WHY You Need To Celebrate And Reward Yourself Everyday


In this video blog I want to share with you a ritual that I have everyday that allows me to experience more joy, fulfillment and success in my life.

I feel as though this ritual is something that is MISSING for so many people, as it's so easy to get caught up on trying to “do” or “achieve” more without taking the time to acknowledge yourself.

What I believe is missing is the act of CELEBRATING and REWARDING yourself.

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person celebratingThere are several reasons WHY you need to celebrate and reward yourself every day and every week.

The first reason is because the MORE that you acknowledge and reward yourself for all of your successes (including the small ones), the MORE success you will have.

“What gets rewarded, gets repeated.”

When you take time everyday and every week to acknowledge the little actions that you took towards your goals, you are STRENGTHENING those actions.  They begin to associate positive emotions to those actions, which in turn will make them into habits that come natural to you throughout your day.

Every time I go to the gym, got a certain task done in my business, or do anything that is productive – I always reward myself.

I will give myself a pat on the back, or just smile and feel proud of myself, or acknowledge myself in some way.

It might sound silly to say to yourself, “Good job Stefan!” or just shouting out “YES!”, but that act of pleasure that you give yourself in that moment holds a lot of power in reinforcing that behaviour.

The other reason why you want to celebrate and reward yourself is to GIVE YOURSELF FULFILLMENT.

You don't have to WAIT to be happy or fulfilled – you can be happy and fulfilled RIGHT NOW.

Your life is compromised of certain moments; magic moments.  At the end of your life, you're not going to remember everything.  You are only going to remember these “magic moments”.

Taking the time each day and week to reflect on all of those incredible moments is a ritual that will bring immense joy and fulfillment to your life.  It strengthens those memories and the experience of “flooding yourself” with them will radically change your state.

When you're experiencing more joy and fulfillment in your life through celebrating, you will want to do and achieve MORE.  It becomes a cycle of pleasure.

On the other hand, if you fail to reward or celebrate anything, then you are creating a negative cycle.  Your brain will start to think “What's the point of doing this?” because you aren't getting ANY reward or pleasure from doing it.

Let me share with you my ritual for doing this…

My Daily And Weekly Celebration Ritual

First, I will say that I tend to do these rituals throughout the day.  I have specific rituals in the morning and in the evening, but I've found the habit of doing this throughout the day and in the moment is key.

For example, the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is CELEBRATE.

My entire morning ritual is an act of celebration, but just smiling and saying “YES!” out loud and being grateful is an act I perform daily to celebrate another day of my life.

When I do my daily juicing routine, I celebrate afterwards and give myself pleasure for nourishing my body.

When I go for my morning run, as I'm walking back to my apartment, I smile and pat myself on the back, feeling proud of myself.

After my daily workout, I again give myself pleasure and say “Awesome job Stefan!”

After I complete a task in my business or a project, I reward myself and will perhaps jump up and down on my rebounder and feel awesome.

This continues all throughout the day.

I'm constantly rewarding myself, which is creating stronger nerve pathways in my brain to repeat these habits effortlessly.  I am associating pleasure to taking action.

As part of my evening ritual, I will take out a journal and begin writing down all of my successes and magic moments for that day.

I will write down all of the little things, such as…


  • worked out chest
  • did 30 mins of cardio
  • did my morning ritual
  • went through all e-mails and replied
  • read 10 pages of a book
  • recorded a video blog
  • published a video blog
  • coached clients
  • published a kindle book
  • reviewed VA's tasks
  • booked hotel and flight for california trip

I don't celebrate just the big things in my life, but mainly the LITTLE things.  It's the little things that lead to the BIG things.

Once I'm through with the successes, I then go through my list of magic moments.


  • feeling grateful while walking and flooding myself during my morning ritual
  • receiving a positive e-mail testimonial from client
  • inspiring conversation with my friend Sean
  • feeling on fire and unstoppable during workout
  • listening to a great audio program during my morning run
  • telling my mom “I love you” today
  • watching the Miami Heat make it to the NBA finals
  • watched a powerful YouTube video that taught me some cool things
  • smiled at a stranger
  • watched a funny YouTube video

Again, it's the little things and REMEMBERING them.

You want to CAPTURE these moments of your life, as this is ultimately what your life consists of – memories.

You can do this every day or even every week.  I do both.  I write them down in a journal.

When you do this, it's powerful.  You're literally training your mind to focus on the GOOD in your life.  It will transform the way you think, as well as your entire experience of life.

Remember, you don't have to WAIT to feel good.  You can feel good RIGHT NOW and give yourself this gift every moment of your life.  In my truth about happiness video blog, I shared how THIS MOMENT is all we have and that's why it's important to learn to cherish and live in it fully.

I hope this video blog served as a powerful reminder for you to celebrate and reward yourself more each day.  You deserve it!

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WHY You Need To Celebrate And Reward Yourself Everyday
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  • Jennifer

    I loved this. I often forget the things that I accomplished big and small because I’m to busy focusing on what I didn’t do just now or this month or this week even. Sometimes other people even remind me when I am feeling down on myself that remember that you did this and that and look how far you have come to achieving your goals. I am working on a getting my morning and evening routine together so I too can remind myself of these little and big things. Thanks!

  • Darrell

    Thanks Stefan for another amazing post. As Jennifer rightly mentioned in her comment, we are always too busy focussing on what we didnt get done and we feel frustrated. Will try to celebrate more often. Just a couple of questions… 1. Do you go for a run as well as go to gym for a workout daily? How long do you run and workout for daily? 2. Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian and 3. Have you ever missed your morning and/or evening routines due to circumstances? If yes, do you feel bad about it or you just move on thinking that tomorrow is another day and you’ll get back on track with it the following day? 4. Do you plan the tasks for getting done the next day on the night before or on the same day itself? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and keep up the awesome posts.

    • Thanks Darrell! To answer your questions:

      1. Yes I go for a run on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, about a 10-min walk as part of my morning ritual doing empowering questions and incantations, then jogging for 30-40 mins, then in my cool down I do a celebration and more gratitude. I then hit the gym later in the afternoon with weights, which is about 40-50 mins of weights and 10 mins of abs.

      2. I’m non-vegetarian. I’ve been a vegetarian before and it felt great, but some challenges came up with my fitness goals. I now have organic, free-range chicken breast each day and free-range eggs/egg whites.

      3. Yes, I’m not perfect, I mess up and miss things all the time! But I’m quick at getting back on track with things and that’s what is important. I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself and just accept things as they are. Sometimes I give myself a burst of pain, because it’s necessary, and it helps me learn from it and become better.

      4. I do my daily planning in the morning for each day.

      Hope this helps! Keep rocking it!

      • Darrell

        Thanks a lot Stefan for taking the time out to reply, Im sure it helped everyone who follows you. One final question if I may ask… do you still wake up by 8am for your run and sleep by midnight or do you wake earlier for your run? Thanks for your patience. Take care.

  • Markrdr

    Thanks for the reminder, I’ve made MASSIVE improvements in my life since discovering your website but I don’t reward myself for every small goal achieved which I should begin doing, thanks

  • JJ

    Love your stuff! A little off topic, but I wasn’t able to get an answer from your help desk. Being a fellow British Columbian do you collect GST on your Kindle earnings? Thank you in advance!

    • Hey JJ, no you don’t collect any taxes or GST on your Kindle books.

      • JJ

        Thank you!! 🙂

  • Rashmi

    Thanks nice one!

  • Thank you Stefan for the awesome blog post. I will for sure get my hand on a journal today. I’ve had a hard time and been procrastinating this action, but you gave me the motivation to do so. I want to enjoy and celebrate my life.

    Always good to hear from you man. Keep up the good work, you’re amazing and inspiring!!