Your Empowering Ecosystem – Change Your Environment, Change Your Life


Everyday I get bombarded with e-mails from people about how my videos and blog has inspired them or changed their lives in some way.  I love it, it's one of the most rewarding things you can possibly imagine, and I am grateful for being able to influence people in the way that I do.

At the same time, I get just as many e-mails from people asking for feedback or advice on specific challenges they're facing.  Some of the e-mails are intense, such as hearing people say, “I'm about to commit suicide, you're my last hope, here's my problem, can you help me?”  As you can imagine, I feel a really huge responsibility to make sure that I give that person the right advice and really reach out to them and help in any way that I can.

While the e-mails about challenges and problems I receive are overwhelming, many of them are the same questions asked over and over again, and I figured I could somehow leverage myself and respond to people's challenges in the form of a video blog.  That way, everyone can benefit from it, including all my blog followers.

Today, I take the time to respond to an e-mail from someone named Timothy.  I explain a concept in this video called “Your Empowering Ecosystem”, which is the biggest thing that will influence who you are more than anything.

Who you spend time with is who you become.

Here's the video below:

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empowering ecosystemWho you spend time with on a regular basis shapes who you are.  You literally become like the people you most associate with.  You adopt their beliefs, mindset, behaviours, personality traits, etc… If you're surrounding yourself with people that are negative or lazy, those traits will seep into you no matter how much you think you are invincible towards it.  You may resist it for a period of time, but it will eventually affect your life in some negative way.  At the same time, the same goes for someone that is positive and motivated.

In the video response I put together, I understand that Timothy is lacking that empowering ecosystem, which is the first step he needs to take to really transform his life.  While it can be challenging to find people of that nature at the beginning, there is always a place to start.

My recommendation was simply turning to books, audio programs, and discovering mentors or role models through the internet.  You can have a “virtual ecosystem”, if you will.  When you're feeding your mind with powerful information through a book or program, it begins to influence you just as a friend would.  The author's mindset, beliefs, vibration, etc… is being uploaded into your nervous system and changes the way you behaviour and view the world.

I've personally read hundreds of books, been through dozens of audio programs, video programs, and attended many seminars around North America.  I've also had several mentors, coaches, and successful leaders as my friends.  I've been apart of several “mastermind groups” when it comes to goal setting, health/fitness, internet marketing, finance, etc… everything you can possibly imagine.  ALL of those experiences, through continually feeding my brain positivity, has shaped who I am today.

In fact, everything you hear from me – what you see in video, the information I know and express openly, is all information that I've learned through these amazing processes.  What I express in my videos and blog posts are really just a reflection of my mindset and how I think.  The way everything changed for me was through continually feeding my mind.  Growing my mind – expanding it.  Challenging it.

Your brain is like a muscle.  The more you challenge and grow it, the stronger it becomes.  And if you buy into my metaphor, then reading books or going through audio programs is “mental aerobics” or “mental weight training”.

Eventually, you will begin to attract amazing people into your life based on who you become.  You attract what you are.  Different people will be drawn to you based on the level of vibration that you're transmitting. This, in my opinion, is how anyone can really take their life to a whole new level.  And hopefully, this is something I'm able to accomplish through my blog and videos – to be able to really influence people on the deepest level through what I'm putting out.

Good luck Timothy.  If anyone else has challenges or questions, I'm here to help – and they may even be featured in the next video blog!

Your Empowering Ecosystem – Change Your Environment, Change Your Life
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  • Good video Stefan! I check here every day and am pleasantly surprised when you update the blog. The email response videos is a good idea.

    I definitely went through something similar to this in high school. My group of friends weren’t the most social guys and didn’t really respect me. I was pretty much the butt of all there jokes so my sophomore year (grade 10 as you would call it… I think) I stopped hanging out with them.

    For a while I was sort of just mingling with different groups of people i sort of knew. For about two months I didn’t really have any close friends until I got a job and got to know a friend from school there. Next thing i knew I was part of his group and we’ve all been close friends now for 6 years, even after we’ve moved to different places because of college.

    But since I left the other group of “friends”, I began to grow more as a person. I had much more fun, had girlfriends, went to prom – things I probably wouldn’t have with the group I was spending time with.

    The concept of the empowering ecosystem is a good one and I hope a lot of people take your advice on it.

    • Great story, glad we can relate to one another. My ecosystem has changed a lot over the years, and it’s one of the biggest things that has attributed to a lot of success and growth.

  • Halima

    I can’t stop watching your videos because you are so positive and that is truly refreshing. I am surrounding myself with nothing but positive people, I’ve been through a divorce with a lot of hostility left behind and I’ve recently let go of some toxic relationships and I began reading again. I got off track when I stopped reading which was a disservice to myself because I literally stopped evolving, and honestly I put myself through a lot of shit holding on to negative people who didn’t want to improve themselves, every time I would try to be joyful or positive in any way they would act as if they were jealous, and they didn’t even have enough class to contain themselves it was always so blatant. I always remained strong by changing my environment for example I had a friend who would always say ” I hate this neighborhood” but at the same time wouldn’t make an effort to save any money to move he would buy take out, cigarettes and movie rentals all while surrounding himself with people who reinforced his behavior. The money he spent on bullshit he could of used to give himself some relief by going out, this way he would at least be able to tolerate his environment until he could afford to totally remove himself, and guess what? he’s still there and complaining about the same things. Stefan have you ever met someone who refuses to be happy or subconsciously blocks their own happiness?

    • Hey Halima, thanks for stopping by and for sharing. Yes I’ve met people like that. Most people would rather be comfortable than happy. And if you think about it, our brains aren’t designed to be happy – they are designed to protect us and to be safe, to be comfortable. It keeps us alive and whatnot, but prevents us from being happy. It’s usually not until people hit an emotional threshold that they finally get honest with themselves and make a DECISION to change.

  • Mostafa Aghababai

    I’ve been wanting to change myself for a while now, and I mean in every area of my life, and I’ve been reading books and used some audio programs of people like Tony Robbins, Tony is amazing and I see that you use his programs a lot too, but sometimes I can’t completely relate to what he says, like the same thing about the hour of power which I’m going to start applying from tomorrow, I had listened to an audio from tony about the hour of power before but I didn’t apply it, but when I saw your morning ritual a few days back I could really trust and see that you were doing it yourself, you have a way in your writing and talking that makes me relate to you, when I read your articles i know you’ve been there and understand, right now I’m probably were you were a few years back, I’m introverted, I’m not financially free, I’m not physically were I want to be, and I have a few friends who are really negative and I don’t know any positive person right now in my life and I kind of felt bad about not having someone positive and someone who understands me and thought that this disadvantage is going to hold me back from succeeding, but again in this article you showed me that I can spend most of my time for now by reading and listening to audio programs to change my mindset. in the last few days I’ve read a few of your articles and I can say I completely believe in what you say and it’s obvious you’ve been there and understand what I’m going through. thank you for the amazing work you’re doing.

    and one last thing I want to tell you is that I don’t usually leave comments but after reading a few of your articles I couldn’t possibly not leave a message and thank you, I saw your morning ritual video a few days ago and ever since I’ve read a lot of your articles and they’re all incredible. thanks again and sorry for bad English, I haven’t had enough practice for English yet.

    • Thank you Mostafa, I appreciate you leaving a comment and for your kind remarks. I am encouraged and happy that you are making some changes and I’ve been able to help in some way. Keep it up!

  • JasminPamela

    Hi Stefan,
    How about if the negative people in your life happen to be your family members?
    I would love to hear your advice on this, because I obviously don’t want to completely cut my mom off, but she comes from an abusive household, and because of that, she is very negative. Would love to hear your opinion on this! Thanks.

    • Hey Jasmin, I can relate. I recommend just limiting your time with them. You don’t have to completely cut them off, nor should you try to change them. Simply accept them for who they are, focus on being positive around them, and limit your time so that it doesn’t affect you too much.