If You Want to Earn Passive Income, You Need to Know How Search Engine Optimization Works


how search engine optimization works

Search Engine Optimization Keeps Traffic Coming to Your Website

Search engine optimization is one of those terms everyone has become familiar with over the last several years, but not everyone knows what it means. It refers to the process of optimizing website content to attract search engine traffic.

So if you work as an e-book ghostwriter for real estate agents, you need to optimize your website content so that people searching for terms like “real estate ghostwriter” or “real estate e-book writer” will find your website. To ensure your successful passive income stream, here are the search engine optimization basics you need to know.


Keywords are the search terms people enter when they are looking for websites like yours. It’s pretty easy to do some basic keyword research to determine your ideal keywords. Then, you can focus on generating keyword-rich content to attract your ideal visitors.


There are several kinds of tags involved with search engine optimization. They all help point the search engines to your website, just like keywords do. Blog titles, for instance, should be set up as title tags. This simple act gives the title text significance when search engines “crawl” through your page.

High-Quality Content

You have probably heard the saying “content is king.” The idea behind keyword-rich content is to use keywords to attract the search engines, but you still need to write useful, compelling content with your ideal clients in mind. If your readers don’t find your content interesting, you’ve missed the target on search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is an important component of successful Internet marketing. Setting up your website once, using strong search engine optimization, can guarantee you impressive passive income for weeks and months to come.

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If You Want to Earn Passive Income, You Need to Know How Search Engine Optimization Works
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