Why I Keep Going To The Same Seminars Again And Again


unleash the power within seminarRight now I'm in San Jose, California for the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Seminar.  It's my 6th or 7th time attending the event.

That's right… it's my 6th or 7th time attending!

I have people ask me all the time, WHY do you keep going to the same seminar again and again?

Didn't you get it the first time?  Are you slow?  Aren't you already successful?  Why do you keep going?

In this video blog, I share why I keep going to the same seminars again and again… and why YOU SHOULD TOO.

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The Training Never Stops If You Want An Extraordinary Life

I immediately know if someone is a failure or a dabbler when they say “I already know this stuff.”

Knowing is not enough.  You can know what to do, but not DO what you know.

You ONLY know something when you are DOING IT.  It's when you are living it and owning it that you really master something.

All successful people understand this.

They know the power of REPETITION – constantly feeding their minds and conditioning themselves.

That's what makes a MASTER at anything.  They are always training, improving and growing.  It NEVER ends.

Going to a seminar one time isn't enough for me – I understand that if I want to really become a MASTER at what I'm learning, I must continually put myself back in the environment and CONDITION it until it's part of me.  That's one reason why I'm attending the same seminar again and again.

You Are Different Every Single Time

Another thing that people don't understand is that when you re-attend a seminar, YOU are different every single time.

While the content and materials might be the same, what has changed is YOU.

The same applies to reading the same book over again, going through the same audio program, re-watching videos, or attending seminars.

When you re-visit something, you are re-visiting it at a different stage of your life.  You are at a different phase of your development as a human being.

It's almost like what you're learning is totally different for you, because certain things stand out and benefit you at a much different level.

I get all kinds of “aha” moments from things I didn't pick up the first time, or perhaps it wasn't totally relevant to me at that stage of my life.

I'm always getting so many insights.  It also will either change my beliefs or condition what I already know, which I find extremely beneficial.

Always remember:  Repetition is the mother of skill.

The more you repetitively do things, the more unconscious and conditioned it becomes for you.

The same is applied for EVERYTHING in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this video – I'll be sharing more stuff from Unleash The Power Within over the next little while.

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Why I Keep Going To The Same Seminars Again And Again
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  • Jason Pereira

    Totally agree with you Stefan on repetition is KEY! I actually read “The Natural” by Richard La Ruina (the PUA) and I had to re-read it after a few weeks! Curretly reading “4-Hour Work Week” and “The 10x Rule” is next. I can already tell that I am going to be reading these again!

    If u can help I got one quick question, How much risk should I be taking with investments/ entrepreneur pursuits? I’m 16 and have a decent job and its summer, so should I be taking lots of risk? I already have passive income.

    Thx for all the help!

    • I wouldn’t recommend anything by Richard La Ruina – he’s a PUA scammer.

      A good place to start for PUA and self-development is ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and then take it from there. And it’ll only cost you a buck or two as well 🙂

      • Jason Pereira

        I actually mostly go RSD for PUA and “think and grow rich” is more self development but yea I’ve heard stuff like that before.

        • Of course I should say that even the marketers who write PUA stuff still might write something that someone finds useful..If you can, check out the old archives at practicalpickup.com or the articles from a few years ago on markmanson.net
          Good luck!

    • Hey Jason, since you’re younger you can tend to take more risks with less consequences, but it’s ultimately up to your risk tolerance. It’s best to ensure you understand things clearly before making investments, but generally the more you’re willing to invest and scale up, the faster you’ll get to where you want to be. But always make sure you have a security/emergency fund and are being strategic about it. I started investing when I was 18 with 10% of what I earned.

  • Great points! Reminds of the book Mindset by Carol S. Dweck where she articulates the differences between someone with a Growth mindset and a Fixed mindset. You clearly have a growth-oriented mindset. What’s cool is that anyone can.

    I think any one of us can be teachable, coachable, learn-able….if we want to be. I’ve found when reading the same book for the second or third time it occurs to me as though I had never read it before, or at the very least, that somehow I had missed entire sections which now resonate and hit home with me. I have never attended a Tony Robbins event, but this post definitely inspires me to.


  • bruce

    sounds like an addiction my friend. Take care.

    • It is, a positive addiction! The training never stops when you want an extraordinary life!

    • Kayvee

      Human beings are habit building machines. The habits are either positive or negative. If you don’t fill your time with positive things, negative things will automatically begin filling your time.

      If you don’t take care of a garden, weeds will begin to grow. So you keep attending to that garden, everyday.

      “Motivation is like bathing, thats why we recommend it everyday” – Jim Rohn