My 2016 Year In Review: Successes, Failures & Lessons Learned


At the end of each year, I always make sure to take some time to reflect back on the previous year.

I do this for two reasons:

1. To acknowledge all of the successes and accomplishments of the year.  By celebrating all of your “wins”, it gives you more certainty towards achieving your future goals.  Not only that, but it feels damn good and you get to feel proud of yourself!

2. To carefully review all of the failures, challenges and goals that I came up short on.  What can I learn from these experiences?  What good can come from it?  By finding the positive and the lessons learned, those challenges then become your asset.  This will ensure you don't make the same mistakes or experience the same challenges/failures for your upcoming year.

What gets rewarded, gets repeated.  Success breeds more success.

In this video blog, you will see me reflect back and list all of the successes, celebrations and lessons learned from 2016.

There is A LOT more that has happened for me in 2016, but this list is what I came up with during an hour of reflecting back through journals and thinking about my year.  I'm probably missing a lot, but these are the highlights.

This “Year In Review” video blog will also include my Monthly Goals Report for December 2016, as I give an update on my goals and progress made during December.  There was just no need to make another video blog for that.

CLICK HERE to view my 2016 goals and resolutions and Monthly Goals Reports.

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Successes, Accomplishments & Celebrations

These are some of the biggest successes, accomplishments and celebrations of 2016 that I'm most proud of.

Health & Fitness:

  • Completed a 15 day juice fast
  • Completed Tough Mudder in Whistler
  • Consistently worked out 3-5x per week
  • Ate clean and healthy very consistently, 5-6x per week
  • Consumed only plant-based protein throughout 2016
  • Invested more into my health through the highest quality supplements
  • Had healthy meals delivered to me twice per week via Fitness Foods
  • Juicing twice per day, 5-6x per week
  • Did a Live Blood Analysis throughout the year, optimizing my health
  • Did chiropractic work to improve my alignment
  • Did a lot of yoga classes and muay thai kickboxing classes with friends
  • Regular stretching and increasing my flexibility
  • Watched a few inspirational health documentaries
  • Did a liver and gallbladder flush
  • Did several colon hydrotherapy sessions
  • Invested in a Treadmill Desk and have been using it regularly
  • Rebounding daily as part of my morning routine
  • Invested in a PEMF mat (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) and started using twice per day
  • Did a few cryotherapy sessions
  • Got a number of massages and bodywork done

stefan james tough mudder

stefan james cryotherapy

stefan james juicing

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  • Made $1,960,236 CAD in sales during 2016 (not 100% exact numbers, accountant still needs to verify)
  • Invested over $1,200,000 in stocks, index funds, ETFs, and grew my stock investment portfolio to over $2,000,000 CAD
  • Made my first loan/investment into a private business
  • Made my first Peer-To-Peer Lending investment of over $130,000 CAD
  • Set up my holding company, Life Mastery Holdings Inc. as a parent company to manage all of my investments
  • Became a “multi-millionaire” with the net worth of all my investments (not including worth of businesses)
  • Had my highest income month of $276,361 in August 2016
  • Was extremely active in trading and investing in 2016
  • Over 20% return on stock investments during 2016
  • Received consistent 4-figure monthly passive income investment dividends
  • Benefited massively from foreign exchange of USD to CAD and utilized it effectively

stock investment portfolio 2016


  • Published 227 YouTube videos
  • Published over 250 blog posts
  • Received over 5,375,065 views on YouTube, with over 37,132,396 minutes of watch time
  • Over 93,144 new subscribers on the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel
  • Reached over 154,000 subscribers to the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel
  • Over 1,433,075 unique visitors to ProjectLifeMastery.com
  • Over 500,000 listens to the Project Life Mastery podcast
  • Built my e-mail list to over 110,000 subscribers
  • Reached over 50,000 followers on the Project Life Mastery Instagram
  • Reached over 69,000 followers on the Project Life Mastery Facebook page
  • Reached over 116,000 followers on the Stefan James Facebook page
  • Started using Snapchat and Instagram stories consistently, with thousands of people following daily
  • Successfully launched a new FREE COURSE on 7 Online Business Models That Made Me An Internet Millionaire
  • Successfully launched Affiliate Marketing Mastery, helping hundreds of people build their online business
  • Improved K Money Mastery 2.0, adding new training and consistently helping thousands of people make money online with online publishing
  • Improved K Money Mastery Full Disclosure membership and consistently added new videos and content for members
  • Consistently hosted a monthly Student of the Month contest for KMM Full Disclosure and Affiliate Marketing Mastery members, giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes
  • Hosted 2 Online Mastermind Events in Vancouver
  • Improved and re-launched K Optimizer 2.0 for publishers
  • Coached dozens of clients 1-on-1 and through my mastermind group coaching, helping change lives
  • Had hundreds of people sign up for Morning Ritual Mastery, creating empowering morning rituals in their lives
  • Launched 3 new Amazon products through Life Mastery Nutrition, reaching over $10,000/month in sales
  • Re-launched the Life Mastery Nutrition website, consistently publishing new articles
  • Consistently made a six-figure passive income from online publishing, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, advertisements, etc…
  • Expanded my team and made some key hires in my business, including an Operations/Project Manager, blog manager, new video editor, event coordinator, physical products manager, etc…
  • Hired someone to do an SEO audit on ProjectLifeMastery.com and worked to improve SEO
  • Created more systems in my business, outsourcing more tasks and leveraging my team a lot more
  • Read many amazing business books and expanded my business knowledge and experience
  • Attended Tony Robbins Business Mastery in Las Vegas
  • Attended Worlds Greatest Speaker Training event in San Jose
  • Hired and worked with two excellent businesses coaches in 2016
  • Invested in dozens of new courses and training programs to expand my knowledge and skills
  • Did dozens of affiliate promotions that resulted in 6-figures of commissions
  • Shared and promoted the 100 Day Challenge and many other fantastic programs that I've benefitted from with my subscribers
  • Simplified my business activities and made my work much more enjoyable
  • Traveled to the Grand Canyon for a Brotherhood mastermind event
  • Met and networked with many amazing, successful entrepreneurs
  • Interviewed dozens of amazing, successful entrepreneurs
  • Was interviewed by several bloggers and podcasters
  • Improved many aspects of my businesses, continuously growing and improving everything

affiliate marketing mastery logo black

stefan james mastermind 2016

stefan james mastermind event

project life mastery 2016 analytics

plm aweber list 2016

project life mastery amazon income

life mastery nutrition amazon

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Lifestyle, Relationship & Personal Development:

grand canyon mastermind

stefan tatiana

stefan james nicaragua

stefan james bali

stefan james tatiana

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  • Raised and contributed over $20,000 to build a school in Ethiopia with Imagine1Day
  • Donated $10,000 to Operation Underground Railroad to help end human trafficking
  • Funded and volunteered to build 2 houses in Nicaragua for families suffering from poverty
  • Continued sponsoring children through World Vision and loaning money through Kiva
  • Contributed to many different charities and causes that I'm passionate about
  • Started the Project Life Mastery Teen Mentoring Program
  • Reached and impacted hundreds of thousands of people through my videos, articles, podcast, products, services, and coaching
  • Gave gifts to my family, taking care of them and being a good family member
  • Gave bonuses to my team, supported them to do well
  • Contributed a lot of my time to help people online, answering questions, giving feedback/coaching

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Challenges, Struggles & Failures:

  • Didn't have a strong fitness goal to motivate me for the 2nd half of 2016, wasn't as motivated or in good shape
  • Had a few too many “cheat meals” during the 2nd half of 2016, I believe related to not having a strong enough fitness goal
  • Wasn't as consistent as I'd like to be with some hobbies, such as yoga, muay thai kickboxing and relationship journaling
  • Had to re-schedule some goals for 2017, such as Tony Robbins Date With Destiny, Vipassana 10 day meditation retreat and tantra workshop due to poor planning during 2016
  • Didn't complete my new self-development course, decided to not rush it and focus on other things, moving it into 2017
  • Only completed half of my PADI Scuba Diving training in Thailand, never completed it for the year
  • Some goals I wasn't as motivated by, so I changed some of my goals throughout the year
  • Planning ahead throughout the year and making sure certain goals don't conflict with one another
  • Was a bit overwhelmed during certain times of the year, wanted to take some breaks and relaxation time
  • Things didn't work out with an Operations Manager I hired, had to replace them with someone else
  • Had some big issues with a book keeper/accountant who I had to fire and replace
  • Was a bit disorganized at times in 2017 with my calendar, too much going on and too many things happening last minute.  Need to get more organized moving forward.
  • Started the Project Life Mastery Teen Mentoring Group, but wasn't as involved as I'd like to be – need to make more time for it!
  • Wasn't as consistent with my personal trainer, DXA scans, live blood analysis and a few other measuring tools as I would have like
  • Was a bit overwhelmed and stressed on a few projects and deadlines throughout the year
  • At times taking on too much or implementing things too fast, would like to slow down a bit more and be more strategic.  Sometimes less is more.
  • Need to use my team more and delegate – still too many things I'm still doing myself that I shouldn't be doing

Top Lessons Learned And Breakthroughs:

  • Be more strategic throughout the year in terms of planning and organizing.  Don't take on too much – sometimes less is more.
  • Build a TEAM and invest in my team, as it's what will allow me to accomplish more and also have more freedom.
  • I'm the artist/skilled producer, need to utilize a strong manager/leader to help me integrate my vision.
  • Invest MORE into myself – coaching, mentoring, events, training, etc… I can accelerate my growth even faster.
  • Spend more time in a state of abundance – give more, share more, focus on serving others even more.
  • I will never be great by focusing on myself.  You only become great by serving something bigger than yourself.
  • Make sure that I set NEW goals throughout the year for fitness and certain aspects of my life to keep the momentum going.
  • Utilize coaches more to help keep me on track, focused and help identify my blind spots.
  • Stay consistent with testing and measuring, in all aspects of life.
  • “Frank Sinatra doesn't move the piano” – focus more on leveraging others.
  • Be even more conservative with my investing – don't invest into anything you don't understand or isn't fully secure.
  • Need to escape winters more – spend more time in the sun, migrate more to California or tropical destinations.

Overall, 2016 was an amazing year!

This is a list I came up with within an hour and I'll be sure to continue to add more to it as I reflect on the year more.  It's amazing how much progress you can make through goal setting and what is possible if you commit yourself to your goals.

2017 is going to be an even better year!  I can't wait to share with you some of my goals and resolutions for 2017.

P.S. Many people ask me how I'm able to achieve so much every year.  One of my secret weapons has been the 100 Day Challenge program, which is something I've done every year for the last 5 years in a row.  I'll be participating in it again in 2017.  If you want to join me in starting off the year fast and strong, then CLICK HERE for the 100 Day Challenge.

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My 2016 Year In Review: Successes, Failures & Lessons Learned
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