Over $33,434,000 In Profit Selling Simple, Boring Products On Amazon?

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Can you imagine making over $33,434,000 in profit selling simple, boring products on Amazon?

Right now, there’s tens, if not hundreds of online products and courses that teach people how to start an online business selling on AmazonAlthough a lot of them will work, they all teach you the same thing…to find ‘hot products’ selling well, to ride the wave, and jump on the bandwagon.

It’s like swimming in a red sea of hungry sharks all fighting for the consumer’s attention. What other options are out there? As Albert Einstein once said,“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

How else can you stand out in an already overcrowded marketplace full of ‘me too’ products? 

Enter centre stage Marketplace SuperHeroes.

Founders Stephen & Robert have created a simple, proven system that has so far generated over $33,434,000 across 7 marketplaces selling simple, boring (yes boring!), low competition items.

If you want to learn more about their unique strategies and how they’ve leveraged Amazon’s FBA, selling physical products, watch the replay of an interview I did with Stephen below!

Watch the video below:

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Between Robert & Stephen, they have over 20 combined years experience selling physical products. They’ve created one of the most step-by-step programs that teaches you exactly how you can make over $33,434,000 in profit selling simple, boring products on Amazon.

Here is a recap of my interview with Stephen Somers:

Can you tell us how much money somebody needs to get started selling on Amazon?

You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars or products to get started making money from selling on Amazon.

I’d suggest starting out with between $1,000 – $3,000. This will allow you to bring in one (maybe two) products in significant amounts to fully understand their potential in the marketplace.

We teach a concept called’ The Rule of 5’. In a nutshell, we want 5 products selling in 5 countries, making just 5 sales per day with an average $5 profit.

Doesn’t sound much, but over just 30 days, that’s a net profit of $18,750. And a year? $225,000! And that’s money in your hand – with only 5 products. We’re the only people teaching a strategy like this.

How would you address people's fear of ‘spending’ their money?

Here's the thing Stefan, you’ve got to make the mindset shift from somebody who ‘spends’ to someone who ‘invests’ their money. This simple shift allows you to see things in a totally different light and allows you to double your money on our initial investment. It’s quite easy to multiply what you put in.

It’s almost impossible to lose money if you do your work correctly. Generally speaking, the amount of research we do, we near enough eliminate all the risks.

What about launching your products on Amazon. Do you have a certain process?

We actually don’t! We’re involved in some really high level masterminds full of Amazon sellers and whenever they ask, they’re confused how we do it. And we always tell them…

We spend a lot of time in the research phase. We’ve never done free giveaways or ran any kind of social ad to any of our products before. There’s no need. We simply find the demand and fulfill it. That’s the key.

There’s many challenges that new Amazon sellers can face. But if you’ve got the right process that’s proven to give you predictable results over and over again – just like Stephen and Robert are teaching – it can completely transform your life!

Do you want to learn more about Marketplace Superheroes? CLICK HERE to join their free webinar training that is happening today!

Over $33,434,000 In Profit Selling Simple, Boring Products On Amazon?
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