There is a HUGE difference between an abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset. The path that your life takes depends, in part, on the mindset that you adopt. You can choose to either view the world as abundant or scarce, but they cannot co-exist.

The abundance mindset flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. It is a paradigm that is grounded in the belief that ‘there is more than enough’ for everyone. Alternatively, a scarcity mindset is the belief that there will never be enough, resulting in feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety.

In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, Stephen Covey explains that when you live in a world of scarcity, you compete for available resources, even when there is an abundance of them. What type of mindset do you ascribe to? One mindset will imprison you, while the other one will set you free.

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I am a firm believer that if you choose to adopt a character that is rich in abundance, you will become a master of your life. The beauty of life is that at any given moment, you have the power to change your life. If you choose to make the mental shift, from a place of scarcity to one of abundance, you will transform your entire life.

I am living proof that this works. Years ago I possessed a scarcity mindset and it negatively impacted me on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Once I made the decision to change my mindset, and walk the path of abundance, great things started happening.

I’ve observed a lot of people in my work and in my life that are consumed by a scarcity mindset, so much so that it holds them back from living to their full potential. In particular, I see a lot of examples of people that have incredible external abundance, but that live in a state of fear.

They have a lose-win mindset, which says that, ‘there is only so much pie to go around, and if you get some, there will be less for me.’ Adopting this mode of thinking only results in a life of fear, stress, and anxiety.

Below are 3 differences of an abundance vs. scarcity mindset:

Take a Risk vs. Play it Safe

Those with an abundance mindset understand that in order to grow, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take a risk in order to achieve their goals. They welcome change and see it as an opportunity to grow and expand. Those with a scarcity mindset are fret by fear. They think small and avoid risk at all costs. 

Plenty vs. Deficit

A person with an abundance mindset believes that there is always more of everything in life, whether that’s money, relationships, resources, opportunities, etc. Alternatively, someone with a scarcity mentality lives in fear that they are going to lose their time or money. Because they believe that there will never be enough, they are in constant competition to ‘stay on top’.

Positive vs. Negative

A person with an abundance mindset focuses on the limitless possibilities that exist in life. They choose to think in positive terms about everything that happens in life, good or bad. As a result of this way of thinking, they attract amazing experiences and opportunities into their lives. Alternatively, someone with a scarcity mindset always dwells on what isn’t working in his/her life. They adopt a victim mentality and blame others for their failures, instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

These are some of the differences between an abundance vs. scarcity mindset. Do you think you are suffering from a place of scarcity or abundance? If you are living from a scarcity mindset it’s time to make a shift. How? Start with your beliefs. Focus on giving more, whether that’s your money, your time, or your love.

For example, one of my rituals involves giving. I do a lot of philanthropy work that inspires me to live from a place of abundance every day. The more that you give, the more you will receive. Another option is to take a leap of faith and hire a coach, find a mentor, or attend a seminar or event that will inspire you to change your mindset.

Allow for more abundance to flow into your life. If you do so, the end result will be life mastery. William James said it best – “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.” When you adopt an abundance mindset, your life will change forever.

Are you ready to learn how to create an abundance mindset so that you can be unstoppable in every area of your life? CLICK HERE to join my Life Mastery Accelerator program!

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