The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge: How To Change Your Life In 10 Days


10 day mental dietI've been re-reading one of my favourite books lately, Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins, and I've reached the section called The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge.  In it, Tony Robbins proposes a 10 day challenge based on something that he had learned in pamphlet by Emmet Fox, based on the 7 Day Mental Diet.

The challenge is that for the next 10 days, beginning immediately, commit to taking full control of all your mental and emotional faculties by deciding right now that you will not indulge in or dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or emotions for 10 consecutive days.

It sounds easy, but you might be surprised how often your brain is engaged in unproductive, fearful, worrisome, or destructive thinking.  The goal is to learn how to discipline yourself to be able to change your state and thinking rapidly, without indulging in them.  It's about developing mastery of your mental and emotional well-being.

Never spend more than 10% of your time on the problem, and spend at least 90% of your time on the solution.

This is something that I've done many times before in the past, and it's made a significant difference in my life.  I realized I had some destructive habits and patterns that were holding me back, such as binge eating, and that certain emotional states or negative thoughts were triggering those destructive habits.  It wasn't until I committed to taking up the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge that I was able to learn how to take control of my mind and stay consistent with the habits that I wanted.

There are four simple yet important rules to this 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge:

10 day mental diet challengeRule 1. In the next 10 consecutive days, refuse to dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or feelings. Refuse to indulge in any disempowering questions or devitalizing vocabulary or metaphors.

Rule 2. When you catch yourself beginning to focus on the negative – and you certainly will – you are to immediately snap yourself out of it and change your thinking or state. You can do this by asking an empowering question, such as “What's great about this?” or “What else could this mean?”. Or you can reframe any negative thoughts that come up, for example, if you catch yourself saying “I suck”, you would replace it with, “I'm awesome!”  There are some powerful techniques that you can use in a blog post I wrote on how to master your emotions. In addition, you can set yourself up for success each morning for the next 10 days by developing a morning ritual to get yourself in a peak emotional state each day.

Rule 3. For the next 10 consecutive days, make certain that your whole focus in life is on solutions and not problems. The minute you see a possible challenge, immediately focus on what the solution could be.

Rule 4. If you backslide – that is, if you catch yourself indulging in or dwelling on an unresourceful thought or feeling – don't beat yourself up. There's no problem with this as long as you change immediately. However, if you continue to dwell on unrsourceful thoughts or feelings for more than a minute, you must wait until the following morning to start the ten days over. The goal of this program is 10 consecutive days without holding or dwelling on a negative thought or state. This starting-over process must happen no matter how many days in a row you've already accomplished the task.

When I first attempted the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge it took me several weeks before I was able to go the 10 consecutive days. It was much more difficult than I thought. But once I was able to successfully finish it, it helped me condition myself for a tremendous, lifelong pattern of staying in a positive emotional state, even when there were challenges around me, and focusing the majority of my energy on solutions.

This is since a process that I've encouraged my coaching clients to partake in, and it's made a huge difference for them, especially in helping overcoming destructive habits or addictions.  It's something that I'm going to be going through again for myself, as I want to make sure I'm applying everything I learn in the book Awaken The Giant Within.

If you take on this 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge, it will do four things for you:

  1. It will make you acutely aware of all the habitual mental and emotional patterns that are holding you back.
  2. It will make your brain search for empowering alternatives to them.
  3. It will give you an incredible sense of confidence as you can see that you can turn your life around in an instant.
  4. Most importantly, it will create new habits, new standards, and new expectations that will help you expand more than you could ever believe.

10 day mental challengeHere's a word of caution: Don't begin this 10 day commitment unless and until you are certain that you are going to live by it for the full length of time. If you aren't committed to this, then you won't last the 10 days. This is not for the weak of heart. This is only for those who are fully committed to conditioning their nervous systems for new, empowering emotional patterns that can take their lives to the next level.

Are you going to do it?  Think about it carefully, because once you commit, there's no going back.

The truth is, you already know and have amazing tools on how to change yourself, your thoughts, and your emotional state. This is my challenge to you to start using them.  It's time to put in practice what you've learned.

The best way to stay accountable to this is to commit to a friend or family member that you're going to do this 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge. Post a comment below to make your commitment public. This will help make you stay accountable and show your level of commitment to complete it.

For anyone that is reading this, I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge: How To Change Your Life In 10 Days
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  • nazimbd

     10 day mental diet really good challenging! But i want to say i will can complete the 10 day mental diet challenge & i will take the challenge.

  • Cporterpick1

    Great suggestions to get my life on the right track. This is just what I needed as I have been feeling a little down and defeated about some current events that I have recently experienced.  I plan to get started June 1, so that I can start the new month off fresh.  I will use the remainder of this month to prep for my target date of June 1.  Thanks for this article!

    • No problem. Check out my “How To Overcome Adversity” video as well to help with any hard time you’re going through.

  • This topics really good for those man who want to
    Mental Diet Challenge.10 day mental diet really good challenging!

  • shalikasabesan

    This 10 Day Mental Diet is an awesome diet to follwo. It can enhance once physical and mental well being!!, Its seems easy to follow to… Its a real good challenge to oneself!!

  • Firdousevarode

    i am ready for the challenge and am going make my friend take the challenge too

  • R.A.

    Initially the 10 day mental diet challenge seemed so difficult and now into it for just 2 days i feel it is so rewarding. One can actually come up with better solutons rather than dwelling upon them for days, also it has built a very positive air around me for others.

    • Once you finish the 10-days, it is even more rewarding and a huge accomplishment. Keep going.

  • Razaulkarim1

     The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge is the vary usefull effect in your life. whan i read this i confidently realize that i actually Change Your Life In 10 Days.

    • You can change your life in a moment – the moment you finally COMMIT and DECIDE to something.

  • I am not sure about the name of the program my brother-in-law followed recently but is sounded much like the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge.  His business immediately saw greater profits when he got rid of negative thoughts.

    • Your entire life will change if you go through the full 10-days without cheating.

  • John Roberts

    I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

  • SF

    Thank you for this – I am committed to this 10 day mental challenge!

  • Michaelak Krisanda

    I commit to taking the 10 day mental diet challenge. I recently have gone through a painful breakup. I struggle with obsessive thoughts that hold me back mentally and physically. I would like regain my focus on the things I can change rather what I can not. I do not know if we will reunite and need be at peace that if it is meant to be it will be . I have had this time to reflect on my own behaviors and have acknowledged them fully and have actively made changes for the better . I still get discouraged at times and want to make a significant effort to do better . I plan to start a new business in the next 30 days. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have reclaimed my life in many ways . Now is the time to take full control of my life and live my best . I’m ready to do what it takes . I’m scared already!
    My challenge includes:
    Morning ritual
    Yoga – I am a new student and I go everyday
    Meditation – I took a workshop and reading an open Zen book. Goal 20-30min a day
    Shift the thouhts of uncertainty …. And just thinking about the x
    Prepare for business
    Getting up at the same time everyday and commit to full night of sleep
    Complete my daily RPM list
    To much ? I’m posting it . Here it goes !

    • Awesome Michaelak, I respect your commitment. By making it public, you’re so much more to stick with it. Good luck!

    • Steveo

      How’s it going three years later, Michaelak?

  • Devon L

    This is awesome can’t wait to start! I’m reading Awaken the Giant Within right now and I feel like I’ve already been trying to do this but now I have more set guidelines. Love it! Sick site too tho bro, very inspirational, just what I need… actually made it my homepage! Love the morning ritual template and have been using it for a couple days now and already has made a large impact on my whole day! Thanks brah

    • Awesome! Awaken The Giant Within is one of my favourite books, read it twice now. Thanks for stopping by.

  • JK

    I commit to completing the 10 day mental diet challenge!

  • brian healy

    Starting now .

    • Juan

      Me too, starting right now the 10-days

  • Tom

    Started yesterday, it’s going good so far!

  • Mostafa Aghababai

    I commit to completing the 10 day mental diet challenge as well as starting to apply the morning and evening rituals from tomorrow!

  • Salim Harun

    I commit to completing this 10 day mental challenge

  • Antonio

    I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

  • H.S

    Starting today . Day 1

  • Ella

    i’m starting today, like right now ten in the morning.

  • vishwa

    I’ve been doing the negative cycles for years. Many inferiority complexes and self doubt scenarios have haunted me for so long. I’m tired of this. I want this 10 day challenge for myself. I want to be in control and take command. This might be late to the post, but it’s time I tool my life back. The one question that always makes me falter is ‘ you’ve failed so many times before. Whay makes you think you can do it now?’ Well, fuck you self-doubt.

  • John Dunn

    I commit to completing the 10 day mental challenge! I know I will easily achieve it!

  • Qi Zhao

    I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!!
    more and more confused during my grown-up time,after the break up and uncountable mistakes and wrong decisions that I have ever made, everything start to lose their color and the world seems just black and white left. I really want to find myself , let me to play an important part in this world, and be positive about every moment in my life.
    Hope I can stand up and start a new life from this moment.
    Make the people happier who love me and support me at any time when I am at the bottom of my life.

  • Alex Tan@RealAlexTan

    This sounds like a huge stretch for my life. As we all know we are surrounded by people subconsciously drive us down on a regular basis, as a result it is easier to think negatively then positively, and by committed to this we all must develop a ritual that is more powerful then our peer group. I don’t know whether or not this is the best time for me but I rather start the 10 day Mental diet on my vacation so I already gained a certain amount of momentum to fight all those stresses that happens on a regular daily basis in my workplace.

    Alex T.

  • karen

    I am in!^_^

  • Rinaldo

    I guess it’s a good tool for a happy person who just might happen to stumble from time to time.
    Unfortunately it does not work for me. I don’t have separate, recocnizable negative thoughts etc. My overall being is negative, depressing 24/7. I just do not have any energy, capability to enjoy life. Just keep doing my regular rutines without any negative thoughts per se. Just running my course without enjoyment. I tried this challenge but it just does not make any difference if I keep repeating I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy or I’m awesome, I’m awesome, I’m awesome.
    Any thoughts, what to do here?

    • CA

      I have two friends that feel the same way. It is called dysthymia. One of them sought treatment, has been taking an SSRI for about six months and feels very good about it. Started a new job, has been having fun dating. Medication can help some people boost their mood enough to regain the will to start something like this program. But it does not usually work forever. You can’t rely on drugs (or nutrition and exercise alone) for the long term. It is very important to start this routine-based emotional and physical re-wiring as soon as you are able. I have struggled with grief and depression, and based on my research and experience, this blog really offers a great combination of proven tools.

  • Jordyn Scheelar

    I commit to take the 10 day mental diet challenge. I am excited to see the changes. I have completed a full body challenge. Now I need a good mental cleanse and hopefully just like eating, I will utilize this just as much.

  • samson

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    some thing I that wish never to experience again in my life till I die and if
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    test and treatment it only took me 7 days for me me normal again. That is why I have took some time out today to say
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  • Tammy Scotton

    Awesome. Can’t wait to get started.

  • Neeti

    I started the 10 day mental diet. I am now on Day 2 and I already feel so focused and peaceful!

  • Khadijah

    I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

  • Kevin Johnson

    I commit to the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

  • amidlifewoman

    I am IN. It is almost 11 PM so it would be cheating to count today lol so starying Sep 21, 2014 will be day 1 🙂

    • amidlifewoman

      starting not staring – it’s late at night, my brain is tired 😉

  • Cos

    I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

  • lee

    I will commit for myself and my family

  • oren

    Thank you very much for this article.
    I am a warrior on the isreal army, and recently found my self angry, mad of friends of mine, for not a good reason
    and sad at evening’s. And i heard once on audio of antony robbina (i really love tony robbins) about this book called 7 days metal diet. And he said its changed hes life.
    So i googled it and found this article 🙂
    Tommrow moring i start the challenge!
    Again thank you very much, i all ready feel much better!!

  • Cornelis Joubert

    I accept and fully commit, with every positive cell in my body, to complete the 10 day mental diet challenge… Starting right now.. I’m calling this an opportunity- not a challenge. I will succeed and so will you. Come on.. Do it

  • Erika

    I am Committing to completing the 10 Day Challenge and creating a lifelong pattern of a positive emotional state!

  • First Empower Yourself

    I commit to taking the 10 day mental challenge. I have been through the roughest time in my life. I lost my oldest daughter. I invested in a business with family members that did not workout for me. I am no longer apart of the inner circle of my family. I lost my job and my financial life is in shabbles. And last but not least, I had a painful breakup. But, I am still standing. The next hurdle I am facing is regaining me. I am determined to stay on the journey and make it to the promise land of wholeness.

  • TA Young

    I commit to taking and completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge. Thank you for sharing this concept.

  • Zach Brown

    Tomorrow through 7 January 2016 is a ten-day timeframe and I publicly commit to use this timeframe for the mental diet challenge. I work for a department called the Enterprise Service Desk supporting a medical services provider with 50,000 employees, on the second shift. On my days off, I frequently and lackadaisically browse through youtube discussions and maybe go to see a movie. While at work, I tend to frequently use the break room with a lot of snacking. My work performance itself is quite fine and in fact ten days ago I was provided with a certificate for service excellence [I’m 40 years old, had gone back to school last year for IT, and have been with this job for the last year; in 7 days I will be right at one year]. I tend to drink too much coffee, and have calluses chewed onto my thumb knuckles. On 7 January 2016 I am signed up for the Microsoft exam to be formally qualified as an ‘enterprise desktop support technician’ and therefore it is my aspiration to use this timeframe to focus my efforts on studying for this exam and actually pass it, in addition to curtailing the amount of coffee I drink. I’ve already done a fair amount of studying for this exam, and through prayer and meditation a number of different times, including this morning, I have the belief that this is a sufficient timeframe. Therefore, I publicly declare I will abstain from fruitless and counterproductive mental patterns over the next 10 days and focus with discipline to achieve the desired outcome.

  • harrison

    I have lost myself for one and a half years, and now, i am looking for ways to change myself desperately, I always know i can be the best, it is time to rewire my mind, bring it, ten days challenge!!!!!!!!!

  • Aiman Khalid

    I commit to the 10 Day Diet challenge. I’ve been working so hard on my website and marketing and my book and business that I didn’t even have time for myself now and still my website and my book isn’t generating ANYTHING.
    I’m fully determined now to use every single minute to improve myself and my earnings. And I think I can totally do this.

  • Sreya

    I commit today the 10 day mental diet challenge.

  • Alisha

    I commit to completing the 10 day mental diet challenge. I will take positive action to transform myself from the moment I post this commitment. This is the first time i am making my commitment public and this was needed much. I am determined to persevere.

  • Alisha

    And to include I will start my morning routine by waking up before 6 everyday with gratitude and will feel the same before going to bed. I will do Meditation and yoga daily. I will improve needed skills everyday. I will do 1 new activity a day. My 10 days, here I come.

  • Emanuel Darby

    I commit to the ten day positivity challenge starting today.

  • Ajay Guleria

    I commit to take the 10 day mental diet challenge.

  • EM

    I committ to doing the 10 day mental diet challenge! I’m going through a transition in my life right now- leaving my home of 1 year including all the friends and memories I’ve had here. It’s been very painful and destructive to my emotional well being to constantly dwell and indulge in these negative and fearful thoughts about the future. I want to stay committed to this challenge not only to change the quality of my life but to also have the tools to cope with instances like these in the future.

  • Ciara Ruschitzko

    I am looking forward to this and committed to the challenge

  • Bashayer

    I’m doing it

  • Morgan

    I commit to the 10 day mental diet challenge!


    i commit to take uo the ten day mental diet to
    improve my personality and boost up my academics

  • MsLolly122

    I commit to the 10 day mental diet challenge. I can do it!