This Awesome Ring Helps Me Perform Better (Oura Ring Review)

oura ring review

The OURA ring, otherwise known as the world’s first ring-size wellness computer, is a high-performance activity and sleep tracker. This awesome ring helps me perform better.  I’ve been wearing the OURA ring for the past few months and I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my sleep and energy levels. You may be wondering, “How can wearing a ring make you sleep and feel better?”  

When you sleep, the OURA ring analyzes the quality of your rest and recovery by measuring your heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, and movement. When you are awake, it monitors the duration and intensity of your activities (Griffiths, 2015). Petteri Lahtela, the CEO and co-founder of OURA says, “It’s basically a computer on your finger that interprets sleep and other rhythms of your body through built-in nanosensors.”

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of morning rituals, which allow me to perform at my best and be in a peak state, so that I am unstoppable every day. This awesome ring helps me perform better.  A good night’s sleep is a precursor for a productive day. If you wake up feeling groggy most days, the OURA ring could be the answer to your sleepless nights.

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The OURA ring helps you track how your lifestyle choices are affecting your sleep and how the quality of your life affects your ability to perform.  I’m a huge fan of activity trackers. Anything that brings more awareness to my overall activity on a daily basis and that motivates me to move more is a great thing. Human beings weren’t designed to sit all day. We were made to move and be active.

The best part about this product is that it syncs to my phone, via Bluetooth. The OURA App is excellent, in terms of its usability and data display.  It ring tracks your heart rate, as well as the number of steps you take, the exercise you do, the calories that you burn, and your temperature.  Furthermore, it reads your overall sleep activity, which they call your “readiness score,” which takes into account all the exercise you have done and how much sleep you had the night before.  For example, if I got a great night's sleep and recovered well the next day, the ring will send me a notification suggesting that I could take it easy today because I recovered well.

In the past, some nights I would sleep for 8 hours and wake up refreshed, whereas other nights I would sleep for 8 hours and wake up feeling groggy. From using the OURA ring, I have learned that it's not about the quantity of your sleep, but rather it's about the quality.  Because this ring tracks your heart rate and your temperature, it gives you some great insights about the quality of your sleep.  By having this awareness, I've been able to increase the amount of deep sleep that I get every night, by 2 hours.  As a result, my entire life has transformed.  This awesome ring helps me perform better.  I'm a big fan of biohacking my sleep.  I've used a Fitbit in the past in order to track my sleeping patterns, but the OURA ring takes it one step further and tracks the following sleep data:

  • Total Sleep Time
  • Sleep Efficiency – a measure between time asleep and time awake
  • Sleep Disturbances – showing how restless you were during the night
  • REM – how much REM stage sleep you got
  • Deep – how much deep stage sleep you got
  • Sleep Onset Latency – how long it took you to fall asleep
  • Circadian Alignment – whether or not you are sleeping in alignment with the light/dark cycle

Another reason why I switched from a Fitbit to the OURA ring is that you can turn it off via Bluetooth. FitBit does not allow this. This is great because it erases the potential for harmful effects on the body, which can effect your overall health.

This awesome ring helps me perform better.  If you want to learn more about the product, visit the OURA ring website.  Because I am an affiliate for this company, I was able to get a 10% discount for my members. If you want to purchase the ring, log onto their website, and click on, ‘get the ring.’ At check out, if you want to save 10%, use the coupon code, ‘mastery.’

In the words of Brian Tracy, “Peak performance begins with you taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”  Your ability to perform at an optimal level every day depends on the quality of your sleep.  Take control of your well-being so that you can master all areas of your life.

Do you want to sleep better and wake up every morning feeling energized so that you can perform better? CLICK HERE to get 10% off The OURA ring by using the coupon code, ‘mastery' at checkout!

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This Awesome Ring Helps Me Perform Better (Oura Ring Review)
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  • Dalibor Šimek

    I´ve been using OURA too for atleast a year. I want to ask you how you concretely increase your deep sleep? Thank you

    • Hi Dalibor, there’s many things I do that I’d have to share in a future video, but some of them include the Chilipad (temperature), CBD capsules, blue-blocking glasses before bed, GABBA supplement, sleep mask, PEMF mat, etc…