How To Overcome Binge Eating And Emotional Eating Once And For All


How To Stop Binge Eating And Emotional Eating Once And For All

Are you currently suffering from Binge Eating Disorder or Emotional Eating?

If so, you're at the right place.  I can relate to any “binger” out there, because I used to be one.

I know exactly what it's like to go on a binge, consuming thousands of calories in one sitting.  Then afterwards feeling guilty, ashamed and depressed because it “happened again”.  I also know what it's like to continuously repeat this destructive habit, again and again, along with the negative affects it has on your life.

If you feel like you've tried everything and are ready to give up – STOP!  You have NOT tried everything.  There is hope, I promise you.  I can confidently say this, because I have successfully been able to overcome binge eating disorder in my own life and I'm about to share with you how YOU can do the same.

You've been guided to this article (and video) and I can promise you, if you read and listen carefully, it can change your life.  I'm passionate about this subject and swore that I'd do everything I could to help others suffering from binge eating disorder if I was able to overcome it, which I have.

Follow the advice below, as well as get the resources I recommend and you will learn how to overcome binge eating disorder once and for all.

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My Experience With Binge Eating Disorder

I developed the destructive habit of binge eating a few years ago, while I was dieting for a fitness competition.

I had never been on a “diet” before… therefor I wasn't sure how to do it properly, which caused a lot of harm in my life that I was unaware could even happen.

While I was dieting and cutting calories, I decided to go extreme with it.  I've always been motivated and committed to goals.  I figured that I could reach my goal faster if I cut more calories, eliminated carbohydrates, exercised harder, didn't take any rests, no cheat days, etc…

I went too hard, too fast.  The result?  I developed these irresistible urges to binge.

I still remember the day that I had my first “binge”.  I was on a zero carbohydrate diet and I was depriving myself.

It was my friends birthday and I decided to have a small bite of a cake, as a “treat” to myself.

The insulin spike I had was insane.  It was the first carbohydrates my body had in a long time and my body had a crazy reaction to it.

That night, I found myself having intense cravings and I couldn't stop myself from buying a box of cookies and doughnuts from the local store.  I went home and consumed thousands of calories within an hour, followed by the aftermath of guilt and beating myself up.

After saying to myself, “That's it – no more, I am going to put this behind me and move on”, I found myself repeat the same pattern two days later.  It then went on repeat for several months and I simply couldn't stop.

During that time, I was still exercising hard and off-setting the damage the binge eating was doing to my body.  My fitness goals were halted.  I was taking two steps forward, two steps back.  It was frustrating.

After studying binge eating disorder, working with coaches, trying everything I could get my hands on, I've now learned a ton of information about this disorder.  I've learned what caused it for me… and more importantly, how to overcome binge eating disorder for life.

What Caused My Binge Eating?

My binge eating was caused from my attempts to go on a diet.  I was depriving my body of calories and as a result, my body went into starvation mode.

Binging was simply the primal part of my brain attempting to survive by consuming high calorie foods.  This is what I've learned is called the “animal brain”, which here is no reasoning with.  Your “animal brain” has primal desires for oxygen, water, food, and sex.  It's entire purpose is survival and it's the part of our brain that hasn't evolved in humans.

The more I tried to diet and deprive myself, the worse that it got.  There was no willpower or discipline that could stop me from binging.

I consider myself a VERY disciplined person.  I set goals, I achieve them, simple as that.  I am successful in my life and none of it would have been possible without willpower and discipline.  However, my willpower and discipline was useless against my animal brain.  There was no fighting it.

Besides dieting, I also believe binge eating can begin simply as a habit.  If you do anything enough times, it eventually becomes a habit.

Binge eating became a way for me to change my state and was triggered by certain emotions.  Boredom, frustration, stress, depression, etc… these were all “triggers” that would set me off on a binge.  When I'd binge, I'd immediately get out of pain and into pleasure.  It was an effective short-term strategy, but the affects afterwards were very detrimental.

How Did I Overcome Binge Eating Disorder?

There's a number of things that worked for me to overcome binge eating disorder.

One of the first things was a strategy I learned from a book called Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen.  This is an absolute must-read book if you suffer from binge eating disorder.

The book described how there are two brains – the “animal brain” and the “human brain”.  I've already described the animal brain, but the “human brain” is our prefrontal cortex.  This “human brain” is evolved and has control over ALL of our decisions.  While the animal brain can have urges and temptations to binge, it has no control over our voluntary movements.  Only the human brain does.

The strategy I learned in Brain Over Binge is how to disassociate from our animal brain.  You don't try to fight the urges or temptations, but simply observe and disassociate.  You don't act and just observe.  As a result, these temptations and urges disappear.

It is an ILLUSION that our animal brain has control over us.  It's false.  WE always have control and when you view the animal brain as not being you, you begin to have power and control over your actions.

This strategy was very effective for me, but it ONLY works if you stop trying to “diet”.  You must be consuming enough calories and not deprive yourself in any way.  Otherwise, no matter what, it will be nearly impossible for you to overcome binge eating disorder.

If you want to diet and lose weight, you can – but do it once you have your eating under control and don't be extreme with it.  Instead, I've learned it's best to take a very slow, steady approach to weight loss.  That is more sustainable and healthy long-term.

I can't possibly summarize everything that I learned from Brain Over Binge in this article, but I do highly recommend you get this book.  Trust me, it will change your life.  You can get it here on Amazon.

The second strategy that helped me overcome binge eating disorder is Tony Robbins “6 Steps To Lasting Change” in his The Body You Deserve program.

The Body You Deserve is an audio program that I highly recommend you get as well.  It is absolutely life-changing and will not only help you overcome binge eating disorder, but achieve your weight loss goals.

Below are the steps that I followed to overcome binge eating disorder, by Tony Robbins.

6 Steps To Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder

1. Decide What You Really Want

First, it's important to get clear on what you really want.

What do you want for your body?  What is your outcome?

Do you want to be healthy and energetic?  Do you want to lose 30 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds?  Do you want to have a six pack?

Clarity is power.

2. Get Leverage!  Make The Change A Must.

Once you know what you want, you then need to know WHY you want it.  You do this by getting leverage on yourself.

If you want to overcome binge eating disorder, you need to binge to associate PAIN to binging.  It's not until it becomes SO PAINFUL for you to binge and eat junk food that you will stop the destructive pattern.

You can do this by asking yourself, “What are the consequences of eating this food?”

“What will it cost me in my life if I continue binge eating?”

“What has it ALREADY cost me in my life?  What have the consequences been?”

If you do this correctly, you will get to a point where you hit an emotional threshold and changing becomes a MUST.

3. Interrupt The Limiting Pattern

Binge eating disorder is a pattern.  It's a habit.

What are your binge foods?

For me, it was ice cream, doughnuts, cookies, chocolate bars and pizza.

I used a lot of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) patterns to interrupt those patterns and habits.

For example, I would go to the store, look at the ice cream in the fridge and imagine my dog puking all over it.  I did this again and again, which eventually made me associate pain to ice cream.  I now NEVER eat ice cream because I always imagine dog puke when I think of it.

This is called “interrupting the pattern”.  I did this (and many other techniques) for other foods I was addicted to.

4. Create A New Empowering Pattern

Once you've interrupted the old limiting pattern, you then need to replace it with an empowering alternative.

What could you do instead of binge eating?  What will you do that can serve you instead?

You need NEW ways of changing your state and meeting your needs.

This could be reading.  Going for a walk.  Exercising.  Talking to friends or family on the phone.  Taking up new hobbies or activities.  Journalling.  Starting a business.  Drinking water.  Eating healthy food.

The possibilities are endless.

5. Condition The New Pattern Until It's Consistent

You then want to continue to condition the new pattern, while continuously interrupting the old pattern.  Keep doing this for 30 days, as much as possible.  This will reinforce the new behaviours and patterns.  It then becomes automatic and the habit of binge eating will be gone.

6. Test It

Finally, you want to test it and make sure that it works.

You can do this by being around your “binge foods” and see how you respond or react to them.

The real test will be when you set off your triggers – such as being bored, stressed, frustrated, depressed, etc…

If binge eating still persists after this, then you may need to strengthen it by getting more leverage, interrupting the pattern and conditioning the new one.

These Two Resources Will Put An End To Your Binge Eating Disorder

I want you to know that there is hope for you.

You CAN overcome your binge eating disorder… and it's not as difficult as you thought.

It took me a long time to overcome it, but it was only possible with my persistence and faith that I could overcome binge eating.

As a result, my persistence brought me to these two resources that put an end to my binge eating.  I promise you, these resources will put an end to your binge eating habit once and for all.

These are the resources I recommend:

If you are serious and committed to overcoming binge eating disorder (which I know you are, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this), then you owe it to yourself to give these a try.

I'm sharing these resources, this video and article simply because I care.  I sincerely don't want you to suffer, because I know what you're going through.  While you haven't met me, I'm asking you to trust me on this and take immediate action to get these resources.  I can promise you that you won't regret it!

If you have suffered from binge eating disorder and have been able to overcome it, please leave a comment below.  Share your story and how you were able to do it, I'm sure it will benefit others!

If you are currently suffering from binge eating disorder, but still haven't been able to overcome it, leave a comment below as well.  I'm here to support you and answer any questions you might have!

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How To Overcome Binge Eating And Emotional Eating Once And For All
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  • Megan Connors

    Thank you so much for this blog. I’ve suffered from binge eatting for a very long time, and it’s something I’m still working on to get under control So thank you.

  • David

    Hi Stefan, I just purchased the book. This post was really helpful to me. I’ve been suffering with binge eating for some years. I moved into my own place in 2007 and isolated myself and started going to the local store and getting food. I’m still binging and have a lot of trouble with it.I have really bad food allergies at times and reactions and have become pretty down and lost a number of jobs (one recently) Ive tried to stop but I can’t even last a day. I’m tall and slim but have put on a few stone over the last few months. I put the causes down to a few things: my isolation in my flat and my past experience with women. I am actually about to move out of my place and I hope this could be the beginning to overcoming the problem. I can completely relate to what you say in your post. It’s great you overcame this and inspires me. I always seem to say I will start eating better on this day or that but it never lasts and at times I feel pretty desperate about things. Thanks for recommending the book it has a lot of good reviews and I hope it will offer me guidance.

    • Hey David, glad you took action and got the book. Do yourself a favour and get The Body You Deserve as well, it’s one of my favourite programs and I can’t express how much it’s helped me. There’s definitely hope my friend, don’t give up and continue persisting to overcome it!

    • Hey David, just curious, are you still dealing with this?

  • Ming

    Hi Stephan!

    I’ve been suffering Binge Eating for ages and I’ve just went and got Anthony Robbins Program – I was just wondering about the restriction against how he wants us to eat healthier etc – because right now everything is telling me not to restrict and just to be ‘normal’ because I would like to one day be able to sit in a room and not be scared of having or not having dessert if you know what I mean. Let me know how it worked for you – I’ve been suffering for 2 years and in that time have gained over 30 kilos and just don’t know what to do anymore.


  • MA

    Hi Stephan,

    I’m fighting Binge disorder for 2 decades – I’m 40 now

    For last 4 years I’m fitness freak – I work out hard
    By amount of working out I should have the best body ….. But there is this Binge eating that is destroying all.

    I know so much about healthy food and I’m mostly very good in following that ….. But again, there is this Binge eating that is destroying all.

    I have idea what I should do to fight it, but then again I fall so often (20 years).

    I will gave you good example with today’s day;

    1. Yesterday I prepare food for 6 small meals for today.
    2. Today in the morning, I weight my self and got sad when I saw that I didn’t lose any gram from last week
    3. I eat my prepared food at specific time,
    4. Went to gym and work out as planned
    When I was in gym I got so sad when I noticed fat on my shoulders – my muscles ware not visible at all
    5. When Came home I had one of my meals.
    6. Because last night I didn’t sleep enough I tough that I will have 20 min power sleep
    But instead I end up going to the shop and buying sweets with obvious attention to eat until I explode.

    And that is what I did.

    As I was eating I was thinking that I need to stop with this, need to cure my self ,,
    as I was eating I was googling for solution,
    as I was Eating I find your video on YouTube.

    Your start of the video was totally me, but…
    as I was Eating and watching your video, I was thinking that I need to purge – And that is what I did.

    As I was watching your video I was already calculating that tomorrow I need to work out even more then planned and not eat – because I eat today for several days ( I know that this is wrong )

    I also need to add here –
    If I got any extra KG I just don’t wanna hang out with people, need to force myself to exit house
    This year I decide to stay home for New years eve because i felt to fat – and that is what I don’t like

    3 years Ago I needed to take out all my teeth because I develop aggressive periodontitis and my teeth got rotten .

    Now I have 12 Implants and beautiful bridge – which I like very much and I know that Binging is very bad for it – BUT I JUST CANNOT STOP

    It always somehow coming back

    The worst part is – That I know what I should do, but again I’m not doing it

    I already have so much hobbies – GYM, Rollerderby, walking dog, yoga

    I thought that maybe because all my hobbies are active I should look for hobby that is not active – That is why 3 wees ago I start to learn how to crochet.

    And Eating disorder is still here 🙁 :(:( 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • er

      Hi MA, since nobody replied I just wanted to put a note here and let you know that you are not alone. I, too, have been working on my recovery for 20 years and have so many other activities that I try to engage in to distract from the eating/heal myself, etc. One thing I hear in your post is that you are trying VERY hard to control the food. My experience is that, even though it feels totally counter-intuitive and scary, when I really let go of trying to be so rigid around food, I get a reprieve. Instead, I try to focus on eating regular, balanced meals, not depriving myself, ESPECIALLY not waiting too long to have my meals (which I tend to do), and making sure I get enough protein (esp. animal protein) tends to help, as well. I’m wishing you luck and as much self-love as possible in the midst of the horror. I know how badly it feels, please just don’t feel like you are the only one! -Emily