The Art Of Acceptance: Embracing Life’s Challenges


acceptance stefan ecuadorI've got a cool video for you today coming to you from the middle of the world in Ecuador.  It was a hell of a journey to make it here, spending about 2 hours taking the sketchy public transit system to eventually reach the equator.  It was amazing once I finally reached my destination, but the journey was filled with many challenges and was somewhat stressful.  I was constantly getting lost and confused about where to go, and attempting to communicate with the locals to try to figure out where I was and how to get to where I wanted to go.

Instead of stressing out about the situation and worrying, I decided just to ACCEPT the journey for what it was.  I changed my perspective and viewed it as an adventure, something I'd look back upon and always remember.  There was no point stressing or worrying, it wasn't serving me in any way.  Instead, I embraced the journey.  I just went with the flow and everything turned out great.

Watch the video below:

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The experience for me was a metaphor for life's challenges.  Life will always throw curve balls and challenges your way.  There will always be things to stress or worry about.  Instead of RESISTING things and always trying to control things to be a certain way, sometimes you have to just LET GO and accept whatever life is giving you.

I talked about this in my how to overcome adversity video blog, where I explain how my beliefs and faith are what allow me to get through challenging times.  I really believe that “everything happens for a reason” and that whatever happens is meant to be.  I trust the process of life and have faith that everything will work out and I will become better for every experience that I encounter.

art of acceptanceThis has given me a lot of freedom in my life.  I've given up a lot of control.  If things didn't work out the way I wanted to, that's OK – understand there's a reason for it.  It may not be apparent right now, but it will sometime in the future.  I've had many things that in the moment didn't work out the way that I wanted to, but in the end, I was so grateful that I didn't get what I wanted because it lead to something better.

I've found this has been a much more empowering mindset to live my life by.  I also mention in the video my friend Wade's experience with public speaking, how he just trusts that whatever happens, happens.  If he goes up to give a presentation and it bombs, that's OK, it was meant to be.  If he does an awesome job, great, that was meant to be as well.  This has been something that has really helped me a lot in my life and gotten rid of a lot of stress or worry that I use to experience.

Practice ACCEPTANCE.  Stop trying to fight things or control everything all the time.  Embrace life's challenges.  In the end, everything will be just fine. 🙂

The Art Of Acceptance: Embracing Life's Challenges
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  • Lorena

    Loved it!

  • I think it’s great! There you are in the middle of the world right where you want to be, in the pooring rain, inspiring people! WOW! How many people can say they did that! I am inspired and THANK YOU!

  • Katie Justiss

    Hi, Stefan. I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since I started following your blog! I have been trying out some of the things you do like the morning ritual and planning things out to reach my goals. It has been helpful, but I have also reflected back to times when I’ve had goals I was so determined to reach that I structured my whole life to reaching those goals, but at the end when I accomplished them, I thought it was great, but some of the mystery of life was taken out. It’s like I got exactly what I planned for and nothing else, no surprises. However, if I don’t plan or have goals that I am determined to reach, I just sit there like an amoeba with no direction letting life happen and getting nowhere. Do you ever struggle with that balance? Like when to push yourself past limits and not accept excuses and when to accept things as God’s plans?

    • Hey Katie, thanks for following the blog! What I find works best for me is to immediately set a new goal after achieving one, otherwise I will get comfortable and lose my hunger. I’ve never had any problems with having surprises in my life, as there’s ALWAYS something that will happen that is unexpected. Perhaps you need more challenging goals that will offer more uncertainty about whether or not you will achieve them… for the most part, I believe the secret to success is to know what you want, work like hell, and then have some divine grace (or luck, or guidance).