Over the years, I have used an enormous number of products and services that have helped me transform every area of my life.

I've explored everything from online courses, attended various seminars, read hundreds of books, and used a lot of tools and resources to help me grow my online businesses.  I get asked all the time about what I use and personally recommend, which is why I thought it'd be useful to share all of the products and resources that I use (or have used) and love.

This page contains all of the best resources that I've used to that you can always come to to improve different aspects of your life.  Whether you want to improve your health or fitness levels, build a passive income online, or improve your relationships – this section provides tools and resources to help you make it happen.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from personally. Thank you for your support!

My Products:

K Money Mastery – My step-by-step video training program teaches how I make six figures passive income through Kindle publishing and guides you to making money online.

How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours – My 10-step method for writing your own book in less than 24 hours, which can be published anywhere on the internet to start making money from.

K Optimizer – A powerful, unique software for Kindle publishers that helps to track, manage and optimize your Kindle books all in one place!

Life Mastery – How To Unleash Your Hidden Potential And Achieve Everything You've Ever Wanted – My bestselling book is available on Amazon as a digital Kindle book and in paperback.

Kindle Marketing Secrets – 33 Ways To Promote Your Kindle Book And Get More Sales – My bestselling book on Kindle Marketing is available on Amazon as a digital Kindle book.


WordPress – The #1 blogging platform in the world, and the current content management system that I use for this blog. It's 100% free and easy to set up.

Thesis Theme – This is the WordPress theme that I currently use for my blog.  It's very customizable, there's a lot of cool features, and it's easy to use.

OptimizePress – This is the WordPress theme that I use for my K Money Mastery program, which allows me to set up sales letters and squeeze pages very easily.

Blogging With John Chow – A really amazing blogging course by John Chow, who is someone that I personally follow and look up to.  John makes over a 7 figure income every year from his blog, so he's an awesome guy to learn from

Start A Blog That Matters – This is the program that I went through that taught me how to create a blog and start making money online through blogging.


BluehostBluehost – This is the hosting service that I use for my blog and every other website that I have. You can get hosting as low as $4.95/month. (Watch: How to create a blog and set it up in minutes)

GoDaddy – This is where I buy my web domain names. You can buy .com’s for as low as $9.99.  Alternatively, if you sign up for hosting with Bluehost, you receive a free domain for a year.

Outsourcing Work:

Odesk.com – This is where I outsource specific tasks or work for my my blog or websites. You can get almost anything done very inexpensively and hire Virtual Assistants for under $3/hour.

99Designs – This is where I got the Project Life Mastery logo designed. You can create a contest and have people from around the world compete to design the best graphic for you.

Fiverr – An awesome place where you can get a variety of things done for only $5.  I've used Fiverr for many small tasks to help me with building my businesses.

Online Marketing:

WarriorForum – An online internet marketing community where you can learn, ask questions, participate in discussions, meet other internet marketers, etc…

Clickbank – The most popular digital products retailer.  You can sell your own information products through Clickbank or promote others as an affiliate.  I sell my K Money Mastery program through Clickbank.

Aweber – The most popular email opt-in service and e-mail broadcasting service.  I use Aweber for all my newsletters and mailing lists.

Google Analytics – This is what I use to track all of the statistics for my websites, including visitors, traffic sources, etc…

Interact – Create quizzes you can use to grow your email list, drive sales, and increase your social media presence.

OptinSkin – The WordPress plugin that I use to embed opt-in forms at the bottom of my blog posts.

LeadPages – This is what I use to create high converting landing pages and squeeze pages for my websites to collect e-mail leads.

LeadPlayer – This is the WordPress plugin that I use to embed opt-in forms at the end of my YouTube videos.

OptinMonster – The WordPress plugin that I use to have a exit pop-up appear to collect e-mail addresses when people are leaving my blog.

Kindle Direct Publishing – This is where I publish my Kindle books and make money with Kindle publishing.

CreateSpace – This Amazon company allows you to publish a paperback or hardcopy book and sell it on Amazon.com.  This is what I used for my Life Mastery book.

Bring The Fresh – This is an affiliate marketing training program that will teach anyone how to make a living online. I continue to use their methods to this day.

Chris Farrell Membership – This is an internet marketing program that I'm apart of that is fantastic for beginners looking to start making money online.

Submit Your Article – A great article submission tool that I've used to create back links for my websites/blogs and rank them in Google and other search engines.

Unique Article Wizard – Another great article submission tool.  I alternate between Submit Your Article and Unique Article Wizard to create back links and rank my sites in Google.

Market Samurai – This is what I use for keyword research before I create a blog or website, so I'm able to rank it effectively in Google and the search engines.

Video Equipment And Software:

Canon EOS Rebel T4i – The DSLR camera that I use for recording my video blogs.

Sennheiser EW 112 – This is the wireless mic setup that I use for recording my video blogs.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – This is the USB microphone I use for recording screen captures or interviews from my computer.

Camtasia – This is the software that I use to record screen capture videos for some of my videos and programs.

iMovie – This is what I edit my video blogs with.  It's available for Mac only.


Mint.com – A free website that allows you to easily manage and track your finances.

Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – Awesome book written by T. Harv Eker that really goes into the mindset and philosophy towards being financially successful.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Another awesome finance book written by Robert Kiyosaki on developing the proper mindset of building wealth.

The Millionaire Fastlane – One of the best books that I've read that teaches you the right way to becoming wealthy.

Finance Tracking Spreadsheet Template – This is a template of what I use to track and manage my finances every week.  This video blog goes into it in more detail.

Time Management/Productivity:

RPM Planner – RPM stands for Rapid Planning Method created by Tony Robbins, and it's a life management system for planning your days, weeks, months, years, and entire life. This is something that I use everyday and wouldn't be able to live without.  You need to click on the “Products” section of Tony Robbins website to check it out.

Time Of Your Life Program – This 10-day audio program teaches you the philosophy of how to use the RPM life management system, and I've gone through it several times to design my entire life.  You need to click on the “Products” section of Tony Robbins website to check it out.

Life Plan Spreadsheet Template – This is a template of the life plan spreadsheet that I use to manage my life, as mentioned in my Life Plan video blog.


Calorie Count – A website that I use whenever I want to track how many calories I've consumed for each day.

Bodybuilding.com – An online community that has all of the health, fitness, and bodybuilding information that you need.

Body For Life – A popular 12-week health and fitness program created by Bill Phillips to help you create the body you've always dreamed of.

The 4-Hour Body – An amazing book by Tim Ferriss on building your best body – covers everything from fat loss, putting on muscle, being stronger, faster, healthier, better sex, etc…

Muscle Building Coach – The first bodybuilding program that I ever started that helped me put on muscle, created by Anthony Ellis. Was a great beginner program and I learned a lot from it.

GregPlitt.com – The #1 fitness model in the world, Greg Plitt has an awesome website and video blog that has great inspiration, workout routines, and information on how to build your best body.

Rebounder/Cellerciser – This is what I currently use to do my cardio every day. Great to have around the house, very convenient and fun.

Fitbit – This is a cool little gadget that you attach to your pocket, and it tracks how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've burned, your sleep cycles, and uploads everything wirelessly to their website for tracking.  I carry this with me everyday and I reference it in this video blog.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center – This is the blender that I use multiple times a day for consuming healthy shakes and that I reference in this video blog.

Omega J8004 Juicer – This is the juicer that I use every morning boost my energy through the vegetables that I juice.  I reference this juicer in this video blog.

The Total Wellness Cleanse – My favourite cleansing program which I participate in at least once a year.  It teaches you everything about cleansing through a raw food diet and provides a lot of amazing recipes.  This program has changed my life, probably one of my all-time favourites.  I recorded my experience with the program in two video blogs you can check out here.

Eating For Energy – An awesome book that has helped increase my energy through a raw food diet.

Kangen Water – The #1 water ionizer in the world that creates restructured, ionized, alkaline water. My friend Wade Lightheart is the person to talk to for this, or you can contact me here and I can help point you in the right direction.


Double Your Dating – The first dating e-book that I read back in high school by David DeAngelo that helped me become more confident and successful in my dating life. Highly recommended for all men.

The Way Of The Superior Man – An incredible book for men on how to be on your purpose in life, be totally present, and have successful relationships with women. Written by David Deida.


100 Day Challenge – This is a 100-day video coaching program created by Gary Ryan Blair that helps you set specific goals and follow through on them each day until completion. One of my favourite programs that I go through at least once a year.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive – One of my favourite seminars that teaches about wealth and financial freedom.  It's a 3-day intensive seminar and it's usually free or less than $100 to attend, and it's available all around the world.  I've attended three times and posted a review about it here.

The 4-Hour Work Week – A popular book written by Tim Ferriss on how to escape the 9-5, create passive income streams, automate and outsource our lifestyle, travel the world and life that life you've always dreamed of.

Awaken The Giant Within – My favourite book of all time written by Tony Robbins on how to take control of your life.

Notes From A Friend – A small book written by Tony Robbins that I go through whenever I'm down or facing challenges in my life. Great reminders and lessons in this book that you can read in less than an hour.

Unleash The Power Within – This is a 4-day total immersion seminar by Tony Robbins that will help anyone take their life to the next level.  I've attended in 3 times and it's been a life-changing event for me.

Get The Edge – A 7-day audio program by Tony Robbins that transformed my life and got everything started for me back when I was in high school.  You need to click on the “Products” section of Tony Robbins website to check it out.


Tony Robbins – An author, speaker and coach – Tony Robbins has reached over 3 million through his live events and over 50 million through his self-development programs.  He's an inspirational figure that's transformed my life and I always go to him for inspiration and self-improvement.

TED Talks – An amazing website that has short videos from the most inspirational leaders in the world.