely well on Amazon and built a successful online business.

There's a lot that I'm going to bring to the table not only as an Amazon seller, but as an online marketer.

To get access to the free trainings that I'll be releasing, click here and enter your e-mail address.  I'll be releasing and notifying them to those subscribed over there.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I'd love to hear what you think!

Want To Learn How To Sell Amazon Physical Products?
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  • Manuel Muniz

    Would be interested in selling on Amazon through dropshipping – that way I would not have to invest on buying inventory, even though I would be getting a smaller piece of the pie, it’s still a BIG pie.

    • Thanks, don’t have as much experience with drop shipping at the moment, but will be something I plan on learning more about.

  • Uriel Ø Evele

    Hey stefan, you’ve inspired me to get into the supplement/nutrition niche, can you please talk about why you chose L-Carnitine and possibly cover what you should look for if you’re getting into that niche + what strategy’s to use etc.

    I’m in the process of manufacturing my first product which is going to take roughly 8 weeks for the manufacturer to produce, is that typical for a first run? How do you go about negotiating MOQ with manufacturers, with the product and MOQ prerequisites the start up cost is looking around $12,000 for 866 units, is this necessary? I would really love to reduce that so if you could help in any way possible asap I would dearly appreciate it.

    Thanks buddy! Keep up the magnificent work! 🙂

    • Thanks! I likely won’t be revealing details about my supplement or behind that, as I don’t want to encourage people to compete with me and reveal my entire business model/strategies – however, I’ll be sharing some general Amazon selling strategies that can be applied to all niches/markets.

      • Uriel Ø Evele

        Yeah that’s fair enough, I would feel the same way. Not that I would intend on competing with you, I have a very unique nutrition niche I want to expand upon, more so herbal, but yes sounds fantastic, look forward to your content!

  • Terry

    how can work with some one who has a shopify store?

  • Terry

    This is great! How does this work with shopify?