How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Or Website


how to get traffic to your blog or website

Want to get more traffic to your blog or website?

In this video blog, I share the 5 strategies that I use to drive traffic to my blog and website, which you can easily apply to your own.

You can have the best blog or website out there, but if nobody is visiting it, then what's it all for?  Nobody will benefit from what you have to provide to them, and you definitely won't be able to make any money without any consistent streams of traffic.

While there are many ways out there to get traffic (some paid, others free), I'll be sharing the 5 best FREE sources of traffic that you can begin to utilize for your blog or website.

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The Top 6 Free Sources Of Traffic To My Blog

These are the top 6 free sources of traffic that I get to my blog, along with how to start utilizing them for your own blog or website today.  If you don't yet have a blog, then be sure to check out this video blog on how to create a blog and set it up in minutes.

1. Google

how to get traffic to your blogGoogle is the biggest search engine on the planet and the top source of traffic for most blogs or websites on the internet.  Google gets nearly 6 billion search queries every day, which provides an incredible opportunity for bloggers to get their content in front of people that are looking for it.

Search Engine Optimization is a big topic that is challenging to explain in this blog post, but learning how to optimize your content for Google is one of the most important things that a blogger can learn.

To break down the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there's two primary factors that determines your contents ranking in Google:

1. On-page optimization

This consists of optimizing your content's title tags, description tags and keyword tags for the phrases and keywords that you want to rank for.  There's also many other factors that Google looks for, such as keyword density (what % of your content has the keyword in it), the length and quality of your content, image optimization, social signals (Facebook likes, Tweets, Google+'s, etc…), internal links, and much more.

2. Off-page optimization

This consists of the number and quality of links that are pointing back to your blog or website.  These are known as “back links”.  The more back links you have, the better, but of course they must be quality.  You want quality, high page rank websites to link back to your own blog and content, which tells Google that your site must be popular.  The relevancy of the sites that are linking back to your own is also very important.

By fully understanding and utilizing the on-page and off-page optimization of your blog or website, you'll be able to successfully rank your content in Google.  The higher you rank in Google for your keywords, the more free, organic traffic you'll be able to have sent to your website.

2. YouTube

how to get traffic to your websiteYouTube is a search engine similar to Google, but for videos.  In my experience, the traffic that my blog receives from YouTube is by far the most powerful source of traffic.  This is because of the QUALITY of the traffic that YouTube sends me.

The people that visit my blog from YouTube have watched and consumed a video of me, which strengthens their trust and relationship with me right from the beginning.  They are more likely to subscribe to me or purchase something from me than from any other source of traffic.

Just like with creating content for Google, the more YouTube videos you publish, the more likely you are to get found from people searching for something on YouTube.  Optimizing your YouTube videos for specific keywords is also extremely important, which increases the chances of you getting found.

The way that I drive traffic from my YouTube videos to my blog or website is by having links in the descriptions of my videos.  I also make sure to mention in my videos for people to visit my blog for more.

To check out my YouTube channel, click here.

3. Social Media

how to get traffic social mediaSocial media includes getting traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc…  Out of these sources of social media, Facebook has been the most successful for me thus far.

Whenever you publish content on your blog or website, you want to share it as much as possible.  Share it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, Pin it, and do everything you can to get it out there into the world.

If your content is good and beneficial, then when people see it they will LIKE and SHARE it even more.  When you have others sharing your content, then you're getting in front of all of their friends, which increases your reach.  Your content MUST be good and high quality for people to want to share it.

To check out my Facebook page, click here.

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4. Podcasting

how to get traffic podcastI've started to utilize podcasting this year by turning my YouTube videos into podcasts and building my presence on iTunes.

iTunes is a search engine, similar to Google and YouTube, and there's people searching for specific keywords on there.  By optimizing your podcasts, you can get in front of thousands of people.  I've successfully been able to get thousands of views on my podcasts just by uploading them to iTunes and optimizing them for keywords.  I don't even do much to promote them, but it's grown to be another consistent source of traffic for me.

Driving traffic back to your blog from a podcast is somewhat challenging.  What I've done is include an “intro” and an “outro” in my podcasts where I direct people back to my blog for more.  However, many people that listen to podcasts are doing so when they're away from the computer, so it can still be challenging to get people to come back and visit your blog.

To check out my iTunes podcast, click here.

5. Kindle Books

how to get traffic kindle booksPublishing books on Kindle has been another powerful source of traffic for my blog, as I'm able to sometimes get thousands of downloads to my Kindle books and then have links in my books back to my blog.  Ranking your Kindle books on Amazon is a similar process to ranking something in Google, in terms of optimizing it for all the specific keywords.

The reason why I've found Kindle books to be a powerful source of traffic is because people are consuming a BOOK before visiting your blog or website.  This means that the quality of traffic is very high, since they are already learning about your story and receiving value from you.  This makes for this type of traffic converting very highly into subscribers and customers.

I personally have tons of books in the self-help markets that are all related to my blog and use them to drive traffic here.  I also have books on internet marketing, Kindle publishing, and many other subjects that are all relevant to my blog.

To learn more about how to publish books on Kindle, click here.

6. Guest Posting And Interviews

Contributing articles or content to other blogs as a “guest” is another powerful way to get traffic back to your blog or website.  The same goes for being interviewed by someone on their podcast or website.  This allows you to leverage another persons blog and following, which will get you in front of all of their fans and followers.

I've personally been interviewed by dozens of podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, etc… and I get requests all the time.  Having published my own Kindle book helps, as it makes me an authority in my market, as well as becoming more and more popular makes it easier too.

I've also contributed guest posts to some popular blogs and websites out there, which also has been very beneficial.

The best way to take advantage of this source of traffic is to make a list of other blogs or websites in your market and contact them to provide a guest post or interview.  Give them ideas of what you can contribute and show them the quality of your work.  You may get rejected most of the time, but every once in awhile you'll get accepted by someone and they'll have you be featured on their blog or website.

These 6 strategies on how to get traffic to your blog are the main ones that I've utilized to grow Project Life Mastery to where it is today.

If you have a blog or a website and are in need of traffic, then I'd begin to take advantage of these free traffic sources as soon as you can.  They are all long-term, sustainable sources of traffic that will help you grow your blog or website for years to come.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Or Website
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  • Great article as always Stefan. I was wondering, what are your thoughts on using blog directories and social bookmarking sites to get traffic?

    I know this article is on free traffic, but how about paid link-building services like RankHero.co (yes .co) or TheHoth.com? Have you used any of these strategies to build traffic to your site? Do they even work?

    Thanks and as always…

    Keep inspiring,

    • Hey Warren, I’ve used social bookmarking OCCASIONALLY for back linking purposes, but not for the purpose of getting traffic. I have a VA that has been submitting my blog posts to a few directories, but again I don’t see too much traffic from them currently (that can change though, still testing it out more). I’m hesitant to back link much these days as Google doesn’t want people to try to over-SEO their website, as that can risk in getting penalized by Google too. I always avoid those back linking services as it’s too risky and most are low quality back links.

      • Thanks for the reply and info Stefan. But just so I understand it better, isn’t generating backlinks a way to move up in the SERPs, hence more traffic (provided those links are high quality)? Or am I wrong on this? Thanks.

        • Yes, it’s important, but if you publish high quality content then people will naturally link to your blog and have back links. You don’t want to manipulate and artificially create them too much.

          • Ahhh. OK, that makes sense. Thanks!

  • Stephen, do you run facebook ads to build your audiance? I just started my blog and have been using facebook ads to build an audience and list. Would you recommend sending traffic to your youtube channel or to your blog when sending out an email about a new post? It sounds like youtube is sticker in your experience?

    • I use Facebook ads on certain posts that are monetized, but that’s it. Or certain posts that are REALLY good that I want to go viral and have a bigger reach on Facebook. I send traffic to my blog always whenever I send out emails or use FB ads. That is the END destination that I want people to be at. When people go to YouTube, there’s nothing for them to do there but watch the video (and maybe click your links in the description, but they aren’t that visible). Always get people to the blog, where you can capture subscribers and make sales from.

  • Thanks Stefan for this information! I have a website and it is 2 months old. The problem is I still have no traffic. I try to publish articles 3-4 times a week, so I add content regularly but traffic is not coming, maybe 2-3 people per day. Also I`m using low competition keywords but ranking is bad and that`s why I have no traffic.

    Do you think that the reason for this is because my site is still very new to google? And if I continue to put quality content regularly, how long is going to take to start getting visitors? Thanks for your answer!

    • What are you doing to drive traffic? You have to be proactive with it, you can’t just think “if I build it, they will come”. You have to promote yourself and get your content out there as much as possible. SEO is a big animal, but I’d learn a bit about it and optimize your blog more and perhaps do a bit of back linking. For example, do you have a XML site map set up? Do you have a privacy policy? Are you keyword optimizing your posts? Your image alt tags? Your internal links? Are you getting social signals for all your posts? There’s many SEO factors to look at. For simple and safe back linking, I’d use blog commenting, forum posting, social book marking, etc… but make it all manual (don’t hire any companies to spam other sites for these).

  • bruce

    Excellent post as always young man. Your mentioning of youtube really makes me want to use that avenue for marketing. Have you experienced more profits from the traffic you get from the kindle book on the backend? I would like your recommendation of a good low cost blog and website builder that is easy to use for non technical people?

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