Exactly How I Make Over $40,000 Per Month Online


exactly-how-i-make-over-$40,000-per-month-online-(1)In this video blog series, I reveal exactly how I make over $40,000 per month online through 5 online marketing methods.  My goal is to be as open and transparent as possible, as well as thoroughly explain each method in detail, so that you can use them to create freedom in your own life.

The crazy thing is, recently I've been making a lot more than $40,000 per month – for example, in my March 2014 Monthly Goals Report, I made over $51,000 online and it's been climbing ever since.  The reason why I said $40,000 per month online in this video blog series is because that's what I've been making CONSISTENTLY for the last year or so.  Right now it's April 2014 as I'm creating this, and who knows… maybe in the next few months or the next few years I'll be making $60,000 per month or $100,000 per month.  Either way, what I'm sharing with you and revealing to you is the core of what I do that has allowed me to make money online.

This is going to be a 6-part video blog series where I go into the 5 online marketing methods that I use in more detail in separate video blogs.  This video blog is just to introduce you to the series and what you can expect over the next few days from me.  In each video blog, I'll do the best that I can to go into everything in more detail, so that you can fully understand each method that I use to make money online.  If there's any questions, please comment below and I'll be sure to answer them as best as I can.

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The 5 Online Marketing Methods That Make Me Money Online

There are 5 primary ways that I make money online.  They are the following:

  1. Kindle Publishing
  2. Blogging
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Information Products
  5. Coaching & Consulting

You can click on the links above to view the video blog that I have on each of them in this series.

How Making Money Online Has Changed My Life

ALL of these methods have changed my life and provided me with a well-diversified income stream of over $40,000 per month consistently.  As the result of making money online, I've been able to enjoy the freedom of being able to travel the world. In the last few years since making money online, I've been blessed to have traveled around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador,  and around the United States.

stefan pylarinos travel

While traveling, I've been able to enjoy several “passive income streams” that I've set up online that make me money on autopilot while I'm sleeping.  I've lived the 4-hour work week lifestyle and even was semi-retired at 24 years old when I first became financially free.

Making money online has also provided me the financial abundance to live a lifestyle that I only could have dreamed of.  In 2014, I moved into a $1.7 million dollar penthouse on the 48th floor overlooking beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  I live in the Sheraton Wall Centre, which is a luxury apartment that is the 3rd tallest building in the entire city.  It was only a few years ago that I was broke, in massive credit card debt, living in my friends living room trying to find out how I could survive.  I used to live month-to-month… but not anymore, the internet has changed that for me.

stefan pylarinos penthouse

Just recently, I purchased my dream car – the 2014 Corvette Stingray.  Both the penthouse and Corvette were goals that I had for myself in 2014 that I publicly shared on my blog, and I was able to achieve them both… all because of making money online.

stefan pylarinos corvette stingray

It took me YEARS to be able to finally discover how to start making money online.  When I first started, it was a frustrating battle.  I wanted to give up at times and I had many failures.  But I kept at it.  I didn't give up and began looking at every failure as an opportunity to learn something new.  My failures were just preparing me for the success that I now enjoy today.

Today, at only 27 years old, I now enjoy a lifestyle that I could have only dreamed of.  My future is looking brighter than ever and I have no doubt that I will make millions of dollars throughout my lifetime, while sharing my gifts with the world.  It is now my mission and purpose to share with YOU how you can do the same.

Online Marketing Can Will Change Your Life Too!

The reason why I'm so passionate about this area of my life, is because I have so much intense emotion associated to it.  I struggled for years and I know how painful it is to be in debt, to live pay check to pay check, and not be able to live how you want.  I know what it's like to be broke.  I also know what it's like to break free from that and be rich.  And let me tell you, rich is much better.

No, making money isn't going to make you happy (that can only come from within), but it will give you the freedom to live your life on YOUR terms.  It will give you the freedom to do what YOU want, whatever that may be, which in turn can make you very happy.  It can allow you to live your PASSION and PURPOSE IN LIFE (in my case, it's blogging and helping others).  It can give you the freedom to travel the world.  It can buy you experiences.  All of these things can contribute to your level of happiness and well-being.

So if you have the opportunity to make money online and be free, then why not?  Why not be abundant in your life?  Why not be able to enjoy life fully and experience everything that life has to offer?  

Are you sold yet?  I hope so.  The sale isn't for me, it's for you.  I'm already living the life of my dreams and I want you to live the same.  I'm not trying to impress you in any way, but rather IMPRESS UPON YOU that you can do it too.  If I can do it, anyone can – I have no doubts about it.

With this video blog series, I'm hoping to open you up to this new world of abundance and freedom for you to take advantage of.  I'm going to be revealing to you what *I* do that has made me successful over the last few years.  It's then up to you to take what you will with it and if you choose, apply it to your life.

The next 5 parts of this video blog series will be revealed and made available over the next few days.  I will do my best to thoroughly explain everything and give you an overview of each of the 5 ways I make money online, so that you can decide on what direction you want to go.

In the mean time, please leave any comments below or let me know any questions that you may have!

Exactly How I Make Over $40,000 Per Month Online
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  • Sam Clitheroe

    I’m stoked for this video series; I’ve always been curious to know your foundation outside of Kindle publishing.

    By the way; what is your level of coding knowledge? I’ve been trying to understand what level of coding is required to make a comfortable living through internet marketing.

    I’m just at the beginning of my journey, so this is all out of curiosity!


    • Hey Sam, I’m going to share it all! Coding? None is required whatsoever. I know basic HTML from the old days, but none coding knowledge or experience is required anymore. Everything is so easy to use and user-friendly… like WordPress for example, you just have to press a few buttons and can use themes and don’t require any coding at all.

      • muzamil

        i m new n plz help me

  • Jason Pereira

    Hey, I’m only 16. I feel like there is a massive amount of opportunity for me in business and marketing. I’ve already started kindle publishing, but I do believe that I should venture out further and create multiple income streams. Thoughts?
    Cheers! Congrats Stefan on your dream car and house!

    • Wow, at 16! You’re going to be a superstar when you’re older… you’re definitely on the right path, awesome job. I’d stick with 1 way of making money first until you are successful at that before venturing into other things. If you aren’t already successful with Kindle publishing, then what reason do you have to believe you’ll be successful in the next thing you pursue? Too many people have the bad habit of jumping from one thing to the next, and success is just sticking to one thing fully until successful. But if you’re in the position where you’re making money with Kindle publishing, then yes, definitely look at another income stream to get into.

      • That’s a great advice. I was going to say the same thing.

      • Yes, wonderful advice. Thank you!
        I just found you on youtube and I would like to tell you that I appreciate your natural way of presenting yourself. It can be difficult to make a lot of money, but it can be even more difficult to stay down to earth having all that money. So, it is really a pleasure to see how you are managing this challenge!

      • Mike

        Hey stefan,
        What are you doing now a days?

    • Hi ! I’m 16 years old too, and I started Kindle Publishing about 3 months ago, but I have to tell you that this is real hard-work at the beginning.

      For me, beating procrastination was a big thing. It took me 3 months to publish one kindle book, but now that I see the incredible results I am getting (this ebook should earn me over $50 this month), I am working my ass off to publish 4 other books despite the fact that I also have to do a lot of work for school.

      Honestly, you have to have a big WHY. That’s the main thing in my opinion. When I really thought about why I wanted to make passive income, I realized that this was very important for me because I want to travel the world and to enjoy the freedom that it would give me. I created a “vision board” where I put pictures of all the places where I’d like to travel and all the things that financial freedom would allow me to do.

      As Stefan said, doing a lot of things at the same time is the worst thing you can do if you’re not earning money from Kindle. Because as I told you Kindle Publishing in itself is FAR from easy (but it’s still the easiest way to make passive income online). I am by nature an incredibly curious person (I love to discover new subjects and knowledge), and I think this is very useful for my life, but in business it’s a totally different thing. Really, stick to what works !

      Finally, I found that copywriting can be very useful. I’d suggest you to read a few books about this topic: it’s helped me to tremendously increase my book sales. One book I’d recommand is “The Copywriter’s Handbook” (http://www.amazon.com/The-Copywriters-Handbook-Third-Edition/dp/0805078045), which is perfect for beginners. This article is also great to improve your book description: http://thefutureofink.com/kindle-books-sales-tool/
      (I am not linked or I don’t know the author in any way, I just found these tips to be great)

      Good luck with passive income, and if you want we can get in touch anytime soon to discuss our progress !

      • Hey Emmanuel, way to go taking action! At 16, you’re going to be a superstar as well. I had no clue about any of this stuff at your age. We all go through procrastination and challenges early on, but when you overcome them you build emotional muscle. You are now developing a lot of powerful skills and habits that will make you millions of dollars in your future! Keep it up.

  • Awesome stuff. I’ve been focusing on launch jacking lately, it’s an exciting way to affiliate market. Haven’t made any money yet though. You have checked out Eben Pagan’s Accelerate program Stephan?

    • Yeah launch jacking can be a good way to make money, but it’s all about getting in first for the launch and offering great bonuses! SEO + Facebook ads are good ways to launch jack. I haven’t checked out Eben Pagan’s latest course – I try to avoid going through new courses and whatnot until I finish some of my current major projects and things that I want to go through.

  • Krystal Mills

    Great stuff. I’m an Senior Admin Assistant looking to make a serious career shift. I love your content and how transparent you are with your work. I look forwarding to learning from you and this video blog series. Thanks in Advance!

  • Thanks a lot Stefan for sharing with us your 5 online income streams! Not able to view the 2nd part of the video. Pls share the link!

    • I just released this one so far, will be releasing the next one soon.

  • Hey Stefan,

    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and can honestly say that you have inspired me to live my life to the fullest. You are the person that has convinced me that achieving your dream life is possible if you want it bad enough. I’m really grateful for everything you’ve given me and look forward to seeing you reach your dreams in the future (no doubt you’ll reach them.)
    Take care!


    • Thanks Simon, so happy I’ve been able to inspire you and be a role model. Yes, all your dreams are possible and within reach – I have no doubt that you’ll reach them as well!

  • Matt

    Hey Stephan,
    I’m 18 years old, and I will easily be earning $10,000 per month from passive income by the end of this year, or at least be on course to doing so. What stream of income would you recommend I start with? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hey Matt, I’d start with Kindle publishing – it’s the easiest and fastest way I’ve found to get started making money online and doesn’t require much internet marketing knowledge or experience.

  • Christian

    Stefan, I’m not trying to diss you, but don’t you think that you’re a little too much of a consumer? For example, this penthouse – if you borrowed money to buy it, then you must pay $10K+ a month… I guess the Corvette and your investment property are also bought using borrowed money. You know what will happen with them in case of economic collapse, right? And unfortunately the economy is far from stable. Don’t you think that you should focus on building your net worth instead of borrowing money to buy consumer goods that decrease it? The investment property is okay since it’s an investment, but the penthouse and the car??? I understand that you’re optimistic about the future, but what if it’s not as bright as you think? You should have a solid plan in this case.

    If I were you, I would first make sure I’m financially stable. That means that I would have a diversified portfolio of assets worth at least $0.5-1M before going to the bank asking for money for consumer goods.

    Again, I’m not trying to offend you. Of course, I may miss something and your financial situation may not be what I think it is in which case please accept my sincere apologies.

    P.S. I see you’re trying to save $100K. If these are your long-term savings, please don’t make the mistake to store them in the form of dollars or any other currency. Either start to build the portfolio I mentioned above, or just buy gold.

    • Hey Christian, I somewhat agree with you. What you don’t see or fail to realize is that for the last several years I’ve been living well below my means and I have invested a lot of money into mutual funds, stocks and real estate. I’m in a very good position financially and I don’t spend my money carelessly by any means.

      The other thing that you’re not seeing is that moving into my penthouse and buying a corvette has actually made me more money. Yes, made me MORE money. How? Through sharing these things on my blog, more people visit my blog and are inspired by what I’m doing. That has led to more coaching clients and more people investing in my course, because they too want to achieve some of the things I’ve been able to achieve. My income skyrocketed to over $42,000 last month since I moved into my penthouse, which is more than I’ve ever made before in a single month.

      What you also don’t see is that by setting goals of moving into a penthouse or buying a corvette (or whatever motivates you), it actually pushes you harder to build your business to achieve them. I wouldn’t be making the money that I make now, or work as hard as I do, if I didn’t have these as goals that I set out to achieve.

      I understand that you seem to be worrying about the economy and things going wrong, but I’d say that’s more you projecting your own beliefs onto me. You seem fairly conservative, which is fair, I am too actually – but it’s not totally appropriate to think you know my financial situation on a blog comment, it’s pure speculation and I can assure you I’m brighter than just spending money cluelessly.

      • Christian

        Thank you for the reply, Stefan.

        I’m glad I was wrong about your finances, and you’re actually doing much better than I thought.

        Keep up the great work. Seeing your progress, I can’t wait to see where you’ll be in a few years.

        All the best!

  • Chuck

    Hi Stefan, any chance you will reveal the site where you outsource your writing? I seen many that charge quite high prices and very average service.

    • Hey Chuck, not publicly on my blog, no. I share the writers and resources I use in my Kindle Money Mastery course and prefer to keep it private for them, as if I share it with EVERYONE then it’ll take longer for all of us to get our projects done and my members wouldn’t like that.

    • AJ

      Hey Everyone!

      I want in this game I want to be rid of debt and the ball and chain of fixed income no matter how much I work! HELP!! Where is the best place to begin and is kindle publishing really a money opp??


  • Sam

    What are the differences between the Kindle publishing products you sell exactly?

    • The only differences are the content/niches/topics for each Kindle book. I market and promote them all the same.

  • Moses Yoon

    Hey, I just came across your site. I subscribed just because we live in the same city. Looking forward to learning a lot from you. It would be cool to meet sometime as well.

  • Chaz Wolfson

    Hey, I have been reading a lot of what you talk about for making money online and am beyond inspired! I am 24 years old and working towards life coaching/blogging/speaking and now, because of your teaching, know that I can have a life I want by using online passive income streams. It is so incredible and I always get more motivation by reading through what you have to say. I think I have read this specific post like three times now haha..

    I actually started my own blog, am taking on clients and will be making videos soon. Also, Tony Robbins is a huge inspiration to me as well. I see a lot of what you teach is what he expresses too. Actually going through a Robbins-Maddanes-Training now for Strategic Interventionist.

    Well if you want check out my blog below, it’s because your teachings that I started it! I hope this does not seem ‘pluggy’ I just want to share it with you and show you that your teaching has created me to create this as well.


    • Awesome Chaz, sounds like we’re going down a similar path. Best of luck and great looking blog!

  • I am 58 and I just coming into this knowledge. It is so great to hear all of the comments for everyone so young. Your ambitions are awesome and inspiring.

    Stefan thanks for being so open. At this point in my life I am having to make new decisions. Things are not where I had planed. Life took and unexpected turn. Starting all over again.

    I am for the first time looking at internet to generate income and a friend recommended your site when I said that I was learning to do internet marketing. I am so grateful to him. This site has been very encouraging and has me more committed to learning the new skills needed
    Thank you!

    • Thanks Shirley. At 58 years young, your life and financial future is still ahead and easily attainable! Thanks for the comment and good luck achieving your goals!

  • Amber

    Hi Stefan,

    I have just come across your blog today and thank god! After being coached for the past 5 months, I am now in the process of setting up my own coaching business. I am starting from the very basics, so setting up a great blog is going to be key for me. You are a fantastic inspiration to me! Any advice on how to make my blog stand out to attract potential new clients?

    • Hey Amber, that is awesome! Thanks for the comment. I’m not into the approach of “hustling to get clients”. I believe more so in finding ways to add value (such as a blog, youtube channel, etc…), then prove your worth, then once you become popular then people will come to YOU for coaching.

  • Nason Stephens

    Hey Stefan, Thanks for your awesome content! You’ve inspired me to start a leadership book. I’m a manager in retail, and the same age as you. I am going to take a chance at Kindle Publishing, and from your videos I’ll put in the time and I hope to have some great results. Thanks for all you do! Do you recommend getting a mentor? Dan Lok said in your video that whom ever you learn from, make sure they are doing what they teach right now. Is that person like you? Or do I research and email others? Just wondering. Thanks again. Keep it up!

  • Melisa

    I was searching for an online job and yes, I trust in you!

  • Hello, I like this so far.

  • Musa Jallow

    hello i am from The Gambia West Africa and i love your videos i know how to use computers and internet but i dont have master cards or visa from Africa so how can i used online business..
    where all payments are via master cards or visas payments.

  • Shehzad Chowdhury

    Hello I’M 23 graduated 10 months. I have seen every videos of your your journey was amazing keeping and i’m soon starting all the things you explained in your videos. Hope I get sucessful like you oneday

  • Kate

    Im totally new to the idea of kindle publishing and it is very tempting.
    I really am in a need to create some extra income and the idea of being able to generate passive income speaks to me with capital letters.
    However there is one thing that I can’t stop thinking about…
    What about the copyrights of the author of the book? What you are doing is basically making a kindle book out of the existing book that was already published traditionally and that the author of the book has got the rights to.
    What about royalties owed to the author of the book?
    Is that kindle business legal in the first place? Don’t you need to get in touch with the author of the book and tell him/her that you’re planning to make some money out of the book that they have written ?
    How do you go about that ?
    I would really appreciate some replies to my post.
    Thank you

  • Rajnikant Khatri

    Hey – I am 16 years too! I have been working as freelancer for the past 4 years. On avg: I make $1K a month. I wanna try new things to get this income to $5k/ month.. Any business ideas that I can start and fulfill this goal?

  • Kratos (Edward)

    Hey! I’m on my path onto being successful too! I’m only 14, but I have lots of different ideas that I’m pursuing right now! I’m halfway done coding my first website, tomorrow I’m down for another quick swing trade in the market, and in a few days I’m getting paid $3,000 to do a quick job for a manhattan business I know. With your life story, you motivated me to keep on going. Thanks!

  • Kitti

    Thank you Stefan! It helps me a lot!

  • Richard Jordan Louie

    Hey Stefan! My name is Richard Louie and I have been following your progress online for the longest time ever and I have watched almost all your podcasts. I’d just like to say thank you for helping everyone with your amazing content. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am currently a junior in high school and I am 16 years old (going onto 17, next month). I’ve been very inspired by you and I recently discovered your K Money Mastery program; it looks very convincing and I was thinking about signing up. Here are a few questions:

    1. Am I too young to start this program?

    2. Should I focus on getting into a good college right now or start my journey to become financially free?

    3. I’ve been very inspired by your success but I’m scared to start. Any tips?

    4. I’ve always hated doing what others do (going to college) but it seems like the safest route. Do you agree with that? I am living under my parent’s roof but we are not the most financially free family so I don’t know; I’m really scared of venturing into the unknown and taking this chance.

    5. Sorry for so many questions but is your name Stefan James or Stefan Pylarinos (pretty sure it’s Pylarinos but I keep seeing Stefan James)?

    Thank you for reading this and stay amazing Stefan!

  • aj

    hey stefan, so would be able to show us step by step to creating a business online? if so i would me extremely interested