Exactly How I Make Six Figures Passive Income With Kindle Publishing


make passive income with kindle publishingIn my last video blog, I revealed that the EASIEST way to make passive income online is through Kindle publishing.  I also released some news about a new product that I'm launching, teaching my entire method step-by-step to making money with Kindle.  There's been a lot of buzz I've been receiving since, with a lot of people excited and many questions that have been asked about the release of this product.  In this video blog, I'm revealing A LOT MORE.  I've decided to be 100% open and transparent, and show you one of my Kindle books that I have published on Amazon that is generating a passive income of $50-$100/month for me.  I also decided to login to one of my KDP accounts (Kindle Direct Publishing) and show you one of my reports from my last six week royalties, so you can get a glimpse of how much you can make through Kindle publishing.  If you're reading this and interested in learning more about the Kindle program that I'm launching soon, click here.

Watch the video below:

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I Have 100+ Kindle E-Books Just Like This Making Me A Killing!

In the video, I revealed one of my Kindle e-books that is generating me a consistent $50-$100 passive income every single month.  It's called The Binge Eating Cure, and it's a book that I completely outsourced for less than $25.  The e-book itself cost me $22 and the e-cover was $2.50, which is peanuts considering how much money this book is generating for me.  I have over 100+ more Kindle e-books similar to this, some making me as low as $20/month, others making me over $1000/month.  In less than a year, I've been able to build a six-figure passive income business through Kindle publishing (see screen shots below).

6 week royaltiesThese screen shots are of my six week royalties from two of my KDP accounts.  I have three accounts total, one personal, and two business publisher accounts.  The personal account is the one that I showed in the video, whereas my other KDP account is a business-related publisher account that generates me just as much passive income.  The reason why I have multiple KDP accounts is to make sure I don't have all of my eggs in one basket.  The third KDP business account is for demonstration purposes only for the Kindle Money Mastery program that I've released.  With these accounts, I get deposited well over $8400 per month into my bank account with very minimal effort!  My Kindle e-books sell all over the world, with 90% of my earnings coming from the US.  The other 10% of my earnings come from the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, and Japan… which is still a significant passive income.

How Making Money With Kindle Publishing Works

As you can see from my Kindle book, The Binge Eating Cure, there are many important factors that determine whether your book will make you money:

  • The niche and keywords that you create your book on.
  • The ranking of your book in the Amazon search engine.
  • The ranking of your book in the Amazon best seller list.
  • The cover and title of your book.
  • The number and quality of reviews for your book.
  • The price of your book.
  • The description of your book.

All of these areas are important and I cover them all in-depth in my Kindle Money Mastery program.  As you can see, my binge eating book sells for only $2.99.  Amazon will pay me a 70% royalty anytime someone that buys this book, earning me $2.08.  If I have 10 people buy this book each week, it will make me $20.80 per month.  If 50 people buy it each month, it will make me $104 each month.  Not bad, especially considering it only cost me less than $25 to make it.

The REAL MAGIC happens when you scale up this process, by publishing 5-10 books per week.  If you publish only 5 books per week, that's 20 books per month.  If those 20 books make you $50/month passive income each month, that's a $1000/month passive income.  Do you see how powerful this is?

I've been able to outsource 90% of this entire process, which has allowed me to publish 5-10 Kindle books every week, while spending no more than 4 hours a week on this.  I don't have to do any technical stuff, or have any unique “skills” that most online marketing businesses require.  All I need to do is manage this entire process and rinse/repeat.  ANYONE can do this… I've even taught this method to my girlfriend, sister (who's a stay at home mom), and even my mom.  They're all making money with this.  The 12+ private coaching clients that I've worked with over the last several months have all been making passive income from this also… and we even have a private Facebook group community where we exchange ideas and help each other.

Here's How I Make Even MORE Money With Kindle…

The money that you can make with your Kindle books is great, but it doesn't end there.  Your Kindle books can make you A LOT MORE MONEY, if you know how to monetize the back-end.

What do I mean by this?

Well, with all of my Kindle books, I use them to promote my Project Life Mastery blog, as well as to build a mailing list from.  My books are used for lead generation, as when people read my books, I have them directed to an opt-in page that asks them to enter their name and e-mail address, which allows me to promote other products to them.  I'm able to promote Clickbank products and other products that have an affiliate program, while earning an additional passive income stream.  For example, here's a screen shot of one of my Clickbank accounts.  All of the earnings from this Clickbank account is from affiliate sales.  While not all of these earnings are from my Kindle books and mailing lists, a large portion of it is.  Pretty exciting, right?

clickbank earnings

 If you have a blog, website or product, Kindle is a fantastic way to help promote that also.  I've helped build Project Life Mastery through all of my Kindle e-books, as I have many self-help related Kindle books out there.  I'm hoping you're seeing the opportunity that Kindle publishing can provide!

I'm not sure what else I can do to convince you that this is an incredible opportunity.  If you know me from my video's, you'll know that I like to be completely open, honest and genuine with everything.  I know there's a lot of “scammers” out there that are trying to make a quick buck without actually providing anything of value.  This isn't like this at all.  It's my mission to help people and to serve.  You can see that through all the free videos and content that I've released on this blog throughout the last year that I haven't charged anyone for.  I have no doubt that this process can work for ANYONE… as I've now successfully tested my method with over a dozen coaching clients also.

My Kindle Money Mastery Program 

Okay, so now to tell you a little bit more about my Kindle money-making product that I've released.

It's called Kindle Money Mastery.  

Kindle Money Mastery membership program that contains over 20 video tutorial lessons, breaking down step-by-step exactly how I make passive income from Kindle.  In fact, in the video tutorials, you get to see me create a book from scratch, outsource it, publish it, promote it, and make money from it.  I even have follow-up videos that show exactly how much the book has generated over weeks and months.  Again, everything is 100% open and transparent.  The video tutorials are screen capture videos, so you get to follow along and create a book with me throughout the program.

Kindle Money Mastery also includes 4 bonus videos, including on how to outsource and hire virtual assistants, how to set goals with your Kindle business, how to overcome procrastination and stay motivated, and even how to scale up the business to publish 5-10 books per week like I do.  It comes down downloadable PDF reports for each lesson, that summarizes them all in detail.  It also has downloadable templates that I use to send to my writers, designers, and so fourth.  I've also created a private Facebook group for members where we can share ideas and help each other with our books, and even to exchange reviews with (it is extremely active as we speak!).

When is it going to be released?  

How much is it going to cost?  

How can I get started?

These are all great questions!  All of the information can be found on the Kindle Money Mastery website.  This Kindle Money Mastery program isn't for everyone – only those who want to make passive income and be financially free.  To get instant access to the program, click the link below.

=> www.KMoneyMastery.com

For even more information, visit my guide to eBook publishing. If you have any questions about anything, comment below and I'll get back to you.  I'm excited for you to get your hands on this program and for how it will transform your life!

Exactly How I Make Six Figures Passive Income With Kindle Publishing
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  • Cliff

    Wow, this is amazing stuff man. I love your transparency. I checked out your book and this whole process, looks very legit and like a great way to make money. Excited for your product, I am on the notification list and patiently waiting!!

  • Guest

    Hi Stephan! If everyone knows this will it then over saturate the market? I am just curious before I start doing this when everyone else is going to jump on board. Yeah, I know, be positive, but that seems like a legit concern, right?

    • Katie Justiss

      btw, this is KatieJ. Not sure why my name didn’t show up. ugh, and misspelled your name and it won’t let me delete it. I’m confused. lol

    • Hey Katie! The landscape of Kindle is definitely changing, as more and more indie publishers show up on Kindle everyday. That’s why it’s such a great opportunity to get in NOW, because within a few years from now, it will become more saturated. When Google and the search engines first appeared on the scene, it was VERY EASY to rank your website in the search engines and make money, but now because there’s millions of websites popping up each year, it’s more competitive. So YES, it will be getting more competitive over the years. NO, it’s not saturated now, not even close. This is like discovering how to make money from Google 5-10 years ago. I don’t worry about this at all, since 95% of indie Kindle publishers don’t really make much money through publishing, because they don’t know how to RANK their books, MARKET their books, and MONETIZE their books fully, which is what will make you A LOT of money. If you know these things, you have an edge over everyone else and you’ll be able to really profit. The good news is Kindle is growing daily, the market is getting bigger, which equates to MORE money for those of us that know what we’re doing. 🙂

  • Katie Justiss

    Hi Stefan! If everyone knows this will it then over saturate the market? I am just curious before I start doing this when everyone else is going to jump on board. Yeah, I know, be positive, but that seems like a legit concern, right?

    • Guest

      Go on Youtube/Google there is a lot of free training which is awesome you don’t need to pay for a course of any kind!

      • Katie Justiss

        Maybe so, but I have looked and it is scattered all over the place. It would save a lot of time with it all in one place – especially if it’s step by step – and dummy proof. ha!

      • Greg

        I don’t think Stefan is just selling a “how to publish on Kindle course”, but rather a how to make MONEY on Kindle course. Anyone can publish a book, but doesn’t mean you will be able to rank them in Amazon and make six figures from it like Stefan does. THAT is what I am interested in!

      • If you want to just publish 1 Kindle book, then look for the free training you speak of. This course isn’t for you then. But if you want to publish 100+ Kindle books and make A LOT OF MONEY from it, then my course is for you. There’s a big difference!

  • Juozas Kuciauskas

    Is this gonna work only for US citizens or internationally?

    • You can be a Kindle publisher from anywhere in the world. The market that you’ll be marketing to is the US though.

  • Stefan, This looks like a cool idea… The hardest part for me to get my head around is outsourcing the writing piece. Can you really get quality writing for $22? If so, why aren’t these people smart enough to just publish their own work on Amazon? I can’t imagine you are outsourcing writing “on the cheap” to a virtual assistant in India. Can you offer any more details about how you hire quality writers for so cheap (without revealing your product, of course)?

    • I buy my e-books through companies that hire and train writers from countries like the Philippines and India. $22 is for a 3500 word book, which is around $0.60 per 100 words. It’s inexpensive because in countries like the Philippines and India, this is good money for people there. The quality won’t be as good as a North American writer, but the quality is still good enough that a) it helps people, b) it gets positive 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, and c) you have a very low refund rate on your books. The company that hires these writers proof-read the e-books before sending them back to me. If I want a higher quality book, I can pay a bit more, such as $0.80 per 100 words or even $1 per 100 words. All of my e-books I improve the quality over time, but ONLY WHEN THEY ARE SELLING. You want to keep expenses LOW at the start, just to first get your book selling, then improve them over time. You can also get as many revisions as you’d like from these companies. Hope this answer helps you!

  • Allison Lux Nuovo

    Hi Stefan, Just to clarify. The course is $47 or $47 per month. There is one other course online that I found that was quite expensive. I look forward to your reply and am curious about the differences. Thanks for the clarification and look forward to your response.

    • Hey Allison, what is the other course? It’s currently a one-time fee of $67, for lifetime access to Kindle Money Mastery. The price will likely go up as the members area grows with more content as well. There’s currently over 30+ video lessons in the members area right now.

  • Paul Duvoisin

    Some questions about how passive the system can be:

    (1) is the income of each Kindle Book totally passive after the book is written, published and promoted on Kindle?

    In other words, is the marketing / promotion done once or do you need to
    do it again and again each month? I am ready to work in order to create
    a passive income, but I am not very interested in spending long hours
    each and everyday promoting my books (the more books you would have, the
    more time you would spend).

    (3) If you don’t promote your books, would the income they generate diminish as time passes?

    Thank you very much for your answer!


    • Hey Paul, here’s my answers:

      1. Yes, it is totally passive income then after. You could simply “set it and forget it” if you wanted to, but there may be some maintenance to your Kindle book IF you want the earnings to grow and continue to dominate your niche. I personally just keep running a free promotion on my books every 90 days and will continue to get more reviews over time (if your book is quality it will naturally get reviews though and grow). I usually have my VA do this stuff for me though. I have videos in the members area on how to make your books more profitable long-term.

      2. I agree, I don’t want to spend long hours doing that either, and so I don’t. I hire a virtual assistant for $2-3/hour from the Philippines to do my promotional stuff for me. You can do it yourself at the beginning when you have a few books, but once you get over 100+ books like me, then it simply isn’t worth my time doing it. I teach how to do this in the course too.

      3. Possibly. It depends if new competition arises and it depends if your book starts getting negative reviews. That’s why I personally make sure that my books are growing every 90 days by doing the promotion and getting more reviews. If you do that, you’ll have no worries.

  • Robert

    How many upsells are there?

    • The only other thing we offer right now is my Full Disclosure membership, which is a monthly program that has advanced video lessons, interviews with Kindle publishing gurus, live book reviews where I review other members books and give feedback, and the Kindle Q&A videos, along with the Facebook group community (currently over 200+ members in it). None of this is necessary of course, but it’s a great added value for those that want to take things further.

  • Hey, still making 6 figures annually through kindle? about how many books do you have up now?

    • Yes. My earnings dropped a bit because I decided to take a step back, unpublish some books, improve and update a ton of my books, and focus on optimizing and building the backend. But I’m still making six figures, especially if you take into consideration the backend sales funnel that I’ve been able to benefit from. Around 125-150 books spread across 3 accounts.

      • Joe Donnalley

        hi stefan. how in the world did u create more than one kindle acct? isn’t that against kindle tos? i have one ebook up now and making $50-$80 a month. i actually had this ebook outsourced about 12 years ago when we used to sell ebooks from little one page websites ala frank kern! gosh i love evergreen topics and passive income! but, i’m getting serious about earning money online – instead of treating it like a hobby. so, i want to create a ton of kindle books. –joe donnalley

        • You can have another KDP account under a different entity (a different person or different company). In my case, I have multiple companies, with multiple bank accounts.

  • Theo

    I’m assuming you’re only promoting your blog with the kindle ebooks that you write yourself right? What about if you’re using a pen name while publishing kindle ebooks?

    • Yup. I still use them to promote my blog. I’ll usually have a sentence or paragraph at the end of the book that says, “By the way, if you want to learn more about how to get motivated (or whatever), then I highly recommend you check out this great blog by Stefan Pylarinos called Project Life Mastery. Stefan shares a lot of free advice on how to get more motivated, make money online, etc… check it out here: http://www.projectlifemastery.com

      • theo

        I appreciate your quick reply… however when using a pen name like “john doe” do you still reference them back to your blog where they will find out your real name?

        • Yes, of course. And I do exactly what I mentioned above. If my book is by John Doe, then I will add in the conclusion the sentence I mentioned above such as “By the way, check out this guy Stefan Pylarinos, he has a great blog that will help you get more motivated, etc…” I’m basically having John Doe refer Project Life Mastery. I do this all the time on my blog and e-mail list too, with other peoples products/courses that I endorse or recommend.

  • Cristian Gomez

    Hi Stefan! Cristian Gomez here I was just curious as to where is a great place to start? what I mean is how did you start because I know you had to learn the ropes as you went along, but what are the main things you should know and should do when you attempt and or put out your first e-book

    • Hey Christian, everything is covered in my Kindle Money Mastery course. That’s the #1 way that I recommend for anyone to get started. It’s what I work with for ALL of my clients that come to me to make money online, since it’s easy and faster than anything else out there. It’s what I would start with today if I was starting over. Invest in a quality course, all of the guess work is taken out and you just have to follow the videos, steps and assignments and you’ll see success.

  • Luke

    Hi Stefan, just came across your page today. Wondering if this course is still relevant and working now we’re in 2015?

    • Stefan’s CS Team

      Hello Luke. Yes this course is still very much relevant and working now. Please visit http://kmoneymastery.com/ to learn more about the Kindle Money Mastery program. Thank you.

  • Janissa

    Hey Stefan, I just found out about kindle e-book publishing and your website yesterday and this opportunity is extremely enticing. I have been contemplating joining K Money Mastery the last 24+ hours but I have some apprehension about it. I am worried that at this point, with the following you have and all of the people that have similar products to K Money Mastery, the market has become over saturated and the chances of your levels of success are slim. What type of assurance can you provide to show that this isn’t the case?

  • Stefan, you sure are an inspiration! I’m also looking into utilizing clickbank for my products. Keep on rockin!

  • Sudhansu Sekhar Rout

    Is it possible to start this in INDIA ? If Yes kindly guide me the process.

    Thanks in advance

  • Gawtee

    how many words can there be or how many chapters?

  • Hi Ian, this video was from 2013 and my publishing business has changed a lot since then. I’ve since launched K Money Mastery 2.0 (newest course) and teach things much differently now.

  • ageekygirl

    Hi! Curious to know if business has changed since Kindle went over to their payment-by-page system with Kindle Unlimited?

  • We’re always adding content and updating KMM to keep it up to date!

    • Crystal

      Hello Stefan, thanks for the inspiring and transparent work you do. Do you still reccommend kindle publishing as the easiest way to start making passive income? In your course do you provide the names of the companies you buy you ebooks from and are those companies still selling ebooks at low cost?

      • Team Project Life Mastery

        For more on Kindle Publishing please visit Kindle Money Mastery here: http://kmoneymastery.com/

        Thank you!