The Art of Appreciation


The Art of AppreciationOn this beautiful, sunny afternoon in Vancouver, I decided to go for a walk on the sea wall near my house in English Bay. I found myself relaxing at the beach, staring out at the ocean and beautiful scenery around me. I felt at peace with myself.

Getting myself into that kind of relaxed, peaceful state is very refreshing. It allows me to think clearly and express my thoughts freely. As I sat there, I began thinking.

I thought about how lucky I am to be experiencing this beautiful sight – how lucky I am to be living in downtown Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, during the greatest time to be alive. I thought about how lucky I am to be doing what I passionately enjoy doing, which is influencing people's lives for the better and making a REAL contribution to the world. I thought about all of the amazing friends that I have. The people that I've met along my journey…

Then, I thought about all of the experiences I've been fortunate enough to go through at such a young age. The experiences that have created me and that make me who I am today. While I've encountered many failures, rejections, and pain, they've all added an immense amount of value into my life, shaping my character and who I am today.

art of appreciationEvery experience in life I am grateful for. The painful ones motivated me and propelled me to grow and move forward in life.  The pleasurable experiences has added a richness and sense of meaning and celebration, that I'll never forget.  Each experience I've learned from and used to fulfill my potential as a human being, to live my purpose of being able to grow and give.

Who knows, if I just lived a typical, practical life… I wonder where I'd be?

I figure I'd just be “content”, going to school or working a boring job, with a small circle of friends and a mediocre lifestyle.

I thought about how thankful I am of the decisions that I've made. The decision to never settle and to constantly strive to become the best that I can be. The decision to not go to university, quit my job, and starting my own coaching business back in 2008. These are all decisions that have created the abundance I enjoy today.

I thought about how much love and respect I have for my body, which is the amazing force that gives me LIFE.

I thought about how grateful and appreciative I am of everyone and everything around me.

I went on and on and on…

This is GRATITUDE.  APPRECIATION.  It's what makes us truly fulfilled.

Most people don't take the time on a regular basis to think about this stuff. It just flies over their head. They're too busy focusing on achieving and becoming successful, instead of putting things into perspective and realizing just how LUCKY they are.

It's great to ACHIEVE a lot of things — BUT, becoming “SUCCESSFUL” isn't what is going to make you happy.

It's not what you get that makes you happy, it's who you become.

gratitude appreciation

There is an ART that few people rarely master, which is the key to happiness and fulfillment on a regular basis. It's the gratitude and appreciation which you take the time to acknowledge on a daily basis which fills you up.

When was the last time you stopped to think of how lucky you are?

Give yourself the gift of happiness and gratitude on a regular basis. You deserve it. Give yourself the love, connection, positivity, appreciation, and respect that most people DESPERATELY crave from others. Fill yourself up with joy.

When you can do this, you will be more emotionally INDEPENDENT, meaning you won't need to depend on anyone else to fulfill these needs for you. Also, you will have more to CONTRIBUTE and to offer to others, which will make a drastic change to your relationships and social life.

You will no longer feel “needy” or “lonely”, waiting for that special someone to come along and fill that emptiness or void inside you.  Instead, you will feel EMOTIONALLY ABUNDANT.

After all, the reason why we chase success in the first place is for the FEELING we will get out of it.  Why not give it to yourself first?

Spend 10-15 minutes giving thanks and showing appreciation for everything in your life.

The Art of Appreciation
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  • chary fano-manango

    Now I can say that “How Lucky I Am” I’ve learned a lot with this. I can now appreciate myself. I did a lot of good things in my own and to my family but I forgot to say thank you to myself. I admit that I have lack of appreciation to myself. Thanks Stefan.

  • Gavin Powers

    This concept is a good idea. I tried writing down everything that I could think of to be gratefull for. After I did this, I felt I had made peace with God.

    • Awesome, you should do it more often! I take time for gratitude everyday.