My Money Blueprint – The Exact Money Beliefs And Mindset That Has Made Me Rich


my money blueprint money beliefsWhat determines whether or not you are rich or poor?

What will make you financially free and having the abundance of wealth that you deserve?

While our actions and strategies towards wealth are important, the biggest factor that determines whether or not someone becomes wealthy is their BELIEFS.

Our beliefs and associations about money typically determine whether or not we have any.

It's our “Money Blueprint” that is guiding us and pulling us towards our financial destiny.

This Money Blueprint (our beliefs and associations around money and wealth) is controlling every decision we make and every action we take in our lives towards money.  Many of us have “inner conflicts” or “limiting beliefs” that hold us back from being financially free.

In this video blog, I reveal my Money Blueprint and the exact money beliefs and mindset that has made me rich.  When I shifted these beliefs and associations around money, my finances began to change radically and I reached new levels of abundance financially.

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83 Beliefs About Money That Make Me Financially Free

After attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive recently, I decided to go through and re-frame many of the limiting beliefs that they have in their workbook.  These were many of my responses to the “Money Associations Exercise” and “Belief Questionnaire“.

When looking over these beliefs and associations that I've listed below, I recommend to look at the first impression or thought that comes up for you.  This is how you can determine what your current beliefs and associations around money are.  Are they empowering or disempowering?  Do they help you or limit you?  By doing this exercise yourself, it will help you find out what your own money blueprint is.

1. Money is… abundant.

2. Money is… easily made.

3. Money is… freedom.

4. Wealth is… fun.

5. Wealth is… only made through adding value.

6. Rich people are… smart workers.

7. Rich people are… generous

8. The reasons I can't or may not become extremely wealthy are… NONE!

9. Some of the possible negatives about being rich or going through the process of trying to get rich are…. NONE because the process makes you grow and increase your value.

10. My greatest worries and fears regarding money and wealth are…. NONE because even if you lose money, you will never lose who you've become in the process.

11. The worst thing about money is… nothing!  It's the person behind that money that determines whether anything is good or bad.

12. Money is the root of all evil.

The Bible actually says “the love of money is the root of all evil”.  However, I believe that money is a gift and a blessing. Money is a vehicle that allows me to become better myself and make a difference in other people.  It is a gift that allows me to become more and give more!

13. It's more enlightened to be poor than rich.

I know many people that are enlightened and wealthy!  I don't believe you are doing any service to the world by being poor; as you're unable to inspire, help or be an example for others.

14. Most rich people probably did something bad or dishonest to get their money.

Most rich people add value to make money!  Most wealthy people build a business, a product or service, that provides value for others and helps other people.

15. Having a lot of money will make me less spiritual or pure.

I become more spiritual and pure by having money, as I'm not focused on my own needs as much, but am focused more on growing spiritually and contributing!

16. Getting rich takes too much work and struggle.

If you work SMART, you don't have to go through the struggle and pain.  If you are building passive income and a system, then it can be very enjoyable and won't require too much hard work.  Sometimes it's TOO EASY to make money if you have the right strategy.

17. Having a lot of money is a big responsibility.

Responsibility is GOOD because it forces you to grow and handle more as a human being.

18. I don't feel “good enough” to be rich.

We are all deserving of being wealthy and rich!  You are put on this planet for greatness and to have incredible things!

19. Realistically, chances are I'll never be rich.

Anyone can be wealthy if they are committed to it.  It doesn't matter what circumstances you're in, anyone can.

20. Getting rich is a matter of luck or fate.

You create your own luck and fate.  You create it by taking massive action, learning, growing, and creating opportunity for yourself.

21. Getting rich isn't for people like me.

People that believe this are NEVER rich.  Getting rich is for ANYONE and EVERYONE.  If you want to make it, you can.  It can enhance your life in so many ways.  We only get one shot during this lifetime, why wouldn't you want to experience it fully?

22. Striving for wealth won't allow much time for anything else in life.

You can have balance while you're getting wealthy.

23. To be rich, you have to use people and take advantage of them.

To be rich, you have to add value and help people.

24. If I get rich, everyone will want something from me.

Most people don't care about your wealth and if anything, happy and inspired by you.

25. If I get rich there are certain people in my life who won't like it, or me.

Most people are very supportive and inspired by your wealth.  Others will like you more.

26. If I have a lot of money, it means someone else is going to have less.

Money is so abundant on this planet.

27. Having excess money means you're greedy.

There's nothing wrong with being abundant.  You've worked hard (or smart) for it by adding value, so you deserve it!  You are free to do whatever you want with it.

28. I'm not very good in the area of money and finances.

If you are committed to learning about money or finances, then you WILL become good at it.  It's not that hard to understand.

29. If I get a lot of money, I might lose it.

You'll never lose who you are in the process.  If you lost money, you can always earn it back much easier and faster than before.

30. If I really strive for wealth and don't succeed, I'll feel like a failure.

Great!  Everyone fails and goes through the process of failure.  Failure is inevitable, and it's a gift.  There's so many powerful lessons to learn from it.  It's a blessing that can help you move further towards your goals.

31. I have the potential for wealth; all I need is a break.

Everyone has the potential for wealth, but if you're proactively waiting for the “break” or “opportunity”, then you're going to be waiting forever.  You need to be PROACTIVE and take action to create your break and opportunity.

32. This just isn't the right time for me to start “going for it” financially.

People that put things off and say “the time is not right” are going to be waiting forever.  The time is NEVER going to be perfect or ideal; the time to get started is RIGHT NOW.

33. I don't really want to be wealthy.

People WANT to be wealthy, having abundance and freedom, but often hide their desires for it.  They want to stay in their comfort zone or at a certain standard in order to get others around them to approve, or they have some limiting beliefs that hold them back from it.  It's human nature to grow and contribute, becoming wealthy provides you to fulfill that much easier and faster.

34. Money isn't really that important.

People that believe this usually have no money.  Money is an incredible vehicle that can enhance our lives.  Almost everyone WORKS and sacrifices so much of our lives to earn money, so it's ridiculous to think that money isn't important when so much of our lives revolve around it.

35. You can't strive for wealth and be happy and fulfilled at the same time.

You don't have to achieve to be happy; you can happily achieve.  You can ENJOY and love the process of making money.

36. Money can cause a lot of problems.

Money can solve problems.

37. It's not right to make a lot more money than my parents.

Your parents will be happy and proud of you if you make more money than them.  Every parent wants to have their child be successful and do well in their lifetime.

38. You can't get rich doing exactly what you love.

I do what I love and make money from it!  So do many others.  In fact, the more passionate you are about something, the better you are going to do towards it.

39. Trying to earn money is a hassle and a struggle.

Making money is very EASY if you have the right strategy.  If you have a poor strategy, then you're going to struggle and it's going to be hard.  If you have the right strategy, then it's not a hassle or struggle… it's easy and simple.

40. It takes money to make money.

Many people make money with having no money.  It's SO EASY to start a business today, especially on the internet – it doesn't require much money and you don't have to make a big investment.

41. People should only have as much money as they need to live comfortably.

People should have as much money as you want.  There should be no limits to what you want to become, have, give or create in this world.

42. Striving for wealth can cause stress and health problems.

Striving for wealth can be done in a way that is enjoyable and fun.  The pursuit of it can make us stronger emotionally and physically.  It forces you to learn how to grow and handle challenges in life better by enduring any obstacles or challenges.  It can improve your health and character.

43. It's difficult to get rich these days.

It's SO EASY to get rich these days.  It's the easiest time in human history to get rich.  The internet has created more millionaires than anything else in the history of the world.

44. Most of the good opportunities are gone.

There's an abundance of opportunities – they show up everyday.  There's NEVER going to be a shortage of problems that arise in the world.  You just have to find the solutions to these problems and add value to others, which is done by creating the opportunities yourself.

45. Given my past, it would be difficult for me to get rich.

The past does not equal the future.  Just because in the past you failed doesn't mean that you are in the future.

46. I'm not smart or intelligent enough to get rich.

Everyone has the potential and intelligence to be rich.  You can DEVELOP yourself and become rich by learning, reading books, going to seminars, etc…  You can become intelligent if you want.  And intelligence doesn't determine your wealth either; I was a horrible student when I was in school.

47. I'm not educated enough to get rich.

There's many people that have zero education and are rich.  Many of the biggest success stories in the world are of people that dropped out of high school or university and went on to become very wealthy.

48. I'm too young to get rich.

Age is just a number.  It doesn't matter how old or young you are.  There's people young and old that are rich.  Age more your psychology, beliefs and mindset; that is what will determine your success more than “age”.

49. I'm too old to get rich.

Age is just a number.  It doesn't matter how old or young you are.  There's people young and old that are rich.  Age more your psychology, beliefs and mindset; that is what will determine your success more than “age”.

50. As a woman, it's much more difficult to get rich.

Any woman can do anything a man can do.  Men and women are equal.  We all ultimately have the same opportunities.  Any potential obstacles can be overcome.

51. I don't like selling or promoting.

Nothing on this planet changes until someone has sold or promoted something.  Selling and promoting is the ability to influence, persuade and add value to others.  There's nothing wrong with it; as long as you have the right intention and integrity behind it.  The truth is, you are promoting and selling yourself EVERY DAY.  Anything that involves other human being requires influencing in some way, so might as well enjoy the process of selling and promoting.

52. I wish I didn't have to deal with money.

Learning to deal with money forces us to grow and become better.

53. I don't enjoy managing money.

You can learn to enjoy anything.  Once you learn how to manage money, you WILL enjoy it.  Focus on what money can provide for you and the benefits of managing it, instead of pain of it.

54. I don't have time to manage money.

Time is the only thing that is equal.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  If someone is really committed, they'll MAKE the time.  They will sacrifice and do what it takes.  It doesn't come down to time, it comes down to how committed you are.

55. I don't need to manage my money because I hardly have any.

It's not the amount of money that you manage, it's the habit of it.  If you can't already manage what you make out of a dollar, then there's no way you're going to manage what you make out of a million dollars.  You need to learn how to manage the smaller amounts first before you're ready for more.

56. Money corrupts artist and creative endeavours.

By having money, you become more creative and artistic.  It frees up the mental capacity to be more creative and artistic.  Being broke and struggling inhibits your creativity!

57. It's not right for me to be rich while others have nothing.

You are not helping anyone in any way by being broke and struggling in your life.  By you being wealthy and taking care of yourself first, it gives you the ability to help others.

58. Financial security comes from having a good job and a steady paycheck.

I don't know many people that become wealthy through a paycheck or a steady job.  It's usually from investing, business, or real estate.  Your job is not going to make you rich.

59. If you are not born rich, chances are you will never be rich.

I was not born rich.  There's millions of examples of people that were not born rich and have become rich.

60. Rich people aren't happy.

Rich people are much happier than poor people.  Rich people don't have to focus on their own needs as much, they can focus on growing and giving to others.  They can experience things that will enhance their quality of life and happiness.

61. If success comes easy, it's not as worthwhile.

Easy or hard, just being grateful for it and appreciating what you have is key.

62. I'm too busy to put a lot of time and energy into learning.

You always have the time if you're committed.

63. If I become rich, that's great, if not, that's fine too.

This is a dabbler mentality; someone that wants to make money, but isn't committed to it fully or is unsure.  You have to DECIDE if you want to be wealthy or not and commit yourself to it.

64. I don't enjoy taking on responsibility.

Responsibility and taking it on is a GOOD THING and it forces you to grow and become better.  You can learn to enjoy anything.

65. I'm not a strong leader.

Everyone has the ability to be a leader; it's all within us.  It's about tapping into your potential and growing yourself.  The great thing about the pursuit of wealth is it forces to you become a leader and develop leadership qualities.

66. I have some resentment towards extremely wealthy people.

You'll never be wealthy if you resent wealth.  You need to be happy for other wealthy people and bless them if you ever want to become a wealthy person.

67. I'm a good giver, but not a good receiver.

We always do receive, it's about just being more open to it.  You're being given so many gifts everyday and you receive them whether you like them or not.  So you already are a good receiver.

68. Other people's opinions of me are important.

What other people think of you is irrelevant.  It has nothing to do with you.  The only opinion that matters is the one you have of yourself.

69. It's better to get paid for my “time” than strictly for my performance.

You are limited by your time.  By exchanging your time for money, there is a ceiling or limit to it.  When you get paid by your results and performance, it forces you to find ways to add more value.  It forces you to be a “value giver”, instead of a “value extractor”.  

70. I'm already quite comfortable.  I don't need to push myself.

People that are too comfortable are stuck in their “danger zone”.  These people aren't willing to admit where they really want to be and lower their standards to get others approve, or are afraid of raising their standards.  The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of discomfort that you can comfortably live with.  We NEED discomfort and uncertainty; it's what forces us to grow.

71. If you're rich in love, health and happiness, you don't need money.

Why not be abundant in ALL areas of your life?  It doesn't make sense to be rich in love, health and happiness and not financial also. 

72. I can make it on my own.  I don't need help from others.

Everyone that is successful didn't do it by themselves.  They've always had help – mentors, coaches, a team, or others that have supported them to get to where they are.  The truth is, if you could have done it on your own by now, then you would have already done it!  You have to be open to getting help.

73. If I ask for help, people will think I'm weak.

Asking for help actually communicates strength.  Vulnerability is power.  It takes courage to ask for help; so it's an asset.

74. The only reason to work is to make money.

There's many reasons to make money – to add value, contribute, to grow and improve yourself, and to change the world.

75. There's no use earning a lot more money because I'll just have to pay more taxes.

By becoming wealthy, you WANT to pay more taxes.  You should WANT to contribute to your country and city by paying more in taxes.  You should want to pay for and help make the government better, as you get to enjoy benefits of others contributions and tax dollars everyday already.

76. Once I have a lot of money, I'll finally feel secure.

You can feel secure right now.  It's all a feeling within you.  You can access the state right now if you choose to.

77. By being rich, I'll prove myself.

You don't need to prove yourself to anyone.  You are already enough.

78. Getting rich is not really a skill you can learn.

Anything is a learnable skill.  Nobody was born with the skill or ability to make money; they've learned it.

79. I'm just not “meant” to be rich.

Everyone is destined to be rich and to have greatness.  Wealth is just an extension of what you're capable of and we are all capable of growing and contributing.

80. God will make me rich, poor or middle-class.

God wants the best for you.  God put you on this planet to be the best you can be; to fulfill your purpose and potential.  God wants you to be abundant, as well as do good in the world and add value.

81. The investment world is complicated and hard to understand.

The investment world can EASILY be understood if you are willing to commit to learning it.

82. Investments are for people who have a lot of money.

It doesn't matter how much money you have. You can start investing today.

83. Most investments, other than with the bank, are too risky.

There's many safe investments out there.  You just have to educate yourself and learn.

There you have it!

These are my re-frames and beliefs around money based on the Money Associations Exercise and Beliefs Questionnaire from the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

None of these beliefs are right or wrong, they are simply MY OWN beliefs of what immediately have come up for me that serve me in being financially free.

I'd suggest for you to look over your own thoughts and feelings when it comes to these beliefs and ask yourself, “Do I agree with this belief or do I disagree with this belief?”

If there's certain beliefs that you can adopt or use to serve you in your life, great!  The goal is to begin to shift your Money Blueprint into one that can empower you towards reaching your financial goals.

If something doesn't resonate with you, then discard it.  Again, my beliefs aren't right or wrong, they are just my own – it's important to come up with whatever resonates with you and serves you towards what you want in life.

I hope you enjoyed this video blog – be sure to leave any comments or questions below, I'll do my best to respond!

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My Money Blueprint – The Exact Money Beliefs And Mindset That Has Made Me Rich
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  • Sean PI Stewart

    wow I cant believe you just posted this lol I was going through Tony Robbins Unlimited power, and he goes through the steps to achieve our goals. and he was talking about modeling some one who has what you wants Belief, Synax and Physiology.

    So this is EXACTLY what i needed at the right moment. Thank you !
    Just now · Like

  • John Robbins

    I think there is a huge difference between being rich and being wealthy. Being rich means your account has lots of 0’s. Being wealthy means you are empowered to make those zeros and bring value to your life and others as well.

    Example: Trust fund babies. What some of my friends like to call people who drive Veyrons, eat expensive food, sleep with expensive women, and then go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again. This is being rich; they have inherited money. They do not know how to make it, they never have to lift a finger which makes them self-obsessed, and more importantly they have never been rock-bottom so they have no understanding of what value and wealth really is.

    Example two: CEO of start up gone big – started from nothing, probably lived on next to nothing. Whilst has many 0’s after a number in the bank – can still relate to others who are rock bottom or starting up. Probably provides a lot of value to other people in their life. This is wealth.

    Rich people are known as rich because they flash their money around – they have no concept of value and that one day it will run out!
    Wealthy people tend not to flash their cash around (there are some exceptions) and IMO the wealthiest people are also the tighest – this is just intelligent money management.

    I have noticed myself the wealthier I get the less risk I take with “investments”, the less I flash it around, the more I worry about future financial security. I have always wanted a Ferrari F430, would I buy one? Probably not. I have always wanted to win the lottery but for the last few months I stopped playing, why? Because I know I can make enough money to live on whilst providing value to my customers.

    And I am very happy with that!

    • IgnoreLimits

      John, you’ve got the right approach there.
      Great post as always Stefan.

      The way I see it those ‘rich’ people that acquired money through an event (inheritance, lottery etc.) will not be able to maintain their riches as they more than likely do not have the right beliefs as opposed to those who obtained their financial success through a process (building a company, investing wisely).

      This all comes down to mindset and positive habits.

      Reminds me of my article ‘Habits of Winners’


    • Kayvee

      Rich people don’t play the lottery as much. The people who play the lottery the most are poorer people.

  • Ctrl + C –> Ctrl + V. Thanks man! 😉 Next book I’m going to read is going to be rich dad, poor dad. Has been recommended to me many times over.

    I love the belief systems you have in place. Really cool to see how much influence they have on our reality. Anyway, as always; great post Stefan!

    Take care.

    • Rich Dad, Poor Dad is great, along with all other Robert Kiyosaki books. Cashflow Quadrant is a good one too. Also The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and The Millionaire Fastlane are also awesome books!

      • Yeah Sweet! I’m still waiting for the books to arrive. I’ve ordered a buttload of them haha. I gott; Rich dad poor dad, Mans search for meaning, new psycho-cybernetics, fire in the belly and atlas shrugged (total under 50 dollar!) Still got a long list of books that I want to read.

        I’ll also be doing a free-tour in Amsterdam in July with the guys from real social dynamics, a meet-up with the live your legend crew in Brussels next week and the millionaire mind intensive in Amsterdam in October.

        Also Tony Robbins is coming to Europe with his unleash the power within seminar in March 2015. So I might take a trip to London if I can get the required funds together.

        Exciting times coming up! Anyway you’re a real inspiration Stefstef!
        Thank for everything man.

        Take care!

        • All great books! BTW, it’s worthwhile to invest in a Kindle and buy e-books, I don’t buy paperback books anymore 🙂 UPW will be awesome for you, even the RSD free tour is great too. Keep it up!

  • Sivan Berko

    Wow that’s one of the best videos you’ve ever made!
    Really powerful and motivational.
    I took a lot of notes out of it.
    Thank you so much!

    Keep doing what you do 🙂

  • Sam Clitheroe

    I totally fan-boy love you because you write articles like THIS for the world to see.

    There are no other people out there writing articles to this extent for their followers and people who desire to grow.

    Keep being a badass Stefan!

    • Thanks Sam, I always do my best to provide as much value as I can and to help others! It takes a lot of effort and time for me to do this type of stuff and give it away for free, but I believe it’s a core component of what has made me successful and will continue to make me more successful for years to come! If you help enough people get what they want, then you too can have what you want. 🙂

      • Larper

        5. Wealth is… only made through adding value.

        I love your content Stefan but I have to say this is simply not true.

        My good friend is making a 6 figure income by playing poker online. How is he adding value to this world? Sure, when he loses a pot he gives money to someone else but it’s a closed circle of not giving value outside of that circle.

        When someone makes a lot of money by taking a bribe, how is s/he giving value?

        You’ve made a video of how porn is bad for you so how is making a lot of money of porn giving value?

        I agree that most of the time giving value is the easiest way to make money. As you’ve said in your videos – content is everything. But let’s not delude ourselves thinking that corruption, exploitation and downright pure evil born from greed can’t get you rich in this system.

  • Kayvee

    Thanks for sharing this. You mentioned going to the millionaire mind intensive seminar recently

    I went to their website and they even have a “free” option


    I wanted to know if the three ticket categories will provide the same content or not?

    if you know, i would love to hear from you


  • auchomage

    I didn’t think you’d type the whole thing up. I’m totally impressed. I used to find it a chore just to type up an assignment, but now I’m changing my thinking. I sincerely thank you for that.
    For me this was very valuable, beliefs are things we carry around in our heads and rarely question, yet their impacts on our lives are so profound, we should scrutinize them more often, if we really want to live the lives that we desire. You chose to do this in a very important topic, and that was fantastic.
    I did come away with some very empowering thoughts, which I’m applying right now.
    Again what can I say but a mere thank you.

  • auchomage

    Stefan, I was thinking about this subject more deeply, and I have a question, which I forgot to raise.
    My question is, when you were poor, and you completed this questionnaire. What first steps did you take to bring about a change of belief? How did you overcome your in-built scepticism? I was thinking to myself, ok, I can get rid of that old belief, and replace it with a new one, but what then? Things still remain effectively the same. I use affirmations on a daily basis as part of my morning ritual.

    If you could detail what you did in those early days, I’d appreciate it a lot.
    Thank you.

  • Kayvee

    Stefan, I recently went through the video and wrote down my beliefs about money, wealth, rich people and so on

    I did notice that more than a few negative beliefs popped up

    Could you make a video about the ways we can eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.

    I know that going to a Millionaire Mind Intensive Program is one way to do it

    But for someone that may not be able to attend one of these seminars, what can they do to permanently make changes in the money and success blueprint

    This would be greatly appreciated and I know that many of your readers are looking for solutions too

  • James Harkins

    This was so incredibly helpful. It would awesome to hear more of your beliefs around other areas of life as well! Keep it up Stefan, you inspire so much more than you know!!

  • Danny Ozug

    Stefan, I’m looking forward to adopting these beliefs! Thank you for this video, 2 hours of pausing and taking notes later, I’m feeling refreshed and grateful for this post! haha Thank You!

  • Do you believe in giving all your content away for free or do you intend to keep something back you can later monetize? I’ve read in the book “The Millionaire Fastlane” that the owner of an idea isn’t the one who came up with it but the one who implements it the fastest.

    But that doesn’t seem fair towards the person who came up with it in the first place. From what I can tell from the summary of Atlas Shrugged is that a society based on “free value” is destined to perish.

    Should I keep monetizable ideas to myself until I implement them? How about sharing these with close friends?

  • James Thurn

    Stefan, I enjoyed reading through the limiting beliefs and how different your beliefs are. We share similar beliefs which is pretty cool.

    What was the turning point in your life that caused you to start shifting your beliefs?


    What’s one of your past beliefs that you wish you could have understood sooner rather than later?

    Thanks, I appreciate your time!

  • angelmarinitv

    Great article.

  • Charlie

    thanks a lot . Stehan.

  • John

    Just watched this video! Great stuff. I like how this article talks about ‘belief.’ One of my favorite motivational videos is called “I am a Champion.” In his speech (to a young football team), he says, “belief will change my world. It has moved continents, it has moved countries, it has put man on the moon…” Just signed up here a couple of weeks ago! Glad to be here.

  • Kimberly Chandler

    Thank you Stefan.

  • Nuria

    Thank you!

  • Fatima Mokhliss

    Absolutely amazing!thank you so much Stefan for sharing with us the entirety of your valuable money blueprint..I appreciate it deeply.

  • It`s so impressive that an avalanche of wisdom keeps pouring out of your mouth non-stop at a breakneck speed for 40 minutes, spontaneously on 72 questions and your energy remains high. Amazingly well done!

  • nelsiwe

    This mean alot to me i will do so thanks for your power full word.