Best Entrepreneur Advice For Beginners


Here is the best entrepreneur advice for beginners.

At the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey it can feel like a roller coaster ride, filled with highs and lows. If you want to succeed in the startup world, you need to learn how to navigate this bumpy terrain so that you come out on top.

The reality is that 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year. How would it feel if you could avoid the mistakes that 80% of people make? If more entrepreneurs were armed with the right advice, I think that these numbers would be lower.

Starting a business requires a myriad of personality traits; like hard work, grit, patience, sacrifice, energy, and a passion to succeed. Only the strong survive. Are you one of them?

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In this book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Why Now Is the Time to #JoinTheRide, Darren Hardy says that people who make the jump into entrepreneurship just aren't ready, prepared, or equipped.

I want to share with you the best entrepreneur advice for beginners, comprised of skills that every entrepreneur must master:

1. Believe in Yourself

Making the choice to become an entrepreneur takes courage, especially when family or friends don’t support your vision, which is why you need to believe in yourself.

The most successful people in this world didn’t get to where they are today by doubting themselves. Talk to yourself as if you are a winner.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will believe in you? This is your life, your choices, and your destiny. Make it count. As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” 

2. Master Your Emotions

If you want to succeed at anything in life, it starts with going inward and learning how to master your emotions. Successful entrepreneurs don’t let their emotions drive their decisions. Rather, they remain calm and calculated under pressure.

A business that is based on reactive decisions will only result in failure. Yes, you will get triggered, but it is up to you to learn how to calm your ‘emotional storm’ so that you can master any challenge that stands in your way of success.

3. Enjoy The Process Of Success

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn how to enjoy the process of success. If you only focus on external rewards from your efforts, you will always be in the rat race. Don’t be a slave to your external environment.

Even when you start making a certain amount of money and become financially free, it won’t be enough. You will always be looking for the next best thing.

The chase will never make you happy, which is why you need to become less attached to the final outcome and enjoy the process of success. That is where the real growth lies.

4. Focus on Contribution

Take a moment and think about how lucky you are to be able to do what you love. Having an appreciation for your accomplishments carries more meaning when you are able to give back and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

At the end of the day, contribution is the ultimate reward in life. I believe that we are all here to give and contribute something, beyond ourselves. Not only does it give you a sense of lasting fulfillment, but it also serves to accelerate your success at a much faster pace.

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

If you have experienced failure in the past, great! Failure is a normal part of the learning process of life. Thank your failures for the lessons and then let them go.

Accept and learn from your past, but don’t live there, because it doesn’t dictate your future in any way unless you allow it to. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

It’s easy to feel shitty when things don’t go your way, but if you want to truly succeed as an entrepreneur you have to use pain as motivation, and develop the mindset and the willpower to keep pushing despite the obstacles that stand in your way.

Use failure as a tool for growth and change. It has the ability to propel you forward and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long-term commitment, but the payoff is sweet. This is the best entrepreneur advice for beginners. I challenge you to start utilizing these skills in your business. The result? Business mastery.

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Best Entrepreneur Advice For Beginners
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  • Some good points, focusing on serving and making a contribution keeps you out of self consciousness, making about others and serving them. Also, enjoying the journey, then each day you have something to celebrate. Celebration and a feeling a feeling of reward have been so important for feeling refueled at the ned of my day. Thank you!!