Making Money Online With ZERO Investment


making money online with zero investmentWant to start making money online with zero investment?

I recently received a question from someone asking me if there's a way to make money online without having to invest any money.

The answer is yes, and I'm going to break down exactly how you can make your first dollar online without spending a penny.  The example that I will give is making money with Kindle publishing, as that's the primary method of making money online that I specialize in with my Kindle Money Mastery course.

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How To Make Money With Kindle Without Spending Money

So you want to make money online, but don't want to invest any money?

While this is 100% possible (and I'll show you how below), it isn't recommended (I will explain why later).

First, let me share with you exactly how you can make money with Kindle Publishing without investing any money.

1. Your Kindle Publishing Strategy

The first thing that you require is a method or strategy to be successful at making money with Kindle.  While investing in a course that can show you HOW to be successful from start to finish is ideal, it is not necessary.  There's plenty of people that have battled their ways to making money on Kindle by slowly figuring things out on their own and learning from trial and error.  There might be some answers you can dig up to things on certain message boards or blogs which can help you along the way, so it can be done.

Yes, it will take you a lot longer by trying to do it by yourself.  You will also be more likely to fail, experience more frustrations, and likely make some crucial mistakes that could have been avoided if you invested in a quality course to begin with.  But it CAN be done without investing in a course and there's plenty of people that have proven that.

2. Discover A Profitable Niche For Your Kindle Book

You will need to discover a profitable niche or category for the Kindle book that you want to publish.

If you do have an idea for a Kindle book, how do you know it's going to sell and be successful?

Being able to identify whether or not there is a MARKET for what you want to create is one of the most important things to master in making money online.  You not only have to know whether there's a market, but if the book idea you have will be PROFITABLE.

Your Kindle book idea may seem profitable, but what about the competition?  Is the market or niche too competitive for you?  Will you be able to compete with the Kindle books out there that have been around for awhile and are dominating the space?

These are all important things that you need to know before publishing a Kindle book.

This can be done on your own (if you have some online marketing experience, then that's plus), or you can use someone else's method of research (in a course), or invest in a software to help with your niche research (AK Elite, KDP Spy or Kindle Samurai).

Investing in a software is also not necessary in order for you to publish a Kindle book.  I've found many profitable niches without using one, so it can be done on your own (although it does make things much easier and faster).

3. Create Your Kindle Book Cover

Once you've discovered the niche for your Kindle book, it's next time to come up with a killer title for it, which of course can be done on your own.  A great course can help show you how to come up with a title that sells and optimize it for all the best keywords, but it isn't required.

Next is creating your Kindle book cover.  You can do this if you have your own graphic editing software.  While Adobe Photoshop is the best (it costs money), you can use whatever free softwares that your computer has come with.

Creating your own cover can require some creativity and skill.  While I'd typically hire and outsource this for as low as $5, it CAN be done on your own if you choose to spend the time to learn how and go through the process.

4. Write Your Kindle Book

The next step is to write your Kindle book.

You CAN write your own Kindle book, even if you aren't a writer.  I've seen many people do it and have success doing it.  Heck, I wrote my first Kindle books without any experience writing previously.  Writing is a skill that can be learned and developed.  There are courses that can help you write your own book and show you how to do it faster than you could do it on your own, but again, it is NOT required.

If you aren't a writer (or hate writing), then the option that I recommend for people is to outsource this step and hire a ghostwriter.  There's plenty of writers (and companies that I use) that can write your Kindle book for you on ANY topic you want for as low as $55-75 for a 5000 word book.  This costs money and it's an option that is available for you.  They will typically deliver the book within 7-14 days.

However, you can do it on your own without investing any money.  It might take you longer than if you were to outsource it (it took me a year to write my first book – crazy, I know!), but it can be easily done if you want to write your own book.

5. Publish And Market Your Kindle Book

Publishing and marketing your Kindle book is the final step to have you get started making money.

You just need to sign up for a KDP account (Kindle Direct Publishing), which is free.

Then you can just easily follow the steps to upload and publishing your Kindle book which can then be live selling on Amazon within 24 hours.

Your Kindle book will then be ready to make money for you!

Of course, there is a lot you can do to promote and market your Kindle book, so that it gets selling.  This is all stuff that can be learned on your own (just through searching the internet), or can be learned through investing in a course (again, costs money).  It will take you longer and require more effort to learn how to market your book on your own, but it IS possible (if you don't want to invest any money).

There you have it… I just broke down 5 simple steps that you can follow to start making money with Kindle publishing.

It is absolutely possible to start making money online without investing a penny.

But after reading the steps above, my question for you is:  Why the heck would you?

If there is a course or method that will show you how to make money online that are faster, easier and will save you frustration and failure… then WHY wouldn't you just invest some money and take advantage of it?

Let Me Show You An Easier And Faster Way…

It doesn't make any sense why someone would attempt to do something on their own and not to invest any money into learning how to do it effectively.

In my opinion, it is just stupid and very unintelligent to attempt to re-invent the wheel.

Make Money Online With Kindle!If you ever want to make money online (or do anything for that matter), the best advice I can give anyone is to invest in a course or program that can teach you how.

By investing in a great course or program, you are compressing time and speeding up your success massively.

Instead of attempting to do things on your own… find people that are already more experienced than you and hire them to do it for you!

This is exactly what I chose to do to grow my online business.

I did this with my Kindle e-books by deciding to hire ghostwriters writers to write 99% of my Kindle books for me.  I also chose to do this for getting my e-covers designed.  I have virtual assistants that work everyday to promote my Kindle books and market them.

In the same way, I hire copywriters, graphics designers, web designers, programmers, and everything else you can imagine for most aspects of my business.  This is what allows me to grow faster and make more money online.

I attend seminars all the time, read books, and hire coaches/mentors to learn from.

YES… I could learn and do everything on my own, but it doesn't make sense to.  My time is more valuable.

When you re-write yourself to think in terms of leveraging and outsourcing (learning from others is leveraging your time), then success becomes much faster and easier to attain.

Again, yes, you can do it all on your own… it is possible… but I don't recommend it.

Learn to work smarter, not harder.  That's the one thing that all successful people do.

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Making Money Online With ZERO Investment
4.4 (88%) 10 votes
  • I would recommend Kindle Money Mastery to anyone who wants to create a passive income stream. I took this course 4 months back, have published 18 books so far and now I make enough money to cover my living expenses! Thanks Stefan.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Jyotsna and congrats on your success. I love hearing how well you’re doing – keep it up!

  • Manuel Bee

    I recommend KMM with enthusiasm. One simply reason: until now, August 19th, I made +800$ with only 8 books. Now my goals for the future are: publishing at least 18 books by December 31 2014 and make at least 1500$ per month by the end of this year. Also, hiring a VA and take advantage of CreateSpace, a site affiliate with Amazon, that can give you the opportunity to publish your own ebooks in paperback and make profits from!. A big thanks to Stefan that he’s changing my life!

    • Thanks for sharing Manuel and wow, congrats on that kind of success with only 8 books! Once you have books that are profitable, it’s so much easier to make more money from those books, as you can build the backend of them (CreateSpace, build an email list, affiliate marketing, etc…). You can start to leverage those books success and use them to make you even more money. Keep it up!

    • Mark M

      Does this technique still work now, given the changes in the last year? (The above posting was from a year ago).


      • Stefan’s CS Team

        Yes, this technique still works. Kindle publishing is still a very good way to make passive income online.

  • bruce

    I have yet to make a profit and is still in the red but projected earnings I will break even by the end of the year. I will publish more books for more money.

    bruce lee, author cure hip pain

    • Hey Bruce, make sure that your current books are making you money before you scale up and publish more!

  • Rick

    Can you recommend any good mastermind group/forum/etc for success, personal development etc? Not just getting rich, or internet marketing, but for success, morning rituals, positive thinking in general? Thanks!

    • Hey Rick, I have a mastermind group that I run which is for making money, success, motivation, self-help, etc… which can be applied and joined here: http://projectlifemastery.com/coaching/passiveincome/

      Other than that, most mastermind groups you have to either create your own or be invited into, or pay to be apart of. I’m apart of some high level mastermind groups that I pay monthly/yearly to be apart of and there are certain requirements to join (making over $100,000/year, be invited into it, etc…).

  • Dwayne Brown

    I also highly recommend the Kindle Money Mastery program as I have managed to get my passive income up to $1000 per month within 6 months around my full time job and am looking forward to be making $5000 and upwards in the next 6 months! Thank you so much Stefan for creating the program, it has opened my eyes wide open to all the possibilities to make money online!

  • Colin

    Hi Stefan, don’t you think it is better to learn how to do things first
    before outsourcing it to someone else? That way you have more knowledge
    and control to manage your freelancer? Or does it not matter, just outsource the work?

    • Going through the process yourself first is important (such as coming up with your book ideas, publishing your books in your KDP account, marketing them, getting reviews, etc…) but not when it comes to the book covers or book writing – I always recommend people start with outsourcing those first.

  • Steph

    A question which is really important to me but noot really on this topic

    In high school I wasn’t as popular as I wanted to be and I assumed that 2 people thought I was a loser (not 100% sure of this but I think they did) but the others liked me. I was not unpopular but not the most popular, just above average but didn’t get invited to the cool parties going on and had no idea why as I would talk to everyone at school and get on well with people

    Now I have loads of friends and go to great parties and everything is great but how to get over the past, I find that really hard

    Some insight would be so helpful Stefan

    • Change the meaning of those past experiences. Come up with a new empowering meaning and let go of the old one. As long as you carry the belief and meaning that they thought you were a loser, then you’ll continue to let it affect you. What if this was actually a gift? What if it was a blessing because now you’re popular and a better person today?

  • Abraham Larson

    Stefan I did all the tricks you said and I still cant make $ with kindle..I am running out of money..should i keep outsourcing, add more keyword author names, or just put more words into my titles to make them even longer? help!

    • Definitely don’t invest in doing any more books until you’ve first learned how to make a few of your books profitable. It’s impossible for me to know since I haven’t seen your books (you can submit them to me and I can review them as part of the Live Book Reviews section in Full Disclosure). But my advice is to figure out WHY they aren’t selling. Are you in a profitable niche/market? Is there a demand for the book you’re selling? Are other books in your market/niche/keyword making money? Have you picked a good keyword and are you ranking in the top 3 for it? Do you have a good cover and title that really sells the book and makes people say “I want that!” when they look at it? Do you have lots of Amazon reviews and is the review rating 4.5-5 stars? Do you have a good book description that sells the book? These are all important factors you have to assess and analyze in order to be successful online.

  • Adzwanwira Idrus

    Hi Stephan, i’m from Malaysia and is it suitable for me to join this program or it’s only for Canadian?

    • Stefan’s CS Team

      Yes, Kindle publishing is definitely possible outside of Canada. We have members from many different countries who have seen great success with Kindle Money Mastery.

  • Bossio Global

    your great person teaching people on how to be free of the 9-5

  • Keith Craig

    Hey Stefan! I’m 18 wanting to start kindle publishing and get good at it! I watched the video and was very motivated by you and your lifestyle, I am wondering where I could find cover designers and book writers to make things easier on me? thanks!

    • Stefan’s CS Team

      Hi Keith, resources for both finding cover designers, and ghostwriters are included with the Kindle Money Mastery course. You can purchase the Kindle Money Mastery course here: http://kmoneymastery.com/